Chanel Earrings

I love vintage Chanel earrings. Ebay is a wonderful source. I love all of these!! Do you have a favorite pair to share??Chanel Earrings

Last One!!!

This weekend we had our last interview for schools for my children. We did it!!!! Here is my last good luck outfit. Now we just have to wait……….Last One!!!

Entrance Exam

Today my son is taking his entrance exam to high school. A lot is riding on his score. He has been preparing for this standardized test for months. Everything is crossed for him!! GOOD LUCK to all the students!!!! Entrance Exam


I am addicted!!! During the summer a fabulous salad shop opened in our area. It is called Chop’t. They make delicious salads which they chop right in front of you. You can either make your own salad or they have many to choose from. The palm beach shrimp and Modern Greek are my FAVORITES!!! You should try Chop’ will LOVE it!!!CHOP'T

Blanket Sweaters

My new fashion obsession is blanket sweaters for fall/winter. I would like an asymmetrical one in a Navajo print. If you see one, let me know!!! Blanket Sweaters

Hermes Avalon

With the days getting colder and the heat kicking in, I am dreaming of a beautiful Hermes Avalon blanket. I have seen them featured EVERYWHERE…blogs, magazines, televisions shows, EVERYWHERE!!!! Each time I see one, I cannot take how gorgeous they are!! Lets get cozy next to the fire under our Avalon blankets, oh…and pass the Halloween candy!!!Hermes Avalon