Trending Online Date Ideas For Long Distance Couples To Try

Finding the love of your life is nothing less than dancing on cloud nine. You get to spend time with them, share your happiness as well as sorrows, and do all the cringe yet cute things together. However, if the relationship is long distance, sharing every small moment becomes a daunting task requiring consistent and extra effort. 

Unlike regular dating, in LDR, there are times when you wish your partner to be by your side to share your happiness and sorrows. But, sometimes the distance is too much to cover in just a few hours. 

Luckily, regular calls and texts help keep the relationship going and the connection as unaltered as possible. There are also a few online date ideas that you can try to get closer to each other. 

  • Old School Truth And Dare 

The first idea on our list is to go old school and play “truth and dare” to understand each other. It is a great icebreaker and offers you an excuse to talk about things you otherwise would not. The questions or dares can range from basic to wild or cute to cheeky. Even so, make sure to understand each other’s boundaries and avoid making a date awkward. Instead, use the game as an opportunity to learn something new about each other. 

  • Try Unique Ways Of Explore Intimacy

Intimacy is very important to keep the relationship healthy. However, for a long-distance couple taking care of their partner’s physical needs is easier said than done. If your partner’s love language is physical touch, a lack of physical intimacy can cause complications. Therefore, you should try different ways of romancing, such as sending spicy texts, using products like Blowjob Masturbator during virtual dates, or trying roleplay. Dealing with other related complications will become much easier when the intimacy is strong. 

  • Create A Music Playlist Together

Another fun thing you can try with your partner is creating a music playlist. Music is undoubtedly one of the best ways to express emotions without saying anything. You can both create a playlist including romantic, classic, fun, or other genres. You can also share the song you are currently listening to with your partner and feel their connection. It is a pretty basic idea to try; however, it is surely worth a try! You can also discuss the artists, songs, and what you love about them. Doing so will ensure that you never run out of topics to discuss with your partner. 

  • When In Doubt, Veg Out 

Not every day is the same day. That means you are either not in the mood to do anything or are confused about date night ideas. In that case, you can be just you. You both can watch a movie together, talk about your day or share the silence without any awkwardness. Bear in mind that long-distance or not, relationships are about being honest and sharing minimalist moments. 

Wrapping It All Up

While it is not easy to maintain LDR, having a lovable partner who understands and supports you, helps cover the physical distance with other methods. So, try out the above-mentioned date ideas and take your relationship to a new level. 

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