Why You Should Hire a Professional DJ for Your Special Event

If you are planning a wedding reception, birthday bash or anniversary party, consider hiring a professional DJ to supply the music. A professional DJ offers reliability, top-quality equipment and sound, excellent musical variety and experience acting as master of ceremonies.

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As an event planner, you have enough to think about without wondering if the friend who has agreed to provide music will show up on time and be ready to go. If you hire a professional DJ, on the other hand, you can count on reliability.

Barring some uncontrollable emergency, a professional DJ will arrive on time, set up his or her equipment efficiently, and be ready to go when the event starts. Professional DJs have set up their systems many times and will not get in the way of other event preparations. Your DJ will also be available to meet with you before the event for any last-minute instructions and requests, and you can trust your DJ to remember what you say and put it into action when the time comes.

Top-quality Equipment and Sound

Professional DJs have top-quality equipment that makes your favorite music sound excellent. Your DJ will likely take a look at your venue before the event to make sure he or she uses the proper speakers for the size and layout of the room. Your DJ will also check for sound quality, making adjustments as needed so the music is crisp, clear, and just the right volume. No one at your event need be distracted by muffled lyrics, a too-heavy bass line, or ear-piercing high notes. A professional DJ knows how to use an equalizer to properly balance the sound so the music will be spot-on every time.

Musical Variety

A professional DJ can offer a wide variety of music. He or she likely has access to more artists and songs than you and all your friends put together. That said, though, you should check with your DJ before the event if you have particular requests. Make a list of wedding reception songs, for instance, that includes favorites of the bride, groom, and wedding party, or a list of birthday party songs that reflect the tastes of the guest of honor. Your DJ probably already has these songs available, but if not, he or she can work to access them before the event rather than scrambling at the last minute. Throughout the event, your DJ will provide a balance of musical styles and tempos designed to keep your guests tapping their toes and dancing the whole time.

Master of Ceremonies

Finally, hiring a professional DJ gives you the added bonus of having a master of ceremonies who can direct your guests through your event with charm and efficiency. Give your DJ a schedule beforehand, and ask him or her to take charge of announcing special dances, speeches, cake-cutting and other activities. A professional DJ is also adept at handling music requests from guests and keeping the entire event running smoothly, and this means less stress for you.

Whatever kind of party you’re hosting, then, consider hiring a professional DJ for reliability, quality, variety and peace of mind.

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