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Back to Broadway: A Nostalgic Journey with ‘Back to the Future- Our December Show

Great Scott! The iconic DeLorean is revving up its engines once again, this time not for a cinematic adventure, but for a dazzling journey on Broadway. “Back to the Future: The Musical” has landed on the famed New York stage, bringing with it a time-traveling spectacle that has fans both old and new buzzing with excitement. We have a group of Orchestra tickets on December 5th at 7 for $130. EMAIL ME to save your spot.

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The musical adaptation faithfully captures the spirit of the original film while adding a musical dimension that elevates the entire experience. Fans can expect to hear familiar tunes like “The Power of Love” and “Johnny B. Goode,” but with a Broadway twist that transforms these classics into show-stopping numbers. The infectious energy of the performances, coupled with the electrifying set design, transports the audience back in time, creating an immersive experience that pays homage to the film’s legacy.

One of the highlights of “Back to the Future: The Musical” is undoubtedly the recreation of the iconic time-traveling DeLorean. The stage adaptation ingeniously brings the DeLorean to life, complete with dazzling special effects that capture the awe-inspiring moment when it takes flight. It’s a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the production team, who have managed to capture the essence of the film’s most memorable elements while adding a theatrical flair.

As the curtain rises on “Back to the Future: The Musical,” audiences find themselves on a time-traveling adventure filled with laughter, music, and a healthy dose of nostalgia. It’s a celebration of a classic film that has left an indelible mark on popular culture, and now, it’s taking center stage in the heart of Broadway.

5 Small Cosmetic Items That Can Boost Your Confidence

Are you feeling stressed or down and looking for some small cosmetic items to boost your confidence? This article will look at five minor items you could treat yourself to on a budget. Try these small steps towards well-being and self-confidence today.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can include minor items like teeth whitening or dental cleanings. Dental clinics like Sage Dental can help you to enhance your smile and your inner confidence with some minor teeth treatments. Treat yourself to a whiter or cleaner smile with a very small investment in an appointment and treatment. Even a simple dental check-up can do wonders for your self-esteem.

A Facial 

A facial is a spa treatment that can help nourish and enhance your skin. You can treat yourself to a one-off facial, or even buy products directly from a retailer like Elemis for a product that you can use time and time again. After a facial, you may even be offered a discount on subsequent products or services. Facials help to cleanse your pores, nourish your skin, and even remove dead skin cells through the use of an exfoliator.

Manicure Or Pedicure

A manicure or pedicure is a great way to get beautiful nails. You can get them done by a professional, or invest in a home kit that you can do yourself. Whether you purchase your own nail varnishes, hand cream, or moisturizers, when you treat yourself to a home pedicure or manicure you inevitably save money over getting one done by a professional. You could even invest in a foot spa to do your own full mani-pedi homecare routine.


While not technically a cosmetic procedure, working out is a great investment in getting the body you want without investing in any treatments. To get the body you want, consider using apps like MyFitnessPal, or Strava to start tracking your journey to wellness. Regular exercise helps to release endorphins and other chemicals that help you to feel good. This can be longer-lasting than investing in a cosmetic treatment.

Invest In Red Lips Or Smokey Eyes

Red lips can make you feel confident and powerful. Invest in red lipstick or gloss for a bold look that will make you feel good. Consider purchasing a firm favorite for an iconic look like Rouge Dior Refillable Lipstick for a stunning look that you can use and refill. You could also pair your red lips with smokey eyes for a bold look that can make your eyes pop. Makeup is a great temporary cosmetic way to boost confidence and self-esteem. 


You don’t need to invest a lot to feel good. Consider treating yourself to a facial, manicure, or pedicure, or investing in products that you can use at home to treat yourself. For a longer-term cosmetic enhancement consider planning some workouts and track them on a fitness app to document your path to wellness. Finally, use makeup as a quick pick-me-up, particularly with bold statement items like red lips or smokey eyes.

Taking You Into “The Fashion Department”

One of my favorite podcasts is The Fashion Department with Stylist Tina Broccole. Tina’s podcast promises to explore the world of fashion and how it informs all aspects of life from dress to lifestyle to food and to travel. I have been a guest on the podcast 2 times and love working with Tina. I was able to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her background in fashion and her show. You can listen to The Fashion Department by clicking HERE.

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Tell us about your background in fashion?

