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Benefits of ordering food online

Most people prefer the ease of ordering ready-made food online instead of cooking or baking it themselves. Although this may save time and provide convenience, there are several disadvantages to consider before it becomes a habit. Eating fresh food can be more advantageous to your health than processed foods, especially if you choose organic.

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By planning meals ahead of time or meal prepping, you can create a weekly menu using grocery lists, starting from groceries to spices. Meal prepping is when you make multiple servings at once in bulk to eat throughout the week. That ensures that your family will have access to healthier foods without having to prepare them daily. In addition, buying in reduces costs and avoids waste, since nothing goes to waste. Here are five benefits of ordering fresh food online.

Better prices than your local grocery store

Many online food service providers offer discounts and free delivery with minimum purchase requirements. In contrast, your neighborhood grocery store prices may not be as competitively priced (especially if you live in a food desert with limited options). It is always worth checking multiple stores for price comparisons before deciding where to buy groceries from. Plus, shopping online  gives you more time to compare prices and weigh the pros and cons of buying certain goods to save money.

Ordering from a variety of stores

Many physical grocery stores do not offer delivery services, and many of the stores whose services are available may have limited options. However, most online service providers offer delivery from a variety of stores. In addition to that, you can order your groceries online from any store that does deliveries. Some food items you might want to consider buying at specific specialty shops instead of your local grocery store if they are more easily accessible via an online shop. For instance, it is easier and cheaper to get fresh seafood online than in person at the store in some areas. Besides, ordering fresh food online  allows you to find a broader range of items by offering more options. There are numerous websites where shopping for groceries online becomes easy.

Fresher Food

People who live in big states or cities know that their supermarkets hardly stock full shelves with fresh produce. Instead, they stock barren shelves with just enough for each person to buy 1 or 2 items before. The same goes for people who work long hours or travel often. It is also hard to find time to shop for groceries and pick out fresh veggies. Fortunately, by ordering your products online from reputable sellers such as the no frills flyer store, you get the freshest food possible delivered right to your home without leaving any comforts behind that enable you to buy food online. Further, you can better spend that time at home or on other more meaningful activities than spending time in the supermarket. Rather than trekking out into the store, spending hours finding what you need, and standing in line waiting to check out, order your groceries online.

After knowing the benefits of ordering fresh food online, it’s easy to see how this service can offer several options and opportunities for busy people and those who do not want their schedules interrupted by something as simple as grocery shopping! There is no reason not to try ordering fruits and vegetables online.

Home Goods Round-Up

Here is your long overdue Home Goods Re-cap. I am trying to avoid Home Goods because I end up with a cart full of stuff and you know what I really really do not need one more thing. I honestly cannot help myself. FINALLY, FINALLY after almost a year, our Port Chester Home Goods is getting good again. I went today and it was full of tons of great stuff. I can only hope that it continues to get better and better. Here are my favs from today!! Bon Weekend!!!

I love these Suzani pillows.

IMG 1775

How beautiful are these jewelry boxes?….

IMG 1777 1

With everyone working from home over the past year, I was always looking for a good side table that would fit a laptop and still look nice…

IMG 1773

I have a set of these nesting tables in my mudroom but I like the top on this set even better!!!

IMG 1774

How gorgeous are these great for a table setting for a party…

IMG 1771

There was a good selection of Spode for Thanksgiving. I love this pattern.

IMG 1769

The blue and white selection of urns was one of the prettiest I have seen there so far!!

IMG 1776

I was dying over this console. I would have brought it home for my family room but the measurements were wrong..someone RUN and grab this!!!

IMG 1772 1

Such a great piece for a shelf or table centerpiece

IMG 1770

These hobnail decorative bowls would be perfect filled to the top with candy corn!!!!!

IMG 1763 1

These black and gold bamboo tall lamps with the woven shades were perfection…and only $30 each!!!

IMG 1789

Such a pretty glam desk..marble top, bling handles and gold legs!!!!!

IMG 1785 1

Something about this mirror just stopped me in my tracks!!!

IMG 1784 1

I just cannot handle how cool these hanging containers are..but I did not have any vision for them at all so sadly I left them behind but someone please buy them and show me what you do with them…

IMG 1793 1

This artificial fern was probably the most realistic faux I have come across…however, I would paint the pot a matte black..

