For Our Younger Readers..Some Pregnancy Tips

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So you have decided to get pregnant. It’s a big decision for people to make. Your body will be carrying a baby around for nearly nine months, so preparing your body for that task will undoubtedly help you on the journey.


Having a baby grow in your belly can use up a lot of nutrients from your body, so taking a multivitamin will give you a much-needed boost. 

Opt for ones that companies have designed for those who want to get pregnant. Try out a few options, so you get the one that is right for you.

Folic Acid

This additional vitamin, which is often recommended for women wanting to conceive, will be of benefit. The folic acid tablets help prevent neural tube defects during the early days of your pregnancy. You can purchase these over the counter. Your doctor may continue to prescribe them only at a higher dosage if needed during the rest of your pregnancy.  

Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy well-balanced diet is essential during this time. Limit the amount of fast food or processed foods and instead increase your salad, green leafy vegetables and drink plenty of water. Increasing your fiber intake will also be of benefit.


Taking regular exercise will be of benefit to you and your baby. It doesn’t have to be high-intensity aerobics. It can be a 30-minute brisk walk. Doing this at least 30 minutes each day will stand you in good stead when it comes to carrying your baby during the last trimester, especially.

Health Check Up

Visit your doctor to get a full check up. This is particularly important if you are undergoing IVF treatment. As well as understanding how IVF works and opting for somewhere with top IVF success rates, you will want to get your body ready for the process. To understand the IVF process in more detail, the information here will be of use to you.

Limit your Stress

Stress can have such a negative impact on the body. 

Practice meditation, go for a walk, take some deep breaths, or do anything else that you enjoy. This will ensure you keep your stress levels at a minimum. Another idea is to try yoga. As well as destressing your body, it will help strengthen and stretch your body, improving it for your pregnancy.

Sleep Well

With a new baby, sleep will be hard to come by. Get as much rest and sleep as you can during the pregnancy. You don’t have to stick to a particular routine; sleep and rest when you can. You can read up on 3 truths about parenting a new born to help you during that stage.

Reach your Health Weight

Being a healthy weight will help you carry your baby without much stress. A healthy weight is one where you are comfortable rather than looking at scales. 

Talk to your doctor and get advice if you feel you would like to drop a few pounds before pregnancy.

There is so much to think about when you want to have a baby. 

However, with a little planning ahead, you will be in the right place both mentally and physically to have a healthy pregnancy.

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