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Daily Archives: July 2, 2020

Add These Things To Your Life And Diet To Aid Chronic Issues

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Anxiety can hold us back in so many ways. We feel trapped and unable to socialise. We want to hide away and the physical symptoms are draining. If you have a chronic health issue, you may suffer with anxiety and understand the implications of it. Chronic illness affects millions and upto 80% of older adults have one chronic disease and upto 36% of people worldwide suffer with some type of issue. 

Our society still attaches a stigma to chronic illness but there are a multitude of issues that affect people, from chronic pain to mental health issues and some people just don’t understand how it can affect your life. There are however, some ways that you can try to get your life back on track. It is always best to seek advice first from your doctor and do what is right for your body but changing things up can really assist you with getting back out and about again! 

Yoga & Pilates or other gentle exercise 

Yoga and Pilates have been around for years; their benefits are huge and although it may seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Yoga for beginners is relatively easy and focuses on stretches. Yoga helps shape and develop your thinking patterns, your focus and your strength. It can be an important aspect of your life if you are wanting to change your mindset and be a stronger person inside and start to change things for the better.  Pilates can be a little less demanding but works mostly on the core and back; it’s wonderful for those with back issues! If your doctors say it is OK to do it then it can be very good for easing chronic pain of the back and shoulders and even other forms of exercising such as walking and swimming can be really good gentle exercise that gets those endorphins going! 

Taking Supplements & CBD 

You should really seek advice on what supplements are best for your particular needs but rest assured there will be something for you! It is a fact that supplementing your diet has its benefits, it can be good for the body and mind as long as you are maintaining a solid, healthy diet, you will start to see a shift in energy levels. Another form of long term pain relief may be CBD oil. With EDO CBD you can find something that is a good fit for you and for many years the use of CBD has been an interesting concept that has recently come to light. It is believed that foods with an acidic value can cause havoc on your body if ingested frequently so changing up your diet also will help. Looking at consuming alkaline foods, such as spinach, greens, nuts, grains, can have a positive impact on your body, especially the digestive system and is proven to help your body. Also ginger and camomile can be good on the digestive system as they are light and help relax the muscles and nerves around the stomach.

The Top Three CBD Hemp Oil Benefits You Should Experience

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The debate over the benefits of the marijuana plant has been going on for decades. In recent years, science has made it very clear that it is so much more than a gateway drug. Although marijuana, which is from the cannabis plant has been illegal for decades, hemp, which is also from the cannabis family, definitely is not. The point of contention has always been the psychoactive properties of THC which is found in marijuana but is primarily absent in the agricultural hemp plant. It is from here that CBD products are produced in volume, and they possess all of the medicinal qualities that the marijuana plant does. This is because both of them contain what are called cannabinoids, and these are the key to the many benefits that people can receive. There are three specific benefits that are absolutely incredible. We will discuss these, as well as the many other positive aspects of CBD hemp oil.

How Is CBD Hemp Oil Extracted?

Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant using three different strategies. There is the CO2 method which is where carbon dioxide is sent through the plant under high pressure, at very low temperatures, in order to extract the CBD. Another method is through the use of ethanol which is simply high grain alcohol. Both of these methods are not as preferable as the oil method, of which most companies use all of the oil to complete this process. That is why you will find a vast assortment of companies providing CBD hemp oil because this is how it is usually obtained. If you start taking this oil regularly, either by vaping or by adding this to your food or drinks, there are three major benefits that you are going to experience.

Three Primary Benefits Of Using CBD Hemp Oil

One of the top benefits that people can experience one of the top benefits that people can experience if they just want to feel better is to take CBD oil in order to relax. Along with numerous other CBD Products such as CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Gummies, CBD Hemp Oil is the most used product which has been shown to be a natural antidepressant, and this is perfect for people that have had no luck at all with pharmaceutical products that were intended to help them but didn’t. The second benefit is that it is like a painkiller. It’s a natural analgesic and also anti-inflammatory. This can help people that are exercising, or if they are suffering from some type of illness where they are feeling constant chronic pain. Finally, CBD oil can treat cancer. Instead of worrying about ever developing cancer, by taking this every day,  might actually help you prevent this from occurring. There have been studies that have shown that people with tumors have actually had them diminish in size, and therefore taking this regularly might actually prevent their occurrence.

Other Great Benefits Of CBD Oil

The list of benefits is absolutely extensive. It’s hard to know where to begin. People that suffer from bone disease such as osteoporosis can actually benefit from taking this product regularly. If you are a heavy smoker, and you cannot stop, you should vape CBD oil instead. Not only will it remove your cravings, but it will add years to your life because you will not have to worry about developing cancer. Other benefits include help with lupus, diabetes, motor disorders, and it can also affect your memory and mood. You will also see a dramatic improvement in your immune system and you may notice that you are not getting sick as you were before. At the very least, you are going to sleep better at night. It has been shown to help people that have insomnia. All of these benefits are included in this natural product that simply connects with the cannabinoid receptors that are in your body and all of these benefits will begin to manifest.

Buy CBD oil.

For those that have been hesitant about trying anything related to marijuana, you should know that this is legal. As long as there is no THC in that product, it is something that you can use without any problems. It will be a huge change in your life. You will start to notice some of these positive aspects manifesting very quickly, specifically in the way that you feel. You will notice that your mood will change for the better, and if you do have chronic pain, you are going to feel so much better. You can find a shop or store in your area that can provide you with your very first trial of CBD hemp oil or you can even purchase it online from reputed companies like, so that you can see what it will do for you.

Fairfield Antique & Design Center

One of my favorite places opened back up and it is the perfect place for a little social distance, mask-wearing browsing….The Fairfield Antique & Design Center is a gem not too far away in Norwalk. I have to say that the dealers who display in their booths there have the most amazingly curated selection of antique goods. They are really great about always changing up their merchandise so it is not the same place twice!! I stopped by last Saturday and picked up a few treasures. I really had to restrain myself…there were some really really good things. I just kept snapping photos….. I have to say as far as antique wears go, you can pick up some really fabulous pieces as all their prices are extremely fair. It’s worth a drive. Happy Antiquing….

There was a great selection of chic iron outdoor furniture and this basket bag was really the cutest…I should have brought it home with me!!!

If you need throw pillows..the selection was one of the best that I’ve seen

Love those modern bar stools…and artwork

And I love these modern chairs too and this cool black and white artwork…

The selection of wicker items was really unique…I loved the thermos…I am sooo mad that I left it behind…

I love everything in this photo…the Gracie Wallpaper screen, the turquoise garden stool and the bamboo cane corner bench

I loved everything at this vendor, the green stools, the metal pagoda lantern and the French ice bucket/cooler were so hard to leave behind…

How gorgeous are these bamboo shelves?

These brass dragon candleholders are sooo chic….

I fell in love with the quills in the silver cups…

The vintage Americana selection was beautiful…

There is a beautiful collection of vintage bags…

How gorgeous is this Dolce coat..Betsy…are you seeing this….

There was a great selection of designer shoes and fashion coffee table books….

These foo dogs are gorgeous…


It was soo hard for me to leave this gorgeous goddess behind..

There were so many beautiful Asian statues…the turquoise was my favorite…

These lanterns were so gorgeous in person..they would look so great on either side of the fireplace….

The center was filled with decorative objects