Fashionable Friend Friday

Sometimes incredible talent is literally right under your nose!!  As is the case with this week’s Fashionable Friend Friday!!  My friend Augustina’s Instagram posts are incredible.  Not only is she an amazing cook but her presentation is out of this world.  I am so impressed with the care she takes to provide her family with Michelin Star-worthy meals.  Whether it be breakfast in bed or dinner al fresco on the Patio, Augustina’s is the place to be.  And, if you think the food is amazing you should get to know the company….THE BEST!!!!   Bon Weekend!!

Augustina’s Nicoise:

•Ahi tuna 
Take a pastry brush and paint on olive oil on both sides with salt and pepper 
Then sear in a very HOT pan. 
1 min on each side for rare 
Let cool 

Lay on top on a bed of Boston lettuce 
Roasted potatoes 
Hard boiled eggs
Steamed green beans 
Roasted asparagus 
Black pitted olive
Quartered tomatoes. 

champagne vinaigrette:
(Ina Garten) 
1 tsp Dijon 
1 tsp minced garlic
3TBS champagne vinegar
Salt and pepper 
1/2 cup good olive oil 

• if you don’t have time to slowly whisk olive oil into mixture place it all in your blender … Magic 
Double or triple and have it on tap! 

You can add spices, and lemon, honey — adjust to your taste — above is a good start. 

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