Last Week’s Best Sellers

This week’s best sellers focused on a lot of cute dresses. From neutrals to bright colors, we have it all covered. We have a couple of cute shoes thrown in too. And a favorite pair of earrings. I have you covered for the Fourth of July holiday events. I love all the outfits that were chosen this week. The black and white dress with the ruffle bottom is def my favorite. I wore it to a Greenwich Polo event and it was a huge hit. It’s a little pricey but def a timeless style so it’s a great investment piece that will take you from event to event and even a summer wedding. Happy Shopping!!

Screen Shot 2022 06 21 at 9.33.29 PM

  1. I love this neutral color dress. I have been looking for one for so long.
  2. This toile dress is adorable. It is in my cart right now.
  3. Who can resist old-school espadrilles?
  4. Love this green color.
  5. These are the earrings that I have been wearing non-stop.
  6. This is the perfect summer dress.
  7. This blouse is awesome. I love the leopard print and ruffle.
  8. Orange is a very hot color this summer. Love the shape of this dress.
  9. Such a cute blouse.
  10. These are fabulous Manolo lookalikes for much less. And they come in a bunch of cute colors too.
  11. This Pantene hair mask is a must for summer hair.
  12. When I wore this dress, I received tons of requests so I decided to share it this week.

My Favorite Candles…Custom Candle Company

I love The Custom Candle company. Marcie, the owner, is amazing and turns the coolest bottles into fabulous candles. Her shop in Bedford Hills is filled with the best selection of luxury items. I am constantly running up there for gifts. I love the large champagne bottle ones. If you need a last-minute Father’s Day gift there are a bunch of liquor bottle candles from Tequilla to Vodka to Jack Daniels, even Dad’s favorite beer cans are available. Follow The Custom Candle Company on Instagram to see the complete assortment or to order your own. Here are some recent shots from my last visit with Marcie!!! Bon Weekend!!!

IMG 3097
IMG 3098
IMG 3093
IMG 3099
IMG 3092
IMG 3096
IMG 3094 1
IMG 3091
IMG 3095
IMG 3100
IMG 3094

My Wellness Journey

I have been on a journey toward wellness for a while now but honestly just hit a wall the past year. I met Dr. Jake Deutsch in the new year and started following him and his practice Oakwood Precision Medicine. I am really impressed with the information Dr. Jake posts and when he told me he was starting a weight loss and wellness program, I told him that I was very interested in joining.


I have been on the program with Dr. Jake for 6 weeks and already lost 15 pounds. Dr. Jake is very informative about improving your health step by step and is constantly available to answer any questions or concerns. He begins with a full-body scan, and yes it is scary to see the reality (at least for me) but so informative and really motivating. You repeat your scans about every 6 weeks to monitor your progress. He gave me the Oakwood app to follow on my phone which serves as my own personal health dashboard which I refer to constantly to keep me on track.

So far I am so happy with the program. Here is what I am doing differently..Fasting 3 days a week, Getting more steps in 4 days a week, Focusing on only eating 1/2 of my portions, if I am eating out, and Staying away from Carbs and Sugar!!!

download 7 1

I highly highly recommend Dr. Jake if you are thinking of a health reset. He is available for consultations and will answer any questions about the program and help to alter it for your individual needs. Email me for your referral!!!

download 5 1

About Dr. Jake:

Jake Deutsch is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  He is board-certified in Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Deutsch’s specialty training took place in NYC where he was chief resident at Beth Israel Medical Center.  With over 15 years of ER experience, treating and diagnosing complex medical problems is the mainstay of the doctor’s medical practice.  Emergencies like acute myocardial infarction or appendicitis are everyday occurrences for an ER doctor.   At the same time having a broad base of medical knowledge is a necessary skill for ER physicians such as Dr. Jake.  The wide scope of practice allows expertise to treat all ages with a vast array of medical problems.   With a personal interest in anti-aging, Dr. Deutsch has embarked on the exciting field of preventative medicine to help men live their best life.  With the  foundation of Oakwood’s practice, Dr. Deutsch has combined has a unique  skill and personal medical philosophies  


Prior to launching Oakwood,  Dr. Deutsch founded CURE Urgent Care in 2014.  The multi-office immediate care clinics of which, he was the founder and clinical director, are a practice of ten physicians and three physician assistants who are responsible for treating over 4,000 patients a month.  Dr. Deutsch built this practice from the ground up establishing the highest quality of care that earned CURE the rating of the best urgent care in New York City by their patients.  Dr. Deutsch is credentialed at Mt Sinai Health System, which is synonymous with quality healthcare.  Working side by side with some of the best doctors in the world brings yet another dimension to his expertise.  

