Gift Guide for Her

Today we are focusing on gifts for her. All of these choices are perfect for all the ladies in your life and even yourself. Click on the descriptions below for more information or to purchase any of the items featured!!!!

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From Left to Right:

These glasses are gorgeous. A great gift and so many fabulous colors to choose from.

My girls love a good Apres Ski sweater!!!

How gorgeous are these fabulous Italian gem earrings?

When I worked at Tiffany I had the exact same color coat. It was my favorite and I love it even more now.

These plaid patch jeans are fabulous!!

I have so many readers looking for the perfect chunky platform suede heel. These are perfection!!!

I saw these cute plaid pants on the caterer Lulu Powers and I had to have them. Love the slit in the front!

This heated eye massager is the BEST gift. I tried it in a luxury spa earlier this year and am buying it for all my besties!!!

How cute is the flare sequin top? It’s perfect for all your holiday events!!!

This scalp massager is one of Goop’s favorite gifts for the holidays. I am dying to try it!!!!

Everyone can use a new pair of cozy furry slippers for the holidays!!!!

Lastly, I am in love with this cooking set. It is so sleek looking and would look so chic in any kitchen! Another Goop favorite!!!

How To Feel Happy In Your New Home


Moving is a big undertaking and adjustment. It’s not something you do every day and starting over elsewhere can be both exciting and stressful on you.

Your goal is to have no regrets and ensure that you are pleased with where you chose to settle next. It’s up to you to take actions that will bring you joy in the long run. Here’s how to feel happy in your new home so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Unpack Your Boxes

You can feel happy in your new home by not leaving your boxes packed and untouched. Instead, set aside time to unpack each of your boxes and put everything you own away, and decide where it belongs. It’ll be much easier to do if you properly labeled them during the moving process. If not, then you may want to have your family pitch in and help. If you must leave some boxes packed then be sure to get them organized by room and label them so you can move them out of sight and store them away for now.

Tackle Renovation Projects & Repairs Right Away

If you had a home inspection completed then you’ll have a list of projects and repairs that you should tackle sooner rather than later. However, there may also be other renovations or remodeling projects that you know you wanted to do as soon as you moved in. It’s best to get these over with so that you can feel settled and get comfortable in your house. Make it easy on yourself by enlisting help from the experts at who can get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

Take Time to Decorate it

You should be excited that you are now the owner of this particular property that you just moved into. Therefore, dive in and make it your own by decorating it room by room and adding your personal touch and style. Gather all the beloved items that you brought with you from your old place and then go shopping for a few new pieces that fit the style of your new home. Before you begin decorating, there may be some rooms or walls that you wish to paint or touch up so make time to tackle this project as well.

Meet Your Neighbors & Go Exploring

You can feel happy in your new home by immersing yourself in your neighborhood and community and making yourself comfortable. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and put out a friendly vibe to others you encounter in the area. Take time to go exploring with your family and check out the shopping and restaurants in the area. You’ll feel much happier when you get involved in the community and feel like a part of your new location.


These are a few of the best ways to ensure you feel happy in your new home. Of course, give yourself the chance to get settled and feel at ease before you decide if it’s somewhere you are going to stay long-term or not.

How To Choose The Right Nutritional Supplement For You

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Many people may require supplements for a wide variety of reasons. But in most cases, nutritional supplements are supposed to compensate for some nutritional deficits and help balance out your body for a healthier lifestyle. The first step to enjoying the health benefits of a nutritional supplement is choosing the right one for you. With so many options pervading the market, identifying the right one can be tricky, and picking the wrong supplements can also put your health at risk. So, if you’re looking for helpful ways to support your nutritional intake, here are some tips on choosing the right supplement for you. 

  1. Speak to your doctor

First and foremost, consult your doctor if you’re not sure what you need. This consultation is even more important if you have specific health issues or are using other medications. Some health issues can become more complicated when using supplements. And some supplements can interfere with the functions of specific medications. Your doctor is the best person to help you identify the right supplements your body needs and recommend reliable sellers, brands, or products for you. This way, you can be certain that you will get the best nutritional value from your supplements. Moreover, your doctor can help you find out if you need supplements in the first place – so that you can avoid the dangers of excessive nutrients

  1. Read the ingredients

Always make sure to check the ingredients. If you find any ingredient you don’t understand or recognize, research it before you buy. You want to make sure that the product you buy does not contain any additives or chemicals that might harm you. Most low-quality supplements may contain additives that make it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs from the supplement. To be safer, it’s best to settle for products made from 100% clean, natural, and plant-based ingredients. Whether you prefer your supplements in the form of CBD products, pills, or tablets, choosing plant-based or natural ingredients will lower any risks. You can also check the ingredients for any substance you may be allergic to. 

