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Cities with the best single men: Trends in dating profiles

With the end of the pandemic insight, dating should return to some form of normalcy in 2021. The last year of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Americans to embrace online dating as their primary way to meet new singles with in-person dating being several limited.

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Kingsmen Beard Club recently released a new study just in time for Valentine’s Day to highlight some of the biggest dating app trends in 2021. In the study, they analyzed more than 3,500 Tinder profiles of men living in 31 of the biggest American cities to learn more about single men in America and what the typical dating profile looks like.

They focused their attention on the main profile picture compiling insights into more than a dozen characteristics, including smiles, facial hair, attire, selfies, kids, and cars.

Highlights include:

  • 71% of men wear casual attire in their main profile picture. 20% dress like a slob and only 9% wear formal attire.
  • 61% of men’s profiles have some sort of facial hair, while 39% are clean-shaven.
  • Surprisingly, 53% of men hide their bodies in their main picture.
  • Smiles go a long way to making a first impression, however, only 51% of men smile in their main picture.
  • Top cities for single men: 1. Denver 2. Washington D.C. 3. New York 4. Indianapolis 5. Nashville.

Let us further explore what they found in their analysis.

The Fundamentals

Naturally, they looked at facial hair first. Sixty-one percent of men who were analyzed have some sort of facial hair, while 39 percent are clean-shaven. They seemed to take a very liberal view of what exactly constitutes facial hair. They included everything from a couple of days of chin stubble to a full on mustache. Since they included many types of facial hair, they categorized facial hair in two categories “heavy facial hair” and “light facial hair”. In order for facial hair to be classified as “heavy facial hair”, it had to be full coverage and something so thick that you could run your fingers through.

The next part of the analysis looked at smiling. A smile can go a long way for both men and women. Many women like a guy who smiles as it can make them seem approachable and trustworthy. In the analysis, Kingsmen Beard Club found a mixed bag between men who smile and those who do not in their main dating profile picture. They found that 51% of men smile in their main profile picture, where 49% do not smile.

Anyone using a dating app in 2021 is probably going to make a snap judgment on swiping left or right based on what they see in the main profile picture. Because of this it makes sense for many people, both men and women to try and show off to make a lasting first impression. When it comes to men, more men choose to hide their body in their main profile picture than not. The analysis found that over 53% of men do not clearly show their body off in their main profile picture.

The next part of the analysis looked at how men dress in their dating profiles. Kingsmen Beard Club found that a majority of men dress very casually in their main profile picture. This may be as a direct result of the pandemic, but the numbers were surprising. 71% of men had a casual look in their profile picture, where 20% were dressed like a slob and only 9% had formal wear in their main picture.

The last consideration among the fundamental part of the analysis looked at men taking selfies. Selfies are convenient and during the pandemic, they are more prevalent than ever. They found that 47% of men used selfies as their main profile picture, where 53% did not.

Other notable trends

It additional to the fundamentals listed above, they noticed some other notable trends in men’s dating profile pictures.

  • 9% of men use a selfie taken in their car.
  • 9% use a selfie taken in the mirror.
  • 5% of men go shirtless in their main profile picture (we thought it would have been higher!)
  • Only 4% pose with a dog.
  • 3% pose with a group of friends.
  • 2% pose with their can or a motorcycle.
  • Only 1% post with their children.
  • Men posing with cats, guns, and fish show up in less than 1% of all dating profiles.

The top cities for single men\

Kingsmen Beard Club ranked the top cities for single men based on the highest number of men’s profiles that they deemed as the “Total Package”.

They defined the “Total Package” as smiling in their main profile picture, showing their body, not a slob, not using a selfie picture, not shirtless, not posing with a group, not at the gym, not in a car, not posing with a car and not using a mirror selfie. Overall, they found that only 17% of men in the U.S. met the standard of being a “Total Package”.

Listed below are the top cities with the % of men defined as the “Total Package”:

  1. Denver (26%)
  2. Washington D.C. (26%)
  3. New York (25%)
  4. Indianapolis (23%)
  5. Nashville (23%)
  6. Austin (21%)
  7. Philadelphia (21%)
  8. Columbus (20%)
  9. Minneapolis (20%)
  10. Atlanta (19%)
  11. Phoenix (19%)
  12. San Francisco (19%)
  13. Seattle (19%)
  14. Boston (18%)
  15. Detroit (18%)
  16. Baltimore (16%)
  17. Chicago (16%)
  18. Cleveland (15%)
  19. Memphis (15%)
  20. Portland (15%)
  21. San Diego (15%)
  22. San Jose (15%)
  23. Dallas (14%)
  24. San Antonio (14%)
  25. Charlotte (13%)
  26. Cincinnati (13%)
  27. Los Angeles (13%)
  28. Jacksonville (12%)
  29. Las Vegas (12%)
  30. Miami (11%)
  31. Houston (10%)


Between December 18-31, 2020 Kingsmen Beard Club analyzed the first profile pictures of 3,100 heterosexual or bisexual men between the ages of 24-35, living in one of 31 American cities. For each city, a sample size of at least 100 men was used.

