Identity Theft—–YIKES

My husband and I were victims of Identity Theft. Someone got a hold of my husband’s amex number and found out personal info from a computer search. BE CAREFUL readers..tis the season. Watch your card and bank activity daily. Sign up for credit card/bank alerts. Report any strange activity. It could make a world of difference. Identity Theft-----YIKES

Cool Scarves!

Even though today was not scarf weather in New York, I have been thinking of adding some new additions to my scarf wardrobe. Here are some beauties which will add an element of color and beauty to all of our winter coats and sweaters. Heres to Happy Colored Scarves!!!Cool Scarves!

Thanksgiving Table Settings

With Thanksgiving only a week and 1/2 away, I am starting to think of the four tables that I have to set. Here is a what I am thinking…. I love the idea of adding deep purple this year. I will take some photos and let you know how it turns out!! PS After the Turkey is cooked and the pies are sliced, I added a sweet pumpkin colored treat for me……..Thanksgiving Table Settings

Long Weekend!!!

Heres to a looonnnnngggg weekend!! With today off from school for my kids, I am looking forward to three days of easy breezy relaxation!! Grab your books, kindle, or DVD’s. Lie on that couch and enjoy the days off!!! Long Weekend!!!

When Life Gives You Lemons…….

When life gives you lemons make lemon aid or buy lemon colored jewelry!!! Heres to a bright pick me up during a difficult week!!!When Life Gives You Lemons.......

Christmas Shopping

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas only weeks away, my thoughts have turned to GIFTS!!! I will be searching these websites and shops for the perfect something for everyone on my list. Where are some of your favorite places to shop???Christmas Shopping