Empowering Style Journeys with Tanya Meyers of Mode T

Tanya Meyers, a renowned personal shopper and stylist, is making waves in the fashion world. Known for her expertise in transforming wardrobes and boosting confidence, Tanya brings a unique approach to styling that focuses on individuality and empowerment.

The Philosophy Behind Tanya’s Styling

Tanya’s journey into the world of fashion began as a hobby and quickly blossomed into a deep passion. She believes that passion knows no bounds, age is just a number, and career choices can coexist with personal passions. This philosophy drives Tanya to continuously explore and experiment with different looks, blending high and low fashion to create unique, personalized styles.

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The Process: Keep, Toss, Stow, Restyle, and Shop

Tanya’s approach to styling is all about simplicity and clarity. Her method involves:

  • Keep: Identifying the pieces in a client’s wardrobe that truly work for them—items that fit well, reflect their style, and make them feel confident.
  • Toss: Encouraging clients to let go of items that no longer serve them, whether they are outdated, worn out, or simply not their style anymore, making room for fresh additions.
  • Stow: Organizing and storing seasonal items or pieces with sentimental value to maintain a functional and clutter-free wardrobe.
  • Restyle: Finding creative ways to restyle and reinvent existing wardrobe items to give them new life.
  • Shop: Assisting clients in shopping for perfect new pieces that complement their style and complete their wardrobe.
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Tanya’s Signature Services

Tanya offers three main services to cater to various styling needs:

  1. The Closet Revival
    • Closet Clean-Up: We’ll start by decluttering your current closet.
    • Outfit Creation: Curate outfits from your existing pieces, showcasing fresh and exciting ways to wear what you already own.
    • Perfect for those looking to rejuvenate their existing wardrobe.
  2. The Style Explorer
    • Includes everything in The Closet Revival
    • Personal Shopping Trip: Enjoy a fun and insightful shopping excursion with Tanya, exploring new fashion gems that align with your style goals. Alternatively, opt for a virtual shopping experience, where Tanya selects items and shares them with you digitally for your approval.
    • Ideal for those who want to mix and match their existing wardrobe with new pieces.
  3. The Ultimate Style Transformation
    • Includes everything in The Closet Revival
    • Personal Shopping Experience: Immerse yourself in a curated shopping journey with Tanya, exploring the latest trends and timeless classics. Alternatively, choose the virtual shopping experience, where Tanya curates a selection of items and presents them to you digitally for your review and approval.
    • Perfect for a complete wardrobe overhaul and a fresh start.
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The Advantage of Choosing an Independent Stylist

As an independent stylist, Tanya is not tied to any single brand or style. Her role is to understand her clients’ visions and preferences, ensuring every outfit reflects their individuality. Tanya’s goal is to provide personalized attention and expert advice to help clients navigate the ever-changing world of fashion.

Simplifying Wardrobes, One Client at a Time

Tanya loves experimenting with different looks and blending high and low fashion while staying true to herself. Her mission is to make fashion fun, accessible, and tailored to each client. Together, she and her clients create wardrobes that are versatile, stylish, and uniquely their own.

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Start Your Style Journey with Tanya Meyers

Tanya Meyers is dedicated to empowering individuals through personalized style journeys. Whether a client needs a complete wardrobe overhaul, a few new pieces, or fresh styling ideas, Tanya is ready to help. As a proud sponsor of the NS Lifestyles blog, she continues to inspire and guide many on their fashion journeys.

Contact Tanya Meyers today to start a personalized style journey and empower yourself with a wardrobe that makes you look and feel amazing!

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