The analysis was completed used a premium Tinder account with no history and a verified profile. In order to not bias or our analysis towards certain characteristics, we exclusively swiped left on all 3,100 profiles.

**** This study was provided by

CBD Oil and Migraines: An Information Breakdown

CBD is one of the active agents in the hemp plant, and studies show that it helps to lessen migraine pain. Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not cause a high but brings about many health benefits, including pain reduction.  So, let’s analyze cbd oil and migraines as they relate to your well-being.

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Some common migraine symptoms include distorted vision, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, etc. Most adults experience migraines at some point in life. Currently, about 33 million Americans suffer from chronic pain caused by migraines.

Migraine-related pain is quite unbearable and can disrupt one’s health. It can lower your productivity and ability to focus. Some researchers link migraines to stress; hence, people often want a faster and more natural way to get relief.

That said, studies into CBD oil and migraines shows cannabidiol could help lower the pain. In comparison, a prescribed drug may limit the pain but with side effects. So, CBD hemp oils a safer alternative.

What Causes Migraines

Scientists believe that certain diets like chocolate, wine, and cheese trigger migraines. Again, people that often experience stress, fatigue, and anxiety are at risk of developing a migraine. Hormonal imbalance caused by injury or trauma could also trigger this chronic pain. For example, some women would experience a headache during menstruation because of hormonal changes.

Exposure to high altitude and pressure changes could result in a migraine. High-intensity light conditions and antidepressant drugs can also fuel migraines. Meanwhile, many studies support the use of CBD oil for migraines.

Beneficial Properties of CBD Oil

The brain secretes signaling molecules like histamine, dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin. The body needs these hormones to function well. For example, histamine controls allergic reactions, serotonin lifts mood, and melatonin causes sleep.

Meanwhile, plant cannabinoids like CBD are signaling molecules. Studies show CBD is a neurotransmitter and could influence the activities of the human endocannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptor function is to keep the cell balanced despite changes in external conditions.

Humans have two special receptors, named CB1 and CB2. The brain has the highest CB1 receptors, which interact with THC, causing people to get high. However, CB2 receptors exist in the immune system and nerves and alert the brain for any cell conditions change.

So far, there are conclusions that CBD hemp oil is highly active around CB1 and CB2 receptors. Again, cannabidiol can alter the behavior of these receptors. That’s to say, CBD can promote or prevent the binding of body cannabinoids. It can also delay signal transmission between neurotransmitters, producing a certain physiological effect.

Besides, CBD may prevent the body from absorbing anandamide, which regulates pain. Of course, high concentrations of anandamide in your blood result in pain reduction. What’s more, CBD limits body inflammation, and, in turn, lowers pain and immune dysfunction.

Many people already use CBD oil for pain, making it a viable option for combating severe headaches. Since hemp-derived CBD doesn’t contain THC, you don’t feel high when using CBD oil for migraines.

Research and Studies into using CBD Oil for Migraine

The first research into using CBD oil for migraines took place in 1985. Luckily, the study revealed that CBD and THC’s combination delayed the release of serotonin, which causes migraines.

Recently, scientists stated in the European Journal of Neurology that CBD hemp oil is more effective for treating migraines than regular medications. And the best part is that cannabidiol doesn’t cause severe side effects in most people.

In 2016, 127 migraine patients received CBD and THC combinations; after that, the pain reduced by 55%. In comparison with a group that took the usual antidepressant drug, those with CBD responded positively.

A 2017 study into cannabis and cannabinoids also showed the positive effects of CBD. Here, 26 people who were addicted to pain killers got Ibuprofen and Nabilone for their symptoms. Meanwhile, Nabilone is a regular medicine mixed with artificial cannabinoids, while ibuprofen is a common pain reliever. The researchers administered each medicine for eight weeks and stopped for the next eight weeks.

In the end, the patients that got the cannabinoid medicine experienced more health improvements than the other group.

