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How To Dress Up Your Outfit With Accessories

If you want to take your outfit to the next level, then accessories are the answer. You can dress up your outfit with rings, scarves, hats, and other pieces of jewelry. Here are some tips to help you make a statement with your next outfit. 

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Types of Accessories

There are several different categories of accessories, some more worn than others. For example, shoes may be the accessory that almost everyone wears every day. There are many types of shoes in varying styles and colors. You should choose shoes that add to your wardrobe, fit properly, and fit into your lifestyle. 

Finding the right jewelry for your outfit may depend on the type of outfit and the occasion. There are many places to find jewelry, like a jewelry store. You can either have fine or fashion jewelry, depending on your needs and budget. Earrings, necklaces, and rings can all bring a little sparkle to your outfit. You can choose what sort of jewelry you like. You can have dainty pieces, statement pieces, or something in between. Earrings, like hoops or statement pieces, can make a casual outfit shine. There are many to choose from, like studs, dangles, ear climbers, and the list goes on. Watches are another accessory that can be both functional and attractive. Watches come in various designs, from smartwatches to classic, luxury watches. 

Belts, handbags, and hair accessories are all other things that can elevate your outfit. An elegant hair scarf or headband can make your clothing classier. A leather handbag can also show understated elegance. Belts come in a wide variety of colors and styles to go with your clothes. These accessories can be fun or whimsical as well. It all depends on your clothing style and what you want out of your wardrobe. Where you live might also dictate what sort of accessories you wear. In a cold climate, a wool scarf may be appropriate. These scarves can be as fun or neutral as you want them to be. 

How to Use Accessories With an Outfit

Accessories are a finishing touch to your outfit. They can add a pop of fun, color, or luxury to what you are wearing. Much like a signature fragrance, a signature accessory can be something you are known for wearing, like a hair scarf, jewelry piece, or handbag.

Use accessories to make your office outfit into a night-out outfit. For example, a blouse and trousers may be what you wear during the day. For the evening you can put on a sequined jacket, hoop earrings and a pair of heels. You now have an outfit appropriate for dinner or dancing. You can even bring a small evening bag with you that you can switch out later.

Accessories can also take a plain, neutral outfit to new heights and make a casual outfit classier. If you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, try putting a blazer, earrings, and heels on to make it dressier. If you are wearing all black, adding a fun belt or sunglasses can make the outfit more interesting. You could even try having a small bag of accessories in your car or desk in case you need them in a pinch.

What you wear can set your mood for the day and communicate to others what kind of style you have. Accessories are fun, small ways to add a pop of style to an outfit and make it your own. A simple wardrobe can instantly look classier or more fun, and elegant clothing can look even more so with these small pieces. Whatever your style is, find what accessories you like and add them to your wardrobe to give you more versatility and style. 

We Found More Of What You Asked For

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  1. I love having these gold scissors sitting on my desk or kitchen island. I am actually happy when they are not put away!!
  2. This ruffle dress is adorable. I would throw on some white flip flops and you are perfect for walking around town or an early dinner!!
  3. Lace is going to be HUGE this fall, let’s start with this adorable blouse!
  4. I wore this top all last summer, I am so happy they brought it back.
  5. Another pretty blouse, I especially love the flared sleeve.
  6. This Target dress is giving me Roberta Roller Vibes.
  7. I am so into making Charcuterie boards. This Veuve Cliquot is on my wish list
  8. I would love this cute little matching ice bucket…
  9. Here is another color…
  10. What a cute white shirt for the fall with jeans or leather pants.
  11. This Serena and Lilly scalloped tray is fabulous!
  12. I am asked for silver cleaner for flatware and serving pieces. I have been using this for years. It works perfectly. You can also put small silver items and jewelry in the canister as well.
  13. This hat was a best seller all summer. The look is great but the price point is better!!
  14. Another fabulous lace blouse…I fell in love with this the first time I saw it…
  15. I love these fancy flip flops!

You Asked…We Found!!!!!

Last week, I did a poll asking my readers, what they were looking for and I would do a post with some links. There were a bunch of great answers but I tried to stick to some summer items. One of the biggest requests was for a cute straw bag that could be used day into night. Please keep your requests coming, send me an EMAIL with something you are looking for or something on your wish list!!