I worked as a mens/women stylist, window dresser, and retail merchandiser for an upscale department store for 9 years. I started free lancing in my spare time and that grew into a personal styling business. 

What prompted you to start your podcast?

I had a successful radio show for 12 years that was hyper-local to Greenwich CT. The transition to podcasting was a natural evolution of the radio show allowing me to extend my reach to a much wider audience   

What is the primary focus of the episodes?

The primary focus of each episode ranges from style trends to the business of fashion.

How do you find guests?

Guests are usually from a network of fashion industry friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Do you have any ice breaker questions for your guests to kick off the conversation?

I usually discuss show topics with my guests beforehand that way they are prepared and ready to jump right into the show

How do you come up with the questions for your guest?

Part of my pre-taping process is researching and talking to each guest to learn about them and share with my listeners 

How much research do you do to familiarize yourself prior to the interview?

A bit of research is done for each guest but most of the time I will have conversations prior to taping as it will shape the questions and topics we discuss 

How would you describe your podcast in 3 words?

Informative, Fun, Savvy

Did you have one particular guest that you found the most interesting?  Surprising?

The most interesting guests are those who give us insight into their professional world, they are great storytellers and love to share their passions with me

Whats the best thing about hosting a podcast?

The best thing about hosting a podcast is connecting + sharing. I get to connect with incredibly talented people and then share that with my listeners. 

How does your pod cast help your business?

Podcasting is just part of my business in addition to styling as it is a stream of revenue that supports my brand. It allows people to listen, watch, read, or shop under one umbrella which is

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a podcast?

My advice is to think about what you want to share, and what excites you, and then just start. It doesn’t have to be perfect, the beautiful thing about starting something new is you will learn and grow as you gain experience. You will get better each time, and you will be able to hear your progress as time goes on. 

5 Tips for Remodeling Your Fur Coat

I recently sat down with Richard Fabrizo of Fabrizo Furs to ask about remodeling some hand-me-down furs from my mother. Richard is an expert with over 40 years of experience in the fur business. He will take your outdated fur and give it a professional makeover so you will want to wear it all the time.  He can design a stunning vest, a cozy poncho, or a casual zippered cardigan from the fur you are not wearing. For more information on remodeling your own coat, email Richard directly! Below is a fur vest that was remodeled from one of our lovely reader’s grandmother’s mink coats.

Screenshot 2023 09 26 at 4.59.51 AM 2
    Screenshot 2023 09 26 at 5.00.12 AM 1

    Here are a few questions we asked about the process:

    Can an old fur coat be refurbished?

    In most cases, an older fur coat be remodeled, reworked, restyled, recycled, refurbished, altered, and repaired depending on its condition. We carefully examine the coat before we undertake any work to make sure it’s a candidate for whatever project we are planning. The leather or hide side of any fur is the most important factor. If we find the leather to be too dry and brittle no work can be done. In many cases, the hair side can look to be in excellent shape but if the leather is not pliable we can not proceed.

    How do you refresh a fur coat?

    Refreshing a coat usually refers to some sort of cleaning process. Fur coats are cleaned in a large vat with cleaning chemicals and a product similar to sawdust. The sawdust absorbs the fluids and tumbles around a circular drum removing all forms of soil. The coat is then transferred to another drum with wire mesh. As the coat tumbles the sawdust drops to the bottom of the wire mesh cage. After the coat is cleaned and removed from the drum the hair side is steamed with an iron with a glazing product that makes it silky and soft. These steps are done yearly to keep any fur coat in excellent shape, both the hair and leather side.

    What makes a fur coat valuable?

      What actually determines the value of fur is the consumer. It has always been an issue of supply and demand. Most fur skins are purchased at international auctions. Prices are always influenced by fashion trends. Prices are lower in today’s market as fur coats are not as popular in the US and other areas. The markets in Asia are booming? In the US recycling is the current way of thinking for most women of all ages. Remodeling your own, mother’s or grandmother’s old fur is a way of practicing sustainability. 

      What is the most popular redesign?

      Today the most popular redesigns are shorter ( long fur coats are no longer desired) and more casual styles. Vests, bomber jackets, denim jackets lined with fur, reversible coats, etc. We also do many wool or cashmere styles that can be trimmed with your old fur. Also popular are small shrugs, boleros, and more dressy styles that can be worn with a cocktail dress or jeans depending upon the accessories being worn. It normally takes between 3 to 4 weeks to complete most redesigns. Some are very basic and some are more detailed. Samples are usually available for one to see, or photos and sketches are provided. There are times when we first fit a canvas sample (muslin) based on measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

      Can all coats be remodeled?