IMG 1782

Love this lacquer navy table….also the green lamps are fab too

IMG 1791

And how lucky to find matching end tables..

IMG 1792

It’s still there but now on sale..I featured this artwork in one of my other re-caps..still love it!!!!!

IMG 1788

And do not forget….only 92 days away!!!

IMG 1780

September Fall Finds

I have a great round-up of September fall finds just in time for the 1st day of Fall. I added a few dresses, both casual and a couple of styles perfect for weddings. It seems like everyone I know has a wedding coming up!! There are some great staples as well. Drop me an email to let me know if there is something you would like to see in the next set of “finds”.

1 5 1
  1. A logo belt is always a fun look to add to black pants or jeans. This refurbished one from Etsy is very reasonable.
  2. The Scoop collection for Walmart has some really great pieces. This maxi dress is really pretty in person.
  3. This sweater will become a closet table for the fall and winter months. I love the shape and you can dress it down with jeans or up with leather pants!
  4. I have ordered so much from Sail To Sable in the past year. I really like their styles and this printed blouse is so pretty and a favorite for Fall.
  5. This cardigan was a best seller when I posted it last week. And the price point is great too.
  6. I love the shape of this dress. It would look great with the cardigan in #5. I might pair it with some cute flats or a kitten heel for a less edgy look than the motorcycle boots pictured. It would also look great with some trendy sneakers.
  7. I also love the shape of this J McLaughlin Dress. Very timeless and I can see it also dressed up for a night out or wedding.
  8. I just ordered a few of these for my patio to sit out on fall nights around my firepit. They are so comfortable and look really nice in person.
  9. Someone posted this dress as the perfect look for a wedding guest and I have to agree.
  10. This Chloe tote was another readers’ favorite. Love the charcoal wool!
  11. Sweater jackets are so big this year. Love the color of this one from J Crew.
  12. A great black cardigan staple.
  13. Here is the color bag in a wool stripe. I love this so much.
  14. I just bought this dress for my daughter to wear to a family wedding. It is stunning in person!
  15. These Gucci sneakers are a splurge but they are so perfect in person and might be your go- to shoe for all outfits! Plus the metallic pink color is such a winner.

3 Tips for Taking a Beach Vacation You Will Remember Forever

For many people, nothing beats a beach vacation. The sun, surf, cool oceans breezes, and breathtaking views are enough to entertain even the most curmudgeonly of folks. Here are three ways that everyone can have fun.

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 6.48.56 AM
Image Pixabay

Research the Location

Not everyone can afford to jet-set across the Atlantic Ocean and settle into a secluded villa on the southern coast of France. However, that does not mean that you can’t have an equally amazing time somewhere else. Most folks realize the people you spend the time with are what is important.

There are plenty of places in the United States to enjoy, especially if you end up renting beach houses in North Carolina. Tourists from around the country consider the Outer Banks an exciting or mellow destination, depending on their desires. Either way, there is fun for everyone.

Some places only rent to family groups to prevent massive parties, so it is a good idea to check the situation before booking a place.

Keep an Eye on the Elements

Weather, especially on the coasts, can be quite unpredictable. Sunshine could bless you one day when the next day will bring torrential rains and hurricanes. Just because you think something might not happen to you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared. Water is one of the most crucial elements to keep on hand. Saltwater from the ocean won’t cut it.

You need fresh, bottled H20 that you can drink and wash with. Non-perishable foods in the form of cans won’t hurt either. You never know how many days you might be stranded. It is possible that someone will get injured at some point, so you should definitely keep at least a rudimentary first aid kit on hand as well as someone who knows CPR. Organizations such as the Red Cross can certify you.

Make Memories

When you go on vacation, there are plenty of things to do. Many tourist attractions offer plenty of food to eat, especially seafood by the coast. For kids, there are a lot of games such as mini-golf, arcades or mellow rides. Parents are often allowed to ride within them. If you have a fire pit, gather all the supplies to make s’mores, and then cap off the evening telling scary stories that will keep everyone up at night. Don’t take turns doing this. Most groups only have one or two people with a knack for exceptional storytelling.

Although it is a great idea to live in the moment, you still want to take time to capture some moments for prosperity. You will want to look back on those photographs with your vacation mates and reminisce about the good old times.