  1. Research the different supplements

Some dietary supplements have proven and well-documented health benefits, while others lack solid evidence to back their claims. If you already know what nutritional supplements you want, you need to research them. Your research should focus on the verified or evidence-based benefits the supplement offers. You can read reviews, reports, and side effects or complaints from other users of that supplement to give you some insight into its effectiveness. 

  1. Find out if the supplement meets regulations

Regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are responsible for evaluating the safety, quality, and effectiveness of supplements before they enter the market. Supplements that have passed such evaluations receive certification from the regulatory body. And in most cases, this certification is indicated on the product or its packaging. So, before you purchase any supplement, it’s important to check if it is certified and approved. However, it’s important to note that such certification does not always guarantee that a product delivers its claims. 

Julia Ballentine Gifts for The Holidays

No one does hand engraving better than Julia Ballentine Fine Jewelry! Julia specializes in unique custom designs which are exquisitely hand engraved in NYC. The most popular items sold are exclusive to Julia Ballentine Fine Jewlery, and include Custom Monogram discs, Deco Font Bangles and Cigar Bands. Next Wednesday, November 24th is the deadline for engraving. Everything can be found on their website, instagram or by contacting Julia and her team at

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Gilda’s Holiday Boutique

On November 20, 2022, Gilda’s Club Westchester will have a Holiday Boutique featuring a variety of local vendors. Located at 80 Maple Avenue in White Plains. Free to the public and fun for all ages!  

Vendors include Adam Marc Jewels, April Marin, Barre Bodywear, Clearly Yours, Dreaming of Turquoise, Excessorize, G. Griffin Wine, Grace Connell Designs, Ilyse’s pieces, J. McLaughlin, Loco Jewels, Molly and Mags, Pinky’s of Greenwich, Roadie Couture, Scent Fluence, Designer sunglasses by Meryl Roche, Sunzi silks and the Chintz Giraffe.15% of all sales will go back to the non-profit’s cancer programming.

The mission of Gilda’s Club Westchester is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by the community. Gilda’s Club Westchester provides individual counseling, support groups, workshops, education and social activities all FREE of charge. Their innovative programs are an essential complement to medical care, providing individual counseling, support groups, workshops, education and social activities.

Gilda’s Club Mission: We are here for you. Gilda’s Club Westchester provides free support, education, a healthy lifestyle, and social programs for anyone impacted by any type of cancer residing in New York or Connecticut.

Gildas Holiday Boutique Event Flyer
Gildas Holiday Boutique Event Flyer

This Week’s Best Sellers and Some Great Gifts Too!!!

The holiday gift guides are starting. I have found some amazing gifts for you from beautiful jewelry pieces to must-have makeup and candles. There are even some cute holiday decorations and an amazing truffle pizza kit, which I am dying for. Happy Shopping!!!

Screen Shot 2022 11 13 at 12.28.59 PM

From Left To Right:

This solitaire diamond necklace is gorgeous and a very special holiday gift!!!

I saw these large hoop earrings and fell in love with them. They are the perfect sparkle accessory to brighten any outfit!!!

This cape is fabulous!!

Love the creme brulee-making kit….Such a fun gift!!!

I was obsessed with this bronzer for years. The absolutely best EVER. I am so glad that they are making it again.

How cute is this Jo Malone ornament gift set?

Diptyque candles are the most amazing and this gift set is back again for the Holidays!!!

This truffle pizza-making kit is perfect for my son. It is in my cart..I cannot wait to try it!!!!

I have been looking for a leather skirt for ages. Love the look of this one and the length. Great side slit too!!!

These felt reindeer are so cute…

I bought a few of these and put them on a cake plate. They make the sweetest Thanksgiving table decoration. They look so cute in my kitchen!!!

More Diptyque candles….OBSESSED!!