What A Difference A Balloon Makes!

Do you remember the song 99 Red Balloons? That was one of my favorite songs during high school…Just the image of those balloons being released..pure bliss..My friend Xanthe started a balloon decor company called loveballoonsxoxo. She specializes in corporate events and celebrations. However, she is starting to bring her business back home. If you live in the Westchester area, Xanthe will deliver a special, colorful EASTER BOUQUET to your house just in time for the Easter Bunny. I love her designs and I can’t wait for my bouquet to brighten up everything around here, especially the attitudes!!!!!..I did not post a photo of the bouquet because right now we all really need a special uplifting surprise so if you do order one, you will be as surprised as I will when it arrives. Please keep Xanthe in mind for all your future celebrations, including all those cute quarantine drive-by birthday parties. To order your own EASTER BOUQUET email Xanthe HERE.

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