Let’s Go To Greenwich Polo…September 26th…

Have you been to Greenwich Polo yet? It’s such a fun afternoon, just like Pretty Woman but even better. Let’s go together Sunday, September 26th. We will sit in the VIP tent and watch the match. The Gates open at 1 and the match starts at 3. As a VIP you will have access to premium VIP seating and VIP parking. There is a premium bar, food trucks, catering boxes, music, AND A MEET AND GREET with the players. Tickets are $75 for the day. Email me for the link to purchase your tickets to be part of this special NS Lifestyles event.

Nestled in the beautiful backcountry of Connecticut, Greenwich Polo Club was established in 1981 and is recognized as one of the elite high-goal polo venues in the world. Known for its unmatched roster of legendary teams, professional players, and champion equine athletes, fondly known as polo ponies. Distinguished families, young entrepreneurs, artists, and well-known personalities are all part of the international dynamic which makes  Greenwich Polo Club so unique.
Polo has been played for thousands of years and the modern game is an exhilarating thrill ride bringing out the best of man (or woman) and horse. Each match showcases eight players galloping on horseback across a 300-yard field at speeds of up to 35MPH.
The club is home to the legendary White Birch polo team, one of the most successful in history, having won the most high-goal polo tournaments of any team over the course of the past 25 years, including the US Open Polo Championship in 2005. Some of the world’s best players have played at Greenwich Polo Club, including Mariano Aguerre, Facundo Pieres, Hilario Ulloa, Nacho Figueras and many others. Each Spring these players descend on Greenwich with their strings of champion horses to compete for one of polo’s most prestigious cups.
Each Sunday match is attended by more than 2,000 spectators flocking from New York City, Fairfield and Westchester counties, to witness the highest caliber of polo while enjoying an afternoon with friends and family. Greenwich Polo Club has also hosted many dignitaries and celebrities and in 2013 Prince Harry chose Greenwich Polo Club to host the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup. The prestigious match raised funds for the Sentebale charity founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in memory of their mothers to raise funds for Lesotho’s most vulnerable children.
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grand stand pub
polo instagram
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Dental Implants: What You Might Not Have Known About Them

At some point in your life, you may consider looking into having dental implants. It may be due to damage to a tooth, or even a lack of tooth, or it could be just to help improve your smile. Whatever the reason is, it’s important you know as much about them as possible.

Screen Shot 2021 09 13 at 9.17.03 PM

Implants Don’t Decay 

One of the bigger benefits associated with dental implants is that they don’t actually decay like your normal teeth. That means that it’s impossible for that tooth to get a cavity and other such tooth afflictions like you usually could. 

With that said, you should still aim for good oral health, such as brushing your teeth and flossing to keep food particles and other bacteria away from the gums to help keep them healthy. One of the main issues facing implants comes in the form of bleeding gums and gum disease, so be alert and stay healthy; your dentist will advise more.

Dental Implants Are Essentially Artificial Tooth Roots

Many people assume that dental implants are no different from a traditional dental crown when looking into dental care. However, what you may not know, is that there is a lot more to them. For example, did you know that there are three main parts of a dental implant?

They include the post, connector and overlying crown. This post will be the first part that gets placed into the mouth. It will usually be made out of titanium and be fused with the surrounding bone of the jaw to help become a permanent fixture.

The implant’s post will then act almost like an artificial tooth root which helps to stimulate the jaw bone to stop the body from resorbing the bone, which is usually what it does when a tooth is missing. The jaw will be strengthened from this and help the patient keep their facial structures.

Screen Shot 2021 09 13 at 9.18.33 PM

The connector comes after it and is attached to the post, which is now formed onto the jaw. Its primary purpose is to be attached to be sandwiched between the post and the dental crown, to keep everything in place and act as a shock absorber when eating. The crown itself will be attached once healing has taken place and will help complete the look and improve your smile.

It would help if you worked with a dentist that understands the procedure inside and out, allowing you to get the best surgery possible. Consider dental implants in Brisbane with Pure Dentistry, experts within their field, a consultation with them will help explain the procedure. They will communicate effectively with you to get the proper care and attention that you need.

You Are Never Too Old To Get Them

There are no age restrictions associated with getting a dental implant. That means as long as your oral health is up to scratch, it will be open to being looked at. Even in your 90s, you will be able to be considered for an implant. 

Most people will look into dental implants between the ages of 30 and 50, but everyone will consider different and unique positions. It is always worth seeking a consultation to find what options are available to you.