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Top 5 Dresses Every Modern Women Should Have

For the beginning fashionista, or the fashionista on the go, we are going to delve into the top 5 dresses every modern-day woman should have in her closet. No matter what you need; glamourous, sexy, funky, business, or casual, here are the top 5 staple dress pieces every woman should have.

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The Wrap Dress

This dress style can be worn for a formal or social event. Business dinner? Dinner date? The wrap dress can accommodate, so it’s a must-have in any modern woman’s closet. It closes in front by wrapping one side over and tying it at the waist. Stylish and comfortable, these dresses help illuminate an hourglass figure and give the wearer a sleek appearance, so you know you will always look good in them.

The Asymmetrical Dress

 At least one asymmetrical dress should be in every modern-day woman’s wardrobe. They’ve been around for a while and still reign supreme in the fashion world. Asymmetrical dresses are loved for their slanted hemlines (or necklines). It is where one side is usually higher than the other, sometimes creating peaks. Compared to a traditional hemline, asymmetrical dresses offer a bit of fun, flirtation, and flair.

The Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is the staple dress of the modern dress era. Sheath dresses have become the fashion statement piece in Joseph Ribkoff clothing line. It’s become a power staple of fashion for women in the Royal Family. Sheath dresses have a feminine appeal, but exude the professionalism of appearance that a modern woman today demands. Additionally, it can be paired with a blazer for a more upscale, professional look.

A-Line Dress

For casual social events or backyard parties, an A-line dress is great to wear. With its narrowing effect on the waist and hips appearance and its highlighting of the bust line, it is suitable for most body types. The dress has a fitted top that flares out at the hips and down to form an A-shaped hemline.

The Bandage Dress

The bandage dress is slinky, silky, sexy, and comfortable, loved by all women! It’s the ultimate dress for a night out. The bandage dress is composed of layers of material to create its bandage stripe look, hence its name. Creating a sleek and smooth silhouette, the dress lifts and tucks, highlighting a woman’s curves in all the right places.

Although there are more styled dresses out there, if you are just starting, these are the top 5 dresses every modern woman should have in her closet.

How to Build a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe

If you find it difficult to decide what to wear when you wake up in the morning, you’re not alone. Even if you have a wardrobe bursting with lots of amazing clothes, it’s easy to find yourself wearing the exact same outfits day in day out or standing in your underwear feeling angry and upset that you can’t find an outfit that you like the look of. 

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Image Sarah Brown Unsplash

If this sounds like you, now might be the time to learn how to create a timeless capsule wardrobe that you love. A capsule wardrobe is a restricted number of interchangeable clothing items that always remain in fashion. Here are some of our top tips to help you create your capsule wardrobe:

  1. Empty Out Your Wardrobe

The first step to creating a timeless capsule wardrobe is to empty all of the clothes and accessories out of your wardrobe. Once you’ve done this, you will need to spread them out around the room. Not only will this allow you to clearly see what clothes you’ve got, but it will also make you realise how many clothes you own and how much money you spend on clothes that you don’t wear.

2. Narrow Your Selection

Once you can see all of the clothes you’ve got, you then need to ask yourself these questions for each item of clothing:

  • Do you like it?
  • Have you worn it recently?
  • Are you likely to wear it again?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to let go and move these items into a no longer wanted pile. You can then choose to donate your old clothes to a charity, sell them, or bin the clothes in this pile.

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Image Amanda Vick Unsplash

3. Plan Your Capsule Wardrobe

In order to create a capsule wardrobe, you first need to make a plan. Start by making a list of all of the pieces of clothing you already have. You then need to make a list of all of the categories of clothing that you need, such as dresses, blouses, jeans, t-shirts, and blazers. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to see what items of clothing you are missing from your wardrobe.

Remember, the goal of a capsule wardrobe is to own around 35-50 items of clothing. This includes accessories such as shoes, bags, and scarves. However, you don’t need to include underwear, workwear, or sleepwear in this.

4. Refill Your Wardrobe

Even though the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to reduce the number of clothes you own, there’s a good chance you will need to purchase a few staple pieces in order to have a complete capsule wardrobe. 

