Creating A Stack With Tatiana M Designs

There is nothing more I love than a good bracelet stack. And so do you all, judging by the questions I received about creating and buying one. My amazing blog sponsor, Tatiana of Tatiana M Designs makes the most stunning bracelets and creates the best-looking stacks. I love the way she mixes metals and colors and different textures. Whether you are looking for only a few bracelets or a set to go all the way up your arm, Tatiana can help you find your perfect arrangement. I have included some of her tips for stacking bracelets perfectly below…..

And how exciting is this….Tatiana M Designs was awarded the BEST OF WESTCHESTER Winner for Gemstone Bracelets.

Check out her fabulous website HERE to see all of her wonderful jewelry and to place your order

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When it comes to styling your stack, follow your own rules!

  1. Make it your own by Mixing and Matching your favorite colors to coordinate with your look!
  2. Adding in a gemstone piece allows you to connect with your intentions based on the meaning behind the gemstone. 
  3. Let your mood and/or outfit inspire your stack. 
  4. Play with mixing metals, different bead sizes and gemstones
  5. Mix it up with some charm bracelets with symbols with purpose, like our elephant for luck or evil eye for protection!
  6. The bigger the stack the better, create that stack envy!
  7. Wear bracelets on both wrists! Complete your look by adding in a watch or your other favorite pieces. 
  8. Want a more luxurious look try wearing an all-metal stack, either in all gold or all silver to elevate your outfit!

Most importantly, have fun and let your unique style shine through!

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