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I recently went to the most amazing launch of the GrubTok app at Hinoki in Greenwich. I have been using the GrubTok app for a while now and love it so much. It is so informative and I love seeing the video menus come to life. I am constantly checking restaurant menus before I go, sharing them with friends and deciding what I might order way before I step through the door. GrubTok had answered my prayers!! Following please find a bit more information about GrubTok but first download the app HERE.

GrubTok is a video platform that was built with foodies in mind. The first of its kind, the platform helps restaurants by giving them a space for customers to link videos to individual menu items and also post meaningful video reviews. GrubTok is the brainchild of avid foodies mixed with restaurateurs who embrace social influence, tech, and local food culture.

The GrubTok community highlights menu items, rewards, perks, and events in an efficient way but also helps diners discover the best dishes to satisfy their taste buds. All are welcome to join the GrubTok community of foodies and restaurants – we encourage you to connect with those who share our passion! GrubTok also provides verification badges to the ultimate foodies and options for restaurants to claim their businesses and tools for enhanced success.

“GrubTok is the most effective way to help diners decide on where to eat and what to eat.”

– GrubTok Co-founder, Nitesh Pundra

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  1. Nitesh | 18th Jul 22

    Thank you for all the support. You are the best.

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