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Weekly Finds……The Mother’s Day Edition!

Mother’s Day is just a week away and it is time to treat yourself!!! Here are some of our weekly finds. I think they are all so good. The Elemis cleansing balm is a must-try. Trust will love it. And the Clarins Depuffing Mask is an all-time favorite…I love the monogram totes and travel bags for graduation gifts and there are a bunch of cute tops to wear with white jeans!!!!

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Get Ready to Feel Refreshed: 6 Benefits of Visiting a Day Spa

There are many benefits to visiting a day spa. People can relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Day spas often offer a variety of services such as massages, facials, hair services, and more. Some people believe that day spas are more beneficial than traditional salons because they provide more individualized treatments. Here are the most popular benefits of visiting day spas.

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Reduce stress

Spas offer a variety of services that can help you reduce stress and tension. Some of the features offered include massage, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy. Massage is one of the most popular services because it helps to improve circulation and reduce stress. Hydrotherapy uses water to help improve circulation and relieve pain. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote relaxation and relieve stress.

Relax muscle

Massage therapies have been used for centuries to help relax the body. Today, you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy at a day spa. Day spas offer a variety of massages, each with its own unique set of benefits. Swedish massage, for example, is a popular choice that uses long strokes to help relieve tension and stress. Other massages, such as deep tissue massage and hot stone massage, are designed to target specific areas of tension in the body.

Benefits of massage therapy include relief from tension headaches, improved circulation, and reduced stress levels. Massage also helps to loosen tight muscles and improve flexibility. In addition, massage can promote relaxation and peace of mind, which can be especially beneficial for those who lead stressful lives.

Improve circulation

Massage therapy which is offered in most of the spas has many benefits, including improving circulation. Improved circulation can help improve your overall health by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and organs. This can help keep you healthy and functioning at your best. Additionally, massage therapy can help relieve tension and stress, which can also improve your overall health.

Detoxify the body 

Detox baths are spa treatments that can help remove toxins from your body. The baths use ingredients like Epsom salts and baking soda, which help to open up your pores and draw out the toxins. The baths can also help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Improve skin health

Spa treatments are a great way to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Facials, in particular, can help cleanse and exfoliate your skin, removing any impurities and leaving you with a radiant complexion. Additionally, facials can help improve circulation and promote collagen production, leading to firmer and more youthful-looking skin. 

Good for your nail health

Nail health is an important part of overall health, and regular spa treatments can help improve the condition of your nails. Manicures and pedicures can help remove dead skin cells and debris from around the nail plate, as well as soften cuticles and stimulate blood circulation. This can help keep nails healthy and strong, and can also help reduce the risk of infection.


In conclusion, a day spa can provide a variety of health and wellness benefits. If you are looking for a way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, consider scheduling a visit to a day spa.

This Week’s Favorites!!!

I am so excited to share with you this week’s favorite items. There are so many great things in all price points. The black target slides were uber popular this month. And of couse the dresses are always popular. My favorite has to be the gold and pink statment earrings..perfect for mother’s day!!!! Bon Weekend!!!

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My blog sponsor Cathy DeMartino wrote a fabulous article about retirement for women. As always, her financial advice is so refreshing and informative. Also, she is holding an amazing Facial and Fiance Evening this Thursday at Rye Grill and Bar. If you are local come by to meet Cathy and get your complimentary facial with the fabulous Park Ave Medical Spa. Remember to RSVP HERE.

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IMG 2233

The number of men and women in the United States appears to be equal, however, women are living much longer than their male counterparts. By age 65, we outnumber men by two to one. Considering we have varied roles throughout our lives: partner, mother, employee, business owner etc. and those paths frequently can change, we need to take charge of our own retirement planning.

Here are three myths women face:


Once the kids have moved out and you are ready to wind down your careers, you finally have time to rediscover your relationship with your significant other. In reality, many people struggle with this adjustment as they enter retirement. The proverbial “Honey-Do List” may become Honey, please do something on your ownCommunication and planning are key to overcoming relationship challenges in retirement. We often come across people who put more time into planning a two-week vacation than they do planning for thirty-years in retirement.


Women are living longer than men, so the changes of us outliving our savings is much higher. As of 2020, the average life expectancy is 77.3 for men and 82 for women. Our retirement planning needs to have a longer time horizon than just twenty years. Depending on your age at retirement, you may spend thirty years or more in this phase of your life. Adequate coverage for Long Term Care is a major concern that I hear every day from female clients. The average cost of nursing home care in New York is approximately $125,000 per year and considering Medicare will not pay for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) which make up the largest portion of LTC expenses this is something that should be part of any woman’s well-rounded retirement plan. 


Even if you have your own retirement benefits, it is critical to understand what assets are available to you as the beneficiary of your spouse’s retirement and pension plans. Women on average earn $0.82 for every $1 earned by men, which generates a significant lifetime income gap. According to Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement women retirees tend to receive only half of the average pension benefits that men receive. Women are already at a savings disadvantage, and if you never worked, you may be even more dependent upon your spouse’s retirement plan. It is essential to review your spouse’s policies carefully and plan for missing income gaps. 

Cathy DeMartino is a Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. Strategies for Wealth is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian.   2022-136703  Exp. 4/2022 

Overcome Spiritual Depression: Top 4 Tips That Actually Work

Spiritual depression refers to loss of joy and spiritual vitality. It is also known as “The Dark Night Of The Soul”. It happens when your life seems meaningless. Also, you may struggle to seek comfort around you.

