Thanksgiving Table

Here are some beautiful things for your Thanksgiving table. While you are dressing your turkey, I added a few treasures to help you dress yourself!!!!!

Major Wish List item

This fall I am craving anything fur. Fur pullovers, fur trimmed sweater, and fur accessory galore. Here are some of my favorites!!

Mr. de la Renta

The beauty which is Oscar de la Renta. Today the fashion world lost one of it’s GREATS!! Mr. de la Renta was a true gentleman who really knew how to make a woman feel elegant. He was really one of a kind.

Halloween Goodies

Go forth and purchase something fun for Halloween this week. The Ghosts and Goblins are just around the corner waiting for their special night!

Limited Edition Vintage Louis Vuitton

I recently saw a vintage Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Clutch. I then started searching for other limited edition designs and realized that I LOVED them all!!!

Fall Fashion