Under the Radar Brands, You Need to Hear About

Under the Radar Brands You Need to Hear About

Nowadays during the pandemic, it is more important than ever to support smaller fashion brands and sites. In many countries, department stores, big businesses and corporations have gained financial support and have a steady stream of customers that may not be buying as much now but they will again, but many small businesses are still struggling to stay afloat and still in business. These smaller fashion brands and sites are the exact parts of the fashion world that add a newness to it and a bit of exclusivity, so here are a few fashion brands you may not have heard of but should get to know. 

Under the radar fashion brands

While not exactly a brand, Mirta is a marketplace that sells accessories and bags from small leather artisans around Italy. You can find beautiful Italian crossbody bags, top handle bags, briefcases and more. There are options for men and women, and you can find high-quality accessories and shoes in addition to handbags. For those high-quality pieces that are 100% Made in Italy, Mirta is the place to shop and add some serious style to your wardrobe. 

Jessica K, founded by Lebanese designer Jessica Khoueiri-Achkar, offers fresh and modern fashion for women that mixes masculine with feminine. The brand is Beirut-based that according to its website, ‘boasts a collection of confident, feminine and refined silhouettes that scream urban elegance, with a touch of Rock n’ Roll. Beirut just suffered a significant explosion at its port, with over 6,000 injured and over 100 dead. On top of the coronavirus pandemic, this is a time where supporting a Beirut-based brand and small company is especially important. 

BITE studios is a Stockholm and London-based label that is focused on sustainability. You’ll find streamlined and modern pieces made from organic silk, cotton, and wool that focus on detail, quality and sustainability. If you want to support an international eco-conscious brand and really be intentional with the clothes that you are purchasing, or even just be intentional about making an eco-conscious effort, this is a great brand to know. 

Looking for new swimwear? Oséree is an Italian swimwear brand founded by Isabella Cavalli and Jannine Vinci that celebrates tradition with a modern approach. The brand’s signature pieces are the Lumière One-Piece Lurex Swimsuit and sparkly two-piece. This isn’t just any swimwear, but luxury swimwear that is minimal yet exquisite, inspired by Parisian style and elegance. 

It is worth curating these pieces to discover something new! Whether you shop by style, brand, or a mix of both, there are many small brands out there to get to know. Especially as most of these brands listed here are international, you can also add a taste of European flare to your wardrobe. 

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