However, we still need more studies on the use of CBD isolates on migraines. That’s because existing studies is greatly on CBD and THC combinations.

How to Use CBD Oil for Migraine?

The various forms of using CBD oil for pain include tinctures, vaping, topicals, and edibles.

Some beginners may start with CBD tinctures since they don’t come with the risks of vaping. You can place a few drops under your tongue (sublingual) and hold for a few minutes before swallowing. In this method, you will experience its effect in about fifteen to forty minutes.

Vaping CBD oil might be a faster way to get relief if you’re experiencing migraines at home. That’s because you won’t put others at risk if you smoke outside.

Luckily, smoking is the quickest way to get the chemicals to your bloodstream. This delivery speed makes it the best option for those under excruciating pain.

Most people using CBD hemp oil for migraines prefer edibles because they taste great and are easy to use. Again, edibles have higher cannabidiol concentrations, making it easier for you to take higher doses. Though edibles have lower bioavailability, manufacturers store it in fat to enhance its potency.

As expected, CBD topicals are pretty effective for migraines. They come in creams, balms, and gels for you to apply to the affected skin areas. As mentioned above, when you use CBD oil for pain, it interacts with your skin’s cannabinoid receptors for fast-acting.

Currently, there are some confusion regarding regulations for using CBD oil for migraines. Before you buy CBD oil, speak with a physician to know the right dosage. You should also check with specific state laws as well.

Meanwhile, beginner cannabidiol users can start with the smallest dose and gradually increase their intake over time. Of course, this will allow your body to adapt to the supplement and reduce any possible side effects.

Are there any side effects?

Luckily, studies show that CBD hemp oil consumption is almost free of health risks. Of course, this is one reason many see it as a better alternative to prescription pain killers.

Some people might still experience fatigue, stomach upset, appetite changes after using CBD oil for anxiety or pain. Meanwhile, how you take cannabidiol determines the side effect you might experience. For example, smoking is harmful to your lungs and could cause chronic cough, breathing issues, and wheezing. Besides, people with asthma should avoid vaping.

What’s more, the cannabidiol may interact with medications and dietary supplements like antibiotics and blood thinners. Be mindful that CBD interacts with cytochromes P450, an enzyme that controls drug absorption. Here, the simple rule is to avoid drugs that can interact with grapefruit.

The Legality of CBD oil

The only cannabidiol formula approved by FDA is Epidiolex, created for epilepsy treatment. While this drug is quite effective against epilepsy, it still has a few side effects.

A few of these issues, like fatigue, decreased appetite, and diarrhea, are dose-dependent. It means the problem increases if the dose is high.

Despite being approved by some states in the US, cannabis extracts are illegal at the center. Again, CBD is only legal if it’s hemp-derived and with less than 0.3%THC. It’s worth mentioning that stores are not allowed to make claims of what CBD can cure.

However, in 2018, the Legislatures defined hemp and marijuana, creating room for CBD products to thrive. Still, the FDA is against the use of off-counter CBD products. That’s because you may buy products with high THC levels and impurities, which are is unsafe for use.

Here are some tips to help you buy the best CBD oil for migraines.

  • Make sure that CBD content in the bottle is accurately stated.
  • Check whether the product is hemp-derived.
  • Always ensure the hemp is grown in the US, which is regulated by the Agriculture Ministry.
  • Know the extraction method used, preferably, CO2.
  • Check the company’s website for third party laboratory results.

Final Words

Cannabidiol is a natural supplement derived from the hemp plant. The CBD benefits list seems inexhaustible; it’s non-psychoactive and has no side effects if taken properly.

About CBD oil and migraines, several studies have opened our understanding of the painkilling cannabidiol properties. Meanwhile, migraines can cause severe pain, but using CBD oil for migraines may be the perfect alternative to conventional drugs.

However, the cannabidiol industry is still not fully regulated, meaning you should guard yourself against buying the wrong product.

New Apple Phone Release: What We Know so Far

The When…

Since Apple is quite secretive about its releases, details for the upcoming 13th generation of iPhones come from leaks and speculation. Over the years, there have been some reliable sources for leaks. Looking historically at when Apple released its new generation of phones, it would be reasonable to assume that the 13th generation will be announced towards the end of 2021. The new Apple phone release is estimated to be announced sometime in late September. Some industry experts even gave their best guesses, assuming that the next generation of iPhones will be released towards the end of September. As the months go by, more details can be expected in the form of leaks and the form of an event announcement from Apple.