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  1. This is the best summer dress I found that covers all the bases, price, style and occassion. This dress is only $30, it is on trend, maxi dresses are so popular right now, and it can be worn as easily to work or out to dinner or even to a wedding.
  2. I have been asked for a designer bag that would work for multiple seasons. I love this color and saw it with a summer dress and also with a black turtleneck sweater and jeans. Its price point is high but it is a style that you will be carrying for years.
  3. Lots of requests for summer tablesettings, esp outdoor. I found these rattan chargers that are beautiful. You can use a solid melamine plate or even a cute paper one and your table will be all set.
  4. As far as new accessories go, bangles are always in style especially in multiples. These bangles are a jewlery staple that are seasonless.
  5. In my opinion this is the BEST looking storage basket.
  6. If you love the color of the Gucci bag but are looking for a lower price point, this wicker bag is adorable. I love the chain handle.
  7. This is the BEST self tanning lotion. It works in just 2 hours and gives a healthy glow!
  8. I am going to do a whole college post but this is the BEST storage box. It fits under beds and at the bottom of closets.
  9. I get asked a lot about the 2 set outfits that are also so popular. This one really caught my eye. I love the color, collar and the buttons. Its very retro looking!
  10. The next 5 bags are in response to readers askiing for a summer bag to go from day to night! This pearl disco ball is the best one overall. Its not that big but I can fit my Iphone. I have had this for a couple years now and I get a compliment everytime I use it.
  11. This pom pom fringe bag is perfection. I love the handles and the combo of the light pink and ratan is beautiful!! I might add this to my cart!!!
  12. If the pom poms are too much for you, here is a really cute style with just the fringe and soem stud detailing and its a great combo of the two bags already shown!
  13. Here is another pom pom style but I love the tonal color.
  14. If you are looking for something other than a natural color, this one is so chic.
  15. This is one of the most random items in my collages ever, but a reader from Dallas sent me this recommendation…if you take 2 of these odorless garlic pills once a day…the mosquitoes will stay away!!

Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day with a New Pair Of Sustainable Sunglasses.

This July 28 celebrate World Nature Conservation Day in Style with a new pair of sustainable sunglasses. The newest fashion trend is not a seasonal color or a must-have style: It is the idea of an ecological style and ethical accessories. Many fashion brands are now working to send out amazing sustainable collections this summer.  

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If you are looking for sustainable eyewear you should check the SmartBuyGlasses website. This sunglasses retailer is a partner of the Eden Reforestation Projects. This NGO is working to reverse environmental devastation. When you shop a new pair of sunglasses from the Oh My Woodness! collection you will help plant life-saving trees in Haiti, Madagascar, or Nepal. For this year’s World Nature Conservation Day gift, yourself with an amazing pair of wooden glasses. 

Curated just for you, the Oh My Woodness! Kootenay Polarized is the perfect addition to your sunglass collection. With these vintage wood glasses, you can be elegant and secure with our 2-year warranty. You can also add blue light blocking lenses to this model to be always protected against the negative effect of blue lights. The zFORT® innovative theology will keep you protected from the harmful light rays coming from all your digital screens.

At SmartBuyGlasses you can also find sustainable sunglasses in acetate, metal, and plastic, thanks to their exclusive Arise Collective Collection. This collection has more than 350 high-quality, modern yet affordable eyeglasses crafted in Italy. Shop one of these frames to help promote environmental awareness. SmartBuyGlasses work with 1% for the planet to build a more sustainable world. One Percent for the Planet is an international organization whose partners donate at least one percent of their annual revenues to environmentally friendly projects.

If you love metal light frames this Arise Collective Island C4 model is perfect for you. This full-rim gold model comes with anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating lenses included. The Rhode Island C4 Polarizer’s contemporary look is carefully designed to ensure that you always look, and feel, your best. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays whilst looking stylish in the charming Brown Acetate frame, paired with the Plastic lens in Brown Polarized

If you are looking for a colorful new pair of glasses the Arise Collective Catania 03 is the perfect choice for you. This full-rim acetate frame is light and comfortable as well as trendy. Add premium lenses to this sustainable eyeglass now to enjoy a perfect vision.

Sunday Dress Edit

My son moved into his first real on his own post-college apartment this weekend. It is so bittersweet because for the past 16 months he has been living here and it has been so much fun. But, I am excited for him and he is in my old neighborhood, which I adore, and I know he will have the time of his life…..On the blogging side of things, we had to go to Target to get a bunch of stuff for the apartment. So while I sent him off looking for command hooks (which I do not think even work, but that’s another blog), I decided to check out the dresses. Target is always a home run for inexpensive, cute dresses at a great price point. I feel like they copy a lot of the high-end designer styles and the quality is so much better than some of the other stores in the same category.

Here is the best of the best of their assortment right now and everything is available online. The only thing I would say is Target generally runs big so you are going to have to size down. I would read the reviews just to make sure but I did with the ones that I tried.