        Normally fur can only be totally remodeled once. We will advise and guide you on what is the best use of your old coat. Sometimes one can get two or even three styles from one big coat! The options are endless…even blankets, throws, and pillows are doable.

        How to Start Seeing the Fitness Results You Want

        Did you know that the time you spend in the gym isn’t as important as the time you spend out of the gym? Let’s say you head to the gym and you manage to burn around 500  calories. This is great, but if you then go for a spiced pumpkin latte on the way home and this comes to 510 calories, this will make it difficult for you to get the results you are looking for. If you want to start counting and tracking your calories more then one thing you can do is look into apps such as MyFitnessPal. This is a fantastic way for you to get the results you want and it also makes you more aware of the calories you are eating. Want some more tips? Keep on reading.

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        Lift Weights

        A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they want to lose weight, then they need to lift weights. This isn’t true at all. You will never be able to get the results you want if you don’t vary your routine. With weightlifting, you will soon find that you end up building muscle, elevating your metabolism and even burn body fat. This is all great and you would be surprised at what a difference it could make to your routine, but only if you combine it with other workout methods. 

        Choose Effective Workouts

        Another thing you need to do is be effective with your workouts. Choosing the right exercises will help you to get faster results when you hit the gym. Choosing compound exercises, such as step-ups, bicep curls and even calf raises will also help here. You can then add exercises to speed up results, but either way, as long as you focus on working those major muscle groups, you should see a huge improvement.

        Workout Density

        Another way for you to start seeing bigger and better results would be for you to increase your workout density. Your density is how much you are doing in a particular amount of time. You may be doing 10 sets of 10 reps with a squat at 100lbs, in half an hour. That being said, if you want to amp up the intensity then one thing you can do is the same but in 20 minutes. This is a fantastic way for you to elevate your performance and it means you can get way better results in a shorter time frame.

        Take A Supplement
        Another thing you can do if you want to speed up your workout routine would be for you to take a supplement. If you haven’t done so already then explore the idea of taking protein powder or even workout smoothies. MK 677 is also a great option if you have yet to explore it. Of course, when the time comes for you to work out, you do need to make sure that you are taking your supplement ahead of time. You may also need to take it after the gym, depending on the results you are going for. If you can do this then you are bound to see a huge improvement in your fitness.

        6 Ideas To Help Update Your Bathroom

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        Everyone loves a fresh start. And where better to begin than the room we all start and end our day in – the bathroom? Our bathrooms play an essential part in our daily routines. From the first splash of water on our faces in the morning to the relaxing baths at night, this room is an oasis of calm and rejuvenation. Yet, over time, bathrooms can show signs of wear and tear, making them feel dated or tired. 

        However, reviving the look of your bathroom doesn’t always mean tearing it all down and starting from scratch. While some homeowners prefer entire renovations, small changes can have a big impact. Besides, in some cities, like Traverse City, Michigan, home remodeling costs can reach as high as $50,000. 

        Let’s dive into some simple yet effective ideas to make your bathroom look as good as new.

        1. Update Fixtures and Hardware

        Let’s talk about the small details in our bathroom – the faucets, the showerheads, the cabinet handles. They might seem insignificant, but these little fixtures can make a big difference in how modern or dated our bathroom feels.

        If you’ve been using the same old fixtures for years, it might be time for a change. Start with the faucets. Modern faucets are sleek and elegant, and they often come with added benefits. Some are designed to save water, while others have easy-to-use handles, especially helpful for people with mobility issues.

        Next, consider the showerhead. Have you ever thought about upgrading to a rainfall showerhead? Or perhaps one with different spray settings? It’s a small change, but it can make your morning shower feel like a luxurious spa experience.

        Last but not least, take a look at your cabinet handles and pulls. Are they old-fashioned? Rusty, perhaps? Switching them out is super easy. Just unscrew the old ones and pop on the new ones. Choose a modern design, and you’ll be surprised at how this tiny detail can freshen up the entire look.

        While some of these changes might seem simple, they often require more expertise than meets the eye. For instance, installing a new faucet might involve understanding plumbing connections, ensuring there are no leaks, and setting it up for optimal water pressure. Similarly, updating a showerhead might require knowledge of your home’s water system. Also, given the bathroom remodeling cost, it’s best to let the experts tackle this task. For instance, bathroom remodels in Traverse City typically range from $8,700 – $12,700, but this might vary depending on what you’re getting done and who you’re hiring. 