When purchasing new items for your capsule wardrobe, it’s a good idea to choose high-quality items that match the rest of your wardrobe. You can find lots of high-quality timeless pieces of clothing at Luella. Luella is a retail brand that specializes in unique collections, combining the highest quality products with accessible prices. All of their clothing is easy to care for, wonderfully durable, and made to last. 

5. Enjoy

Once you’ve restocked your wardrobe, you’re ready to enjoy it. There are lots of advantages to creating a capsule wardrobe: not only will your closet be full of clothes that make you feel good and happy, but by creating a capsule wardrobe, you’ll be helping to save the environment, and your budget at the same time

Creating a capsule wardrobe is a brilliant idea. Not only does it allow you to simplify your closet, but it’s also great for the environment. If you like the idea of creating a timeless capsule wardrobe, make sure you follow our advice above.

Vintage Shopping Takes Over The Hamptons

The best Vintage Shopping has come to the Hamptons. This year’s market started originally in Palm Springs California, and this summer they decided to bring their love for all things vintage and hand-created to Southampton.  Each market day is filled with music, food trucks, and the most interesting vendors traveling from across the globe.

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You are sure to find a new treasure that you absolutely do not need but simply can’t live without.

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The market’s community is made up of creative individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  

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The carefully curated Vendors will display a wide range of unique goods from vintage furniture, to vintage clothing, to collectibles, to hand-crafted items.  

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The next Hampton Flea will take place, rain or shine, on September 19th from 10 am to 4 pm outside on the grounds of the Southampton History Museum located at 17 Meeting House Lane.

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This is one of my favorite vintage jewelry vendors, Samara of Impulse Control Vintage! Follow her!!

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I met two new vintage friends. I loved them so much I hung out with them on Monday too!!! Follow @lillydvintage and @uppereastsidevintagenyc

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How To Dress Up Your Outfit With Accessories

If you want to take your outfit to the next level, then accessories are the answer. You can dress up your outfit with rings, scarves, hats, and other pieces of jewelry. Here are some tips to help you make a statement with your next outfit. 

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Image Unsplash

Types of Accessories

There are several different categories of accessories, some more worn than others. For example, shoes may be the accessory that almost everyone wears every day. There are many types of shoes in varying styles and colors. You should choose shoes that add to your wardrobe, fit properly, and fit into your lifestyle. 

Finding the right jewelry for your outfit may depend on the type of outfit and the occasion. There are many places to find jewelry, like a jewelry store. You can either have fine or fashion jewelry, depending on your needs and budget. Earrings, necklaces, and rings can all bring a little sparkle to your outfit. You can choose what sort of jewelry you like. You can have dainty pieces, statement pieces, or something in between. Earrings, like hoops or statement pieces, can make a casual outfit shine. There are many to choose from, like studs, dangles, ear climbers, and the list goes on. Watches are another accessory that can be both functional and attractive. Watches come in various designs, from smartwatches to classic, luxury watches. 

Belts, handbags, and hair accessories are all other things that can elevate your outfit. An elegant hair scarf or headband can make your clothing classier. A leather handbag can also show understated elegance. Belts come in a wide variety of colors and styles to go with your clothes. These accessories can be fun or whimsical as well. It all depends on your clothing style and what you want out of your wardrobe. Where you live might also dictate what sort of accessories you wear. In a cold climate, a wool scarf may be appropriate. These scarves can be as fun or neutral as you want them to be. 

How to Use Accessories With an Outfit

Accessories are a finishing touch to your outfit. They can add a pop of fun, color, or luxury to what you are wearing. Much like a signature fragrance, a signature accessory can be something you are known for wearing, like a hair scarf, jewelry piece, or handbag.

Use accessories to make your office outfit into a night-out outfit. For example, a blouse and trousers may be what you wear during the day. For the evening you can put on a sequined jacket, hoop earrings and a pair of heels. You now have an outfit appropriate for dinner or dancing. You can even bring a small evening bag with you that you can switch out later.