I cannot say enough good things about this dress. The material has a nice sheen to it and it’s adorable on. But it does run big so I would size down 1 or 2 sizes. It also comes in a cute pink and polka dot print, which I also highly recommend checking out…

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.51.43 AM
Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.52.31 AM
Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.52.09 AM

I ended up buying this dress for myself. I loved the print and really do not have a yellow dress. I did not try it on until the next day and was surprised at how adorable it is. I was not sure of the buttons but it works and the print is so cheery..This was a win for sure!

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.50.10 AM

I love the ruffle sleeve on this and the light pink color. This is such a cute dress for daytime or dressed up with cute sandals and fancy earrings for nighttime.

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.45.58 AM

I really think this is a staple piece. It is so feminine and a long white dress is perfect for those really warm summer days.

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.47.30 AM

This dress is giving me Net A Porter vibes. It looks so much more expensive than it is. To me, this is another wardrobe staple. I love the neck, sleeves and flounce of the bottom. This will also take you into fall for sure.

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.49.05 AM

Another really cute pastel dress. It is more of a seersucker material so it’s so easy to wash and wear. This can also be dressed up for day or night and you can never go wrong with puffed sleeves.

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.45.01 AM

This dress just screams summer to me…its such a pretty color and perfect for a heatwave!!! Also, it is so lightweight and easy to pack that I think you will also be grabbing this for all your warm-weather vacations!!

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 7.01.04 AM

Technically this is not a dress but how fabulous is this jumpsuit?

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.56.59 AM

I saw someone wearing this dress and it stopped me in my tracks. I am in love with this color!

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.55.18 AM

The “nap dress” is really popular this summer. Here is an adorable one for much less.

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 6.53.03 AM

I saved another of my favorites for last. I love everything about this dress, the shape, sleeves and especially the color!

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 7.54.06 AM

Some tips from the Pros about buying Swimsuits!!

One principle applies when you are buying swimwear – it is absolutely crucial that you buy a style and cut that suits your build and matches the reason why you need the clothing item. If this sounds vague, think about what you want to use it for – chances are that a skimpy bikini that is designed for getting a tan is unlikely to perform under the pressure of high-intensity fitness swimming! 

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Image Pixabay

Making sense of all the choices

Summer is the season for bikinis and other poolside fashion. If you start shopping around towards the end of winter, you are likely to find some excellent deals, but with the huge selection of styles that are available out there, how do you know which is the right one for you? Some of the most common styles include bikini, tankini, and full-length swimsuit. The first question you need to ask is how much coverage you need to feel comfortable. Many people don’t care about showing skin, where others need a lot more coverage to feel at ease. Whatever your preference is on this front, should guide the rest of your decision-making. 

The multi-purpose one piece

The one-piece suit is the suit of choice for athletes and exercise fans, as they run the lowest risk of accidentally coming undone under high-intensity activity. Logically, it also provides the most coverage of all the designs. These suits are also often lined to give the illusion of a flatter stomach – a point of contention for many women.

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Image Pixabay

The multi-purpose one piece

The one-piece suit is the suit of choice for athletes and exercise fans, as they run the lowest risk of accidentally coming undone under high-intensity activity. Logically, it also provides the most coverage of all the designs. These suits are also often lined to give the illusion of a flatter stomach – a point of contention for many women.

Particularly for athletes, but actually universally applicable, is to pick a suit that is durable, and likely to have a decent lifespan without stretching, fraying, fading or generally not meeting expectations. A great tip is to look for swimwear for women made of material that has been treated to prevent chlorine and other chemicals from affecting the structural integrity of the swimsuit. 

I want to swim, but I want to hide my belly.

Look no further – control swimsuits or slimming swimsuits are here to save the day. Look for one-piece suits, in designs that incorporate ruching, twisted embellishments, dark side panels and tummy tucking control panels, to give you an extra boost in your quest for a slimmed-down appearance.

Screen Shot 2021 07 13 at 5.55.21 PM
Image Pixabay

What is the big deal with body shapes?

Swimsuits for women come with a lot to think about – what you like, what you look good in, what is flattering or unflattering, and the list goes on. Your body shape plays a big role in the overall reason for choosing certain cuts. We’ve all heard the terms: pear-shaped, athletic, hourglass, and apple. The good news is that stores salespeople are well-trained in helping you analyze your body shape, and what to wear to make it appear at its best. Putting a little bit of extra time aside to get the right swimsuit will pay off in the long run.

The beauty of swimsuits for women is that it need not be expensive to do a good job!