        So, let professional bathroom remodelers carry out these tasks since they possess the expertise and experience to ensure these updates are done correctly, efficiently, and safely.

        1. Regrout and Clean Tiles

        Over time, the grout between those tiles can get stained, cracked, or even moldy. And guess what? That old, discolored grout can make the whole room feel older than it really is. So, what can you do?

        Regrouting is the answer. Think of it like giving your bathroom a mini facial. Regrouting involves removing the old grout and replacing it with new, fresh grout. It’s a bit of elbow grease, sure, but it’s totally worth it. Just imagine your tiles looking crisp and clean, surrounded by bright, new grout. It’s like a mini makeover for your floor and walls.

        But that’s not all. Sometimes, our tiles can lose their sparkle too. Over the years, tiles can collect soap scum, water spots, or even just general dirt. Thorough cleaning can work wonders. There are various tile cleaners available at your local store. Pick one, and follow the instructions. Remember to scrub gently, though. You don’t want to scratch your tiles. 

        1. Repaint with Modern Colors

        With just a few strokes, you can transform your bathroom’s mood and feel. If your walls have seen better days, or if the color feels outdated, then repainting is the way to go.

        Now, when choosing a color, keep the mood you want to set in mind. Do you want a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere? Go for soft, muted tones like light blues or greens. Are you looking for something vibrant and energetic? Maybe a cheerful yellow or a soft coral is up your alley.

        Remember, it’s essential to pick a moisture-resistant paint. Bathrooms get steamy, and you don’t want your beautiful new paint job to start peeling after a couple of hot showers.

        1. Enhance Lighting

        When you think about it, lighting plays a big role in how we feel about a space. A dimly lit bathroom can feel small and cramped, while a well-lit one can seem spacious and inviting. If your bathroom lighting hasn’t had an update in a while, now might be the time.

        The first place to start is with the main light source. Maybe it’s a ceiling lamp or a series of lights above the mirror. Ask yourself, does it provide enough light? If not, consider getting a brighter bulb or adding light fixtures.

        Now, think about where you need focused light. For many, that’s right above the mirror, where you shave, put on makeup, or style your hair. LED strips are a popular choice here. They’re bright and energy-efficient, and they cast a clean light that’s great for these tasks.

        A fun idea could be to add a small, soft light for nighttime. Imagine a soft glow for those midnight trips to the bathroom. It’s easier on the eyes than flipping on the main light.

        1. Incorporate Smart Bathroom Tech

        The world is getting smarter, and our homes are no exception. The bathroom, believe it or not, can benefit from a little tech upgrade, too.

        Let’s start with digital faucets. These faucets control water flow and temperature with precision. Some even come with touchless features, where you wave your hand to turn them on or off. Not only is it cool and futuristic, but it’s also a great way to save water and stay germ-free.

        Lastly, think about the toilet. It’s not the most glamorous part of the bathroom, but it’s essential. There are now water-saving toilets that use less water per flush. Some even come with heated seats or built-in bidets. It’s all about comfort and efficiency.

        1. Add Storage and Declutter

        Storage might sound boring, but it’s a game-changer. A clutter-free bathroom feels cleaner, larger, and more organized. And the best way to keep things tidy? Smart storage solutions.

        First, look around. Are there items on the countertop that don’t need to be there? Start by finding them a home, maybe in a drawer or on a shelf.

        Speaking of shelves, if you don’t have any, consider adding some. Floating shelves are a popular choice. They look modern, save floor space, and provide a place for all your bits and bobs.

        Another idea is wall-mounted racks. These are great for towels, bathrobes, or even magazines. They keep things off the floor and give the room a neat, organized feel.

        And if you’ve got stuff that you don’t use every day, think about getting some baskets or bins. They can be tucked under the sink or in a cupboard, out of sight but easy to access.


        Your bathroom is more than just a functional space. It’s a place of relaxation, self-care, and fresh starts. Making it feel new doesn’t have to break the bank or take months of work. Sometimes, it’s the simple touches, like new lights, smart tech, or decluttering, that make all the difference. Remember, your bathroom is your space. Make it feel like the fresh, rejuvenating oasis you deserve