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Daily Archives: April 4, 2020

Staying At Home Treats: Keeping Yourself Entertained!

Let’s face it, at-home time can be boring at times. To help you out, this post will explore some of the best ways to keep yourself entertained.  I was preparing this article for tips to pass the time while traveling, however, now I think it is so important to have some fun tips to pass the time while we are spending time at home.  


Music means something different to everyone, but most people are able to sit down and listen to their favorite tracks for hours on end to pass the time. Websites like can make it nice and easy to save offline versions of the songs you like without breaking the law, and this will be essential when you’re in places that don’t offer an internet connection. It can be worth choosing music you haven’t listened to for a while for this, and some people will like to use the chance to listen to music they’ve never heard before. You can also live-stream concerts, what about listening to a Bruce Springsteen show?

Back in the old days, the idea of being able to watch television and movies on a portable device would have been laughed at. Nowadays, though, your smartphone is more than capable of giving you the chance to consume your favorite TV shows no matter where you are. Services like YouTube can be used offline if you’re willing to pay for it, and there are loads of companies on the market that sell movies and television shows for temporary downloads onto your devices. It always makes sense to have these things available no matter the state of your internet connection. And, here’s what to watch when you’re caught up on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,”

Video Games
Few things are better for passing time than video games, giving you the chance to ignore the fact that you are stuck at home. Smartphones can be good for this, with most models being able to run an array of different games. Alongside this, though, a portable console like the Nintendo Switch can also be an excellent option. For those with laptops, services like Google Stradia can make it possible to play games that would usually be reserved for very high-end game consoles or computers.

Or how about some of these FUN IDEAS (adapted from Apartment Therapy):

Take notes on how to organize your freezer from Ina Garten.
Enroll in weekly art lessons from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Tour Tate Modern’s Andy Warhol exhibit.
Or just head right inside Prince Charles’ residence.
See the Japanese cherry blossoms around the world.
Take tips (and backgrounds) from Jonathan Adler for camera time, too.
Try these no-equipment workouts that you can easily do at home.
Volunteer remotely to make a difference from home.
What to do when you declutter!!!

Get A New Look for Under $30 and some great Zoom info!

Yesterday I received an email from a reader in Chicago. She said that she has a bunch of upcoming zoom conferences and social calls….and wanted some tips on something new to wear (that would be within her budget) and asked for some help on how she should set up her zoom “scene”. I partnered with Belk, a fun Florida Department store, to bring you some under $30 fashion finds. Their signature brands are really great looking and take a queue from some of the more expensive lines…I love the striped sweater highlighted below, it reminds me of the NY popular fashion brand La Ligne. I also included a few pairs of statement earrings. They are a must since earrings really pop in a video conference. Right now most items are 35% off with the code AMAZINGSAVINGS. As for creating the Zoom scene, I found a few tips for you! Please keep the emails and messages coming. I am trying to cover a lot of fun topics to keep everyone entertained for the next many weeks and I love all the interesting questions, and requests that you send to me!!!! Bon Weekend!!!

Click the images below for more product information!!!

Here are some tips for elevating your Zoom background or “scene” as I like to call it!!!

Set up your computer in front of the window so your face gets natural light, which is the most flattering type of light.”

You can improve your appearance and look airbrushed. Just click the “enhance my appearance” button under video options.

Use laptops/computers over phone/tablets. It allows for better control of viewing and accessing chat features.

Mute mics and only unmute when you are speaking; it eliminates some of the screen jumping that is triggered by sound/noise.

​​Surround yourself with things that inspire you: a decorative piece, a Himalayan salt lamp, or burn a candle.

 Place Lamps At Both Sides Of Your Desk, if you are seated at a desk.

Clean your space. Do not show clutter. Think about your background. A nice piece of artwork or your fireplace and mantle would work nicely. Basically something interesting to look at.

Add a decorative object to the background, like a vase of flowers.

A book shelf makes for an interesting and eye catching backdrop.

Have nice accessories, a pretty mug (my friend, Melissa, used these recently) or glass. Use a decorative pen or notebook, if you need one during the meeting.