Visit the Greenwich Historical Society Tavern Garden Market Wednesday!

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47 Strickland Road
Cos Cob, CT 06807

Alternating WEDNESDAYS
Lobby & Tavern Garden
10:00AM – 2:00PM
(early birds welcome at 9:30)
Our Tavern Garden Markets feature a specially curated and alternating selection of locally grown, made and sourced products. Support local growers, bakers and artisans when you fill your basket and your home with the freshest bounties of nature and unique, hand-crafted goods.
Peony season is still in full swing! Enjoy these spectacular blooms when you subscribe to the BEAR CREEK FARM CSA Peony Share. Conveniently delivered for weekly pick up on Wednesdays at the Greenwich Historical Society. Choose from eight varieties of stunning, long-lasting double peonies: heirloom Duchesse de Nemours, Nancy Nicholls, White Wicker, White Ivory, My Love, Mother’s Choice, Fringed Ivory and Amalia Olson. Bloom time: Late May through end of June.  
june 15th vendors 2022-1.jpg
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june 15th vendors 2022-3.jpg

Book Club Monday

This week’s book choice is The Last Mrs. Parrish. This national best seller is also a Reece Witherspoon pick. You are going to LOVE it and not be able to put it down. TRUST ME!!! Here is the story:

Amber Patterson is fed up. She’s tired of being a nobody: a plain, invisible woman who blends into the background. She deserves more – a life of money and power like the one blond-haired, blue-eyed goddess Daphne Parrish takes for granted. 

download 3 1

To everyone in the exclusive town of Bishops Harbor, Connecticut, Daphne – a socialite and philanthropist – and her real-estate mogul husband, Jackson, are a couple straight out of a fairy tale. 

Amber’s envy could eat her alive…if she didn’t have a plan. Amber uses Daphne’s compassion and caring to insinuate herself into the family’s life – the first step in a meticulous scheme to undermine her. Before long Amber is Daphne’s closest confidante, traveling to Europe with the Parrishes and their lovely young daughters and growing closer to Jackson. But a skeleton from her past may undermine everything that Amber has worked toward, and if it is discovered, her well-laid plan may fall to pieces. 

With shocking turns and dark secrets that will keep you guessing until the very end, The Last Mrs. Parrish is a fresh, juicy, and utterly addictive thriller from a diabolically imaginative talent. 

For more information or to purchase this book, click HERE!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here is your ultimate Father’s Day gift guide. The men’s guides are always the most requested and I really hope that I did not disappoint. I found some really cool things for dad and I think I have all bases covered from the sports enthusiast\, to the entertainer, to the dad that likes to cook, and everything in between!! Bon Weekend my Fashionistas!!!

Screen Shot 2022 06 10 at 6.04.31 PM
  1. This gourmet grill box is perfect for the dad who is a grill master!
  2. These steak knives are amazing and at such a great price.
  3. What dad would not love this neck massager?
  4. This foot massager is also incredible!
  5. This Bluetooth speaker with stand is awesome.
  6. I love the idea of these freezable whisky glasses.
  7. This Nest hub is so cool!!
  8. These pool slides are a perfect gift for dad to wear all summer!!
  9. Who can resist this pretzel-making kit?
  10. Such a fun idea, golf ball ice molds!
  11. Love these pajama pants!
  12. These mixers are always a great idea!
  13. Every dad needs one of these fab coolers!
  14. I love the idea of these reversible swim trunks.
  15. Top Gun is all the rage and these unisex glasses are a must.