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This Week’s Best Sellers

I have had many requests lately for some of the most popular items during the past few weeks. With holiday shopping in full gear, I kept a list of the items that were trending for self-purchases, just in time to share it with you today. Since the arrival of the new year, I have been asked for dress recommendations and makeup recommendations and of course the unending search for the perfect black pants. Here is a round-up of some of my favorite things this week. Click on the links below to purchase or for more information!

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I purchased this Chanel eyeshadow after seeing it on display. I cannot say enough good things about the product.

This H&M dress is so amazing. I love the color.

I wore this sequin dress on New Year’s Eve and once I posted it, I got so many DM’s about where it can be purchased.

I am obsessed with this incredible clutch.

I think these are the most amazing pair of black pants. They look amazing with heels, flats, and boots!!!

I have had my eye on this Marni bag forever!!! How cute would it look with the H&M dress above?

If you are looking for a fabulous moisturizer, this is it!!!

Love love the idea of a velvet flat!!!

What a beautiful pair of plaid shoes. Such a great wardrobe staple!

Platform sandals are all the rage now…

I just saw this pretty suit at J Crew and fell in love!!

I have been in love with these earrings forever and now they are on major sale.

New Year Find….Palm Harbor Boutique

I recently visited the Palm Habor boutique on South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. The shop is full of artfully curated gifts, home décor, apparel, and accessories, for life’s everyday occasions and events. I find it one of the best shops in the Palm Beach area. I found so many cute things…The owner, Taylor is the cutest girl with a great eye. She curates an amazing selection of unique items. You can also shop online. Almost everything found in the store can also be found online HERE. And as an added bonus, our readers will receive 15% off all orders with the code shoppingwithnicole.

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Elle Marche Opens In Greenwich!!!

Elle Marche just opened in Greenwich on 18 Lewis Street. It is a fabulous boutique that showcases apparel, accessories, and decor from across the globe. Founded by a designer, creative director, and an architect of the gypset lifestyle, Rita Overzat, Elle Marche is the expanded expression of her luxury handbag brand….Beirn.

The boutique is absolutely fantastic. Rita has curated an amazing selection of clothing and unique accessories. Mostly everything is one of a kind and honestly I wanted everything in the store.

For more information or to see more of Rita’s beautiful merchandise, click HERE!!!

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IMG 9229
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Time To Curate Your Winter Wardrobe!

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We’re heading headfirst into winter. Fall has been fun, filled with pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween festivities, but we’re beginning to experience the first signs of winter and the Christmas season. The wind is begin to blow harder. The temperature is dropping. We’re beginning to experience more rain, which will soon become sleet and snow. The mornings are getting frosty. This means meany things. It means many of us are going to begin spending more time indoors and that we’re going to start getting ready for the festive season ahead. One area of your life you’re going to need to turn your focus to – in order to stay warm and comfortable – is your clothing. Now is the best time to start building your winter wardrobe. Here are some suggestions to fuel you along the way!


First things first, let’s consider loungewear. As we briefly mentioned above, you’re probably going to spend more time indoors now that the winter is coming around, so it’s good to have plenty of comfortable wear to settle down in for the months ahead. Loungewear has really taken off as a category of clothing since the pandemic, as people began to search for comfortable clothes that were still more presentable than pyjamas. Browse a range of tracksuits, leggings and hoodie combos and more. You may also want to grab some fluffy socks and cosy slippers for your feet. These are particularly beneficial if you have a lot of wooden or tiled flooring in your home, which can be cold in the mornings.

Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Hats, gloves and scarves are going to become essential for times when you venture out and about. These protect some of the areas of your body where heat is most likely to escape and where the wind and cold weather is most likely to hit. You lose a lot of heat from your head and your hands, which is why hats and scarves are so important. Scarves protect your neck from cold and harsh winds. There are countless styles out there, so start your search at to find something that ticks all of your boxes.


Winter coats tend to be a more costly investment, but they are essential and can really help to keep your warm when the temperatures drop. It’s good to choose a couple, ensuring that they are quality to last the test of time. One coat made from heavy, cosy fabrics tends to be a good idea. Another that is waterproof, for use in rain and storms, is recommended too. Another option that many people seem to enjoy at the moment is a puffer coat, which insulates but is lightweight and often waterproof.


You lose a lot of heat through your feet, so you want to keep this in with boots. Boots should also be waterproof to ensure that your feet stay nice and dry in the rain or when walking through puddles. Also look for options with good grip, which helps in the frost and snow.

These winter essentials will serve you well in the upcoming months, so make sure to find them sooner rather than later to get maximum use out of them!

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

With winter getting nearer every day, it’s time to start thinking about a few staples for your wardrobe before the cold really hits. The colder weather can be unpleasant if you aren’t prepared, so ensuring you have everything you need beforehand can help make this winter more pleasurable than the last. Here are five essential items that should be in every woman’s winter wardrobe.

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A Good Coat.

When it comes to outerwear, there is nothing more important than a good coat. Not only will it keep you warm, but a well-chosen coat can also be incredibly stylish. Look for a coat that flatters your figure, and that can be easily dressed up or down. Make sure when you’re purchasing a coat that you size up or check that there is enough room in the sleeves for your arm and additional layers. You won’t want to spend money on a coat that turns out to be too small for you.

Winter Boots.

Boots are not only functional in winter weather, but they can also be very stylish. The right pair of winter boots will keep your feet warm and dry while also adding some edge to your outfit. Look for styles with good traction on the soles for navigating icy sidewalks, and consider waterproof materials for added protection against slush and snow. Consider a couple of different pairs that can be mixed and matched to various outfits in your wardrobe.

A Sweater.

A cozy sweater is a must-have for those chilly winter days. A few basic sweaters can easily be dressed up or down and can be worn alone or layered under a coat. Look for styles in classic colors like black, gray, and navy that can easily be paired with various bottoms and accessories. Also, consider choosing a sweater that will last for more than one season, and opt for high-quality materials like wool or cashmere.

Comfortable Undergarments.

It can be tempting to sacrifice comfort for fashion when it comes to undergarments in the colder months, but opting for cozy and warm options is key. Invest in a few long-sleeve thermal tops and leggings made with materials that will keep you warm without adding bulk under your clothes. You also shouldn’t forget about getting the best undies and bras for your winter wardrobe. Opt for styles that won’t roll up or make you feel uncomfortable under all the layers. 

Scarf, Gloves, And Hat.

No winter wardrobe is complete without the necessary accessories to really seal in the heat. A scarf, gloves, and hat are all essential for those extra chilly days. Look for styles in classic colors and materials that can easily pair with various outfits. Don’t forget about function as well; make sure the gloves you choose allow for flexibility and agility, and opt for a hat that won’t blow off in strong gusts of wind

These are just a few of the essential items that should be in every woman’s winter wardrobe. With these pieces, you’ll be able to create endless looks that will keep you warm all season long.

Holiday Blog Sale

I am so excited to bring this blog sale to you. These feather bags are ADORABLE. I have a white one and every time I carry it I get tons and tons of compliments. I was able to get a few colors for you for the upcoming Holidays. Each bag is $125 and we have purple, blush, black, navy, grey, and white available. These bags make incredible gifts and can be worn with so many looks all year round. From a fun night out to a black tie, we’ve got you covered. EMAIL me to place your order!!!!

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