Accessories can also take a plain, neutral outfit to new heights and make a casual outfit classier. If you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, try putting a blazer, earrings, and heels on to make it dressier. If you are wearing all black, adding a fun belt or sunglasses can make the outfit more interesting. You could even try having a small bag of accessories in your car or desk in case you need them in a pinch.

What you wear can set your mood for the day and communicate to others what kind of style you have. Accessories are fun, small ways to add a pop of style to an outfit and make it your own. A simple wardrobe can instantly look classier or more fun, and elegant clothing can look even more so with these small pieces. Whatever your style is, find what accessories you like and add them to your wardrobe to give you more versatility and style. 

We Found More Of What You Asked For

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  1. I love having these gold scissors sitting on my desk or kitchen island. I am actually happy when they are not put away!!
  2. This ruffle dress is adorable. I would throw on some white flip flops and you are perfect for walking around town or an early dinner!!
  3. Lace is going to be HUGE this fall, let’s start with this adorable blouse!
  4. I wore this top all last summer, I am so happy they brought it back.
  5. Another pretty blouse, I especially love the flared sleeve.
  6. This Target dress is giving me Roberta Roller Vibes.
  7. I am so into making Charcuterie boards. This Veuve Cliquot is on my wish list
  8. I would love this cute little matching ice bucket…
  9. Here is another color…
  10. What a cute white shirt for the fall with jeans or leather pants.
  11. This Serena and Lilly scalloped tray is fabulous!
  12. I am asked for silver cleaner for flatware and serving pieces. I have been using this for years. It works perfectly. You can also put small silver items and jewelry in the canister as well.
  13. This hat was a best seller all summer. The look is great but the price point is better!!
  14. Another fabulous lace blouse…I fell in love with this the first time I saw it…
  15. I love these fancy flip flops!

You Asked…We Found!!!!!

Last week, I did a poll asking my readers, what they were looking for and I would do a post with some links. There were a bunch of great answers but I tried to stick to some summer items. One of the biggest requests was for a cute straw bag that could be used day into night. Please keep your requests coming, send me an EMAIL with something you are looking for or something on your wish list!!

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 5.48.38 PM
  1. This is the best summer dress I found that covers all the bases, price, style and occassion. This dress is only $30, it is on trend, maxi dresses are so popular right now, and it can be worn as easily to work or out to dinner or even to a wedding.
  2. I have been asked for a designer bag that would work for multiple seasons. I love this color and saw it with a summer dress and also with a black turtleneck sweater and jeans. Its price point is high but it is a style that you will be carrying for years.
  3. Lots of requests for summer tablesettings, esp outdoor. I found these rattan chargers that are beautiful. You can use a solid melamine plate or even a cute paper one and your table will be all set.
  4. As far as new accessories go, bangles are always in style especially in multiples. These bangles are a jewlery staple that are seasonless.
  5. In my opinion this is the BEST looking storage basket.
  6. If you love the color of the Gucci bag but are looking for a lower price point, this wicker bag is adorable. I love the chain handle.
  7. This is the BEST self tanning lotion. It works in just 2 hours and gives a healthy glow!
  8. I am going to do a whole college post but this is the BEST storage box. It fits under beds and at the bottom of closets.
  9. I get asked a lot about the 2 set outfits that are also so popular. This one really caught my eye. I love the color, collar and the buttons. Its very retro looking!
  10. The next 5 bags are in response to readers askiing for a summer bag to go from day to night! This pearl disco ball is the best one overall. Its not that big but I can fit my Iphone. I have had this for a couple years now and I get a compliment everytime I use it.
  11. This pom pom fringe bag is perfection. I love the handles and the combo of the light pink and ratan is beautiful!! I might add this to my cart!!!
  12. If the pom poms are too much for you, here is a really cute style with just the fringe and soem stud detailing and its a great combo of the two bags already shown!
  13. Here is another pom pom style but I love the tonal color.
  14. If you are looking for something other than a natural color, this one is so chic.
  15. This is one of the most random items in my collages ever, but a reader from Dallas sent me this recommendation…if you take 2 of these odorless garlic pills once a day…the mosquitoes will stay away!!