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Image Pixabay

Some of the signs of spiritual depression include:

  • Loss of joy in worship
  • Questioning your faith
  • Negative thinking about god
  • Losing interest in your regular church activities, etc.

These signs can also create problems in your personal life. Unable to share struggles with your partner or believing that they won’t understand can add to your frustration. Spiritual depression also makes people feel disconnected or cut off from god.

Surprisingly, you can work to overcome spiritual depression even when you aren’t sure about the cause. This article will discuss some of the ways you can combat spiritual depression. So, let’s get started:

  1. Read Good Books

If you are dealing with spiritual depression, then inspirational Christian books can be your best friend. These books can help you realize that you are not the only one dealing with spiritual depression.

You can buy “Jesus Talked To Me Today”, in which the author James Stuart Bell shares 40 inspiring true stories on how God helps his children. Also, you will learn about people who heard Jesus speak, encountered angels, and experienced the divine.

So, the more books you read, the better. You will gain information for your ignorance, inspiration for your weariness, and insight into complex problems. Also, reading good books can grow your knowledge of God, yourself, and the world around you.

2. Seek Help

Depression and anxiety are not a joke. It can have a serious impact on overall well-being. However, one of the best ways to overcome spiritual depression is to seek help from a therapist.

A therapist can offer guidance and support with:

  • Identifying causes of depression
  • Exploring potential treatments
  • Uncovering links between spiritual beliefs and depression

Many therapists are Christians and they specialize in faith-based counseling. However, those who don’t practice faith-based counseling can help explore religious and spiritual issues alongside depression. So, find an experienced therapist who supports your beliefs.

3. Meditate Regularly

Meditation has the potential to expand awareness. And when the awareness expands, you can easily cope with your depression and anxiety. While there are no strategies for meditation, you only need to remove distractions around you.

However, you don’t have to sit down and close your eyes. You can be mindful while watching movies, reading books, lying on a bed, and taking a walk. So, meditating daily for at least 5-10 minutes is crucial.

4. Give Your Diet A Makeover

As you eat unhealthy food, you may feel worse. During this time, it is wise to give proper attention to your diet.

Replace unhealthy food with nutritious foods as it will fuel your body and brain. Also, it lifts your mood and energy to some extent.

Wrapping Up

Reconnecting with your faith and believing in God can help you eliminate spiritual depression. The tips mentioned above can help you overcome depression and improve your overall well-being.

However, if it doesn’t work, it is wise to consult a professional therapist.

Have You Ever Wanted To Be A DJ? I have!!!!

Being a DJ (a disc jockey) has become a popular career choice over the last decade. With the likes of artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris making huge careers out of being a DJ, it is no wonder why so many people are wanting to pursue it. While being a disc jockey used to be reserved for only those who had a huge following and could afford the expensive equipment, it has now become much more accessible, meaning more people are venturing down the path of being a DJ. Certainly, the internet has had a huge influence on this, as people have access to a wide range of tutorials and can put their music out there with a click of a button. So, if you are thinking of pursuing a career as a DJ, then here are some things you need to know. 

Is Being A DJ For You?

The first thing you need to consider before pursuing a career as a DJ is whether it is right for you. It would be a good idea to do your research on the role of a DJ, before you venture into a career. Entering any new career can be a little daunting, so it is always best that you prepare for yourself for what the role will entail.

While there is potential to make money from being a DJ, you will likely end up working for a long time before you start to see lots of money entering your bank account. This is definitely an important thing you need to consider because you can’t expect to jump into being a DJ and immediately start making a lot of money. You will likely have to consider DJing as a hobby on the side while you build your career and develop your skills.

What Sort Of DJ Do You Want To Be?

The next thing you need to consider when pursuing a career as a is what sort of DJ do you want to be. Most of the time when people think of DJ’s, they assume they need to be out at the clubs every weekend playing to a huge crowd. But this is not necessarily the case. Certainly, club DJs are one path you can go down if you want to live in the world of partying, but there are a couple of other options out there. 

A radio DJ is where the concept of being a disc jockey originated, so it is considered the classic form of DJing. Being a radio DJ can be a great option if you are after a more stable career as radio stations offer full-time DJ work. The great thing about being a radio DJ is that it is very versatile. All radio stations operate in their own way, so each day on the job can be different. Although it may be considered a more stable option, being a radio DJ still gives you the freedom and creativity to play the songs you like.

Another option you could pursue as a DJ is to be a producer. While some DJing is about playing pre-recorded music to an audience, as a producer you are the brains behind the music and the one who creates the music that is played. Being a producer requires much more knowledge about music production and audio engineering, so you may need to consider acquiring further education if you want to pursue the producer route.

Work At Your Local Radio

One thing that could help you with pursuing your new career is working at your local radio station. Assuming you are already a big music fan, working at your local radio station is a great way to get your foot in the door of the music world. Even if you are not presenting on radio, you will have the chance to be around a lot of like-minded people who share your passion for music. When it comes to expanding any career, networking is the number one way to do it. Meeting other people in your industry can be extremely useful as they will be able to connect you with other important and interesting people.

Not only this but working at your local radio will hopefully give you access to a lot of technical equipment that can help you with developing your skills as a DJ. Being a DJ is not an easy job, it involves a lot of knowledge about technical pieces of equipment. Working at a local radio station can help you learn all about the equipment and you can get excellent advice from some experienced disc jockeys. It is important to remember that the people you will meet at your local radio station would have been in the same position as you, so they will be more than happy to give you advice so you can get to where you want to be.