Working From Home

Everyone asks me how I manage my days while working from home.  Some days is easy and some days it’s not so easy.  Like anything else, you really need to be organized and use your time wisely.  I mostly divide my day by firstly getting the everyday chores done so my house is in order before I start to get to work.  If I don’t have my reformer class in the am or any outside meetings  (which I will usually schedule around lunchtime), I research for my blog post for the day, take photos of new products, that I am featuring and set up layouts for future posts.  Between those tasks, I schedule calls and send out sponsor proposals.  I also have to be aware of what I will be having for lunch as well because working from home can also be very tempting as far as snacking.  I try to keep things in my house that are quick and easy to make so I can get right back to work.  Here are some of my favs to have on hand….

I make a greek salad using romaine lettuce, peppadew peppers and Lemon Tahini dressing from Whole Foods, with feta cheese, cucumbers and crumbled pita chips…its soooooo good!!!

If I do snack..I try to keep these around the house……

And you can never go wrong with POPCORN

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