What to Expect

The lack of a mid-cycle refresh may imply a considerable boost in performance and camera quality from the upcoming generation of iPhones. There is a certain degree of debate between experts. Some believe that the next generation will be the refresh and could be the iPhone 12S. Other experts expect an entirely new generation of iPhones. A refresh would imply that Apple would be using the same design but with updated hardware and an updated iOS. A new generation would imply a completely new design that would set it apart from the current generation of iPhones.

A realistic expectation is to see a slight price spike for the next generation of iPhones. The new Apple phone release is estimated to take place following the announcement that the mmWave 5G technology will be implemented across the world. The new 5G technology should make smartphones more expensive. Similar to how the iPhone 12 had a price spike compared to the 11th generation, the same can be expected from the 13th generation of iPhones. At the same time, the 12th generation of iPhones might have a price drop right after the announcement, which will make them a reasonable purchase for the ones who are looking for a good deal, especially if they are long overdue for an upgrade.

In terms of hardware, the upcoming new Apple phone release is wrapped in mystery. The only thing known is that Apple will be using a 120Hz display and a more powerful chipset. Some sources state that the iPhone will be getting an under-display fingerprint sensor, similar to what Samsung introduced for their 10th generation of Galaxy flagship smartphones.

Another leak revolves around cameras. For the new Apple phone release, experts are estimating an upgraded ultra-wide camera with an f/1.8 aperture and a 2.5x optical zoom.


The upcoming generation of iPhones will be arriving with iOS 15. iOS 15 includes several improvements for FaceTime which should allow Android users to join calls. There will be improvements for messages, photo management, maps, a new weather app, and more. More details will surface as the new Apple phone release date approaches.

5 Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix Them

Apple computer issues are on the rise, with the November 2020 macOS update bugs being some of the latest. Back then, many users of older MacBook units ended up with black screens after the macOS Big Sur update. Some also had problems launching and running software.

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It turned out that the issue was on Apple’s end, so the company was soon able to resolve it.

Happy ending, right?

Not really, because many other problems occur in individual MacBook models. How you use your Mac and your personal downloads can all lead to numerous issues.

To that end, we created this guide on the common problems affecting MacBook computers. Read on as we also included a few Mac tips that can help you resolve such woes.

1. Wi-Fi Problems

If you google “why can’t I connect to the App Store?”, you’ll learn that a faulty Wi-Fi connection is a common culprit. In fact, all your apps that need an Internet connection won’t work if your Wi-Fi doesn’t work, either. That includes browsers, online programs, and Apple services, to name a few.

If none of your apps connect to the Internet, see if the same happens to your other devices or Apple products. If so, the problem is most likely with your Wi-Fi router or service provider. Turn your router off, unplug it for 10 seconds, and power it back on to see if this resolves the issue.

If that doesn’t do the trick, contact your Internet service provider, as their system may be down. If the problem only persists with your MacBook, you may have an outdated operating system. You can install the update by using a direct LAN connection to your MacBook.

2. MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Hardware Issues

The butterfly keyboard used in new Macs is 40% thinner than the traditional Mac keyboard. This is one of the primary reasons MacBook computers have become skinnier. Thanks to this keyboard, MacBook keys don’t produce as much noise as other keyboards.

However, this slim keyboard also gave rise to some of the worst MacBook issues. These include non-working keys or keys that create duplicates characters. Apple acknowledges fault for these problems, which is why it issued an apology to users.

As part of its apology, Apple launched a Keyboard Service Program for some MacBook models. If yours qualify, an authorized service center should fix your keyboard for free.

3. Spinning Beachball Keeps Popping Up

The colorful spinning beachball is your MacBook’s way of telling you that it is thinking. It’s normal to appear once in a while, especially if it needs to load memory-intensive apps. The higher the RAM (memory), the fewer times it appears and the shorter it stays on the screen.

What’s no longer normal is if the icon keeps appearing and spinning away for minutes on end.

One possible reason is that you’re forcing your Mac to run more programs than its RAM can handle. This is especially true for older MacBook models with smaller built-in memory of 2 or 4 GB. In this case, you either need to limit the number of active programs or get a new laptop with at least 8 GB RAM.

In the meantime, you can make a non-stop spinning beachball go away with the Force Quit command. Do this by pressing Option + Command + Escape. Choose the active programs you want to close in the list, and then hit the Force Quit button to close them all at once.

If the list doesn’t come up or your MacBook doesn’t do anything at all, you can go with the force shut down method. Hold the power button for a few seconds until you get an audible clicking sound and the screen goes dark. Restart the laptop and make sure you run fewer apps to avoid the spinning beachball of death.

