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Daily Archives: January 30, 2016

Fashionable Friend Friday

Starting a social media business is not easy…actually starting any business is not easy.  Meet Barbara Cerf of PB and J consulting.  Barbara “works with you to discover what should be done”.  She helps you with developing and implementing and strategy.  But best of all, you tell her what you want and she and her team, of her son Jarod and husband Peter (the three are the PB&J) will “make it happen”.  Barbara and her team have been invaluable to me.  They have supported me and advised me all the way for the past couple of years.  I urge anyone starting or trying to grow a business to contact Barbara.  As they say, “From strategy to implementation, we love to help our clients create successful brands, messages, and content. You give us your project, we’ll make it happen.” and they will!!!!!!