4. Impaired Performance Due to Malware

This may come as a shock, but contrary to popular belief, MacBook computers can also get infected. In fact, some estimates say that MacBook infections rose by 1,100% from 2019 to 2020.

As malware is a program, it can deplete your Mac’s memory. As such, one sign your MacBook has malware is if the beachball shows up even if you don’t have too many apps open.

One way to confirm this is to quit all open programs except your firewall and security services. Then, open Activity Monitor through Launchpad or Spotlight. Click on the Memory tab and go through the list to see if there’s anything unfamiliar or suspicious.

Run a quick google search on the items you think may be harmful before you force quit them. If there’s any information about them being malware, uninstall them right away. If you don’t have an anti-malware program yet, now’s the best time to get one, too.

5. Kernel Panic

When your Mac experiences Kernel Panic, it will restart for no apparent reason. That’s because even the warning message can be vague, just telling you to restart your device.

Most instances of Kernel Panic occur due to a critical error, such as if your RAM or storage gets depleted. It can also be due to outdated plugins, missing patches, or old and incompatible drivers.

The first step is to follow what your Mac tells you, which is to restart your computer. Once it’s back on, uninstall all unessential programs and files, such as those you don’t use or need anymore. Open the App Store to see if there are mandatory updates available, and be sure to install them.

Resolve and Avoid these MacBook Computer Issues

Some MacBook computer issues, such as the faulty butterfly keyboard, are Apple’s doing. However, many of those related to speed and performance are due to low memory or storage. Worse, it can be a result of malware that you may have unintentionally downloaded.

So, as soon as you notice these MacBook problems, be sure to follow our tips on how to fix them.

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest in technology, computer apps, or even travel? Don’t be shy to stay to read our other educational resources and blog posts then!

Learning Enough To Write Your First Book…

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

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The idea of writing a non-fiction book is something that excites a lot of people. I have received so many questions asking if I knew the steps in which readers can become book writers. With the self-publishing options available in today’s world, there has never been a better time to take the plunge and write something about a topic that you love. Of course, though, you can’t go down this route until you have enough knowledge to write as an authority on the subject you choose. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the best ways to gather the information you need to be able to produce a work of non-fiction.

Research & Reading

The internet provides you with an excellent resource when you’re trying to learn about subjects in greater depth. No matter the topic you are interested in, you can find resources on the web that will provide a wealth of information surrounding the work you’re doing. This can come in the form of articles, research papers, and a range of other resources, but you will need to find them for yourself to get the best results. Many people find it fun to read about their chosen topic when they take this approach.

Online Study

Online study has always been a great tool for those who want to learn without having to go back to school, giving you the chance to expand your knowledge on a professional level. Options like an online masters in health administration will give you the chance to write about the medical world without having to have ever worked in it. Options like this can be great for those who don’t want to spend years of their life at school, but you will still need to dedicate yourself to your studies to find success.

Talking To Experts

There are a lot of experts in the world, and the web has made it possible to talk to people like this whenever you want to. Experts will often be happy to provide their knowledge for non-fiction books, as long as you take the time to credit them properly and ensure that they are recognised for their contribution. This option is great for those who are writing about a subject with good general knowledge, but need those with more specific information to help them.

Working In The Field

While getting a job may seem like a dramatic way to learn, there are few better ways to develop an insight into a topic than working in a field that surrounds it. If you already have a good range of knowledge, it should be nice and easy to find a role that will enable you to expand it, and you can use this to write the entirety of your book.

You don’t need to know everything about a subject to be able to write about it, but it can certainly help you along the way if you have the information you need to make a good start. As time goes on, you will find more and more ways to improve your knowledge, and the methods in this article should make this process much easier.

Ins Followers App-Gain More Instagram Followers and Likes Instantly

word image

Ins followers app, created by GetInsFollowers Team, is an application intended for mechanical clients to get genuine Instagram followers on your Instagram account for free. As well as expanding followers, you can likewise get Instagram likes on existing posts rapidly and naturally. The free application is 100% safe and there are the same applications to purchase Instagram followers and preferences, the common sense of this application is extremely direct, permitting anybody to utilize it so you can rapidly get Instagram preferences and followers. The stage works with a straightforward procedure where your obligation is to cherish and follow the profile of others and you will commonly get preferences and followers on your profile.

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What would it be a good idea for us to have to think about this application?

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  • To get coins, you initially need to follow others, and really at that time will you get followers. Second, you can’t see who has unfollowed you, separately.