8 Key Pieces of Advice You Need to Know as a New Mom

Motherhood is undoubtedly a life-changing event that is both thrilling and scary. You now have this frail bundle of joy that depends on you for everything. New mothers receive all sorts of advice, even the unsolicited ones that feel a bit invasive. However, smart advice from experts and real mothers who have gone down that road can be insightful. This article will discuss key pieces of advice you need to know as a new mom. 

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Take lots of pictures 

Well, there is no such thing as too many pictures! Your baby will only be a certain age once, and it is important to capture the memories and milestones as they happen. You will also be able to see how far your child has come and helped them through rough patches in the future. 

Ignore the pressure to bounce back 

New mothers fall victim to comparing themselves to celebrities or fellow friends, who shrunk back to their pre-baby bodies. Remember that you just grew a baby and that you should pressure yourself to look like a goddess twelve weeks after giving birth. Even when given the go-ahead to exercise, ensure you keep your fitness goals realistic. 

Keep yourself grounded 

Many mothers assume that they always have to do the most for their children. Remember that your child needs a happy mother who is self-aware, grounded, and ready to take care of herself to be there for her kids. Let others help you where they can. 

Know when to wean your child

Weaning will be one decision you will need to make as a mum. It is more or less a personal decision depending on your situation. That said, it is recommended that the baby gets 6 months of breastfeed milk. You can then start weaning the child after a year as long as it suits both of you. You should also know when should babies stop using pacifiers to avoid physical dependency. Be wary though of listening to unsolicited advice will have you questioning things like or when to stop breastfeeding. Learn to ignore unwanted advice and do what is best for your child. 

Nourish your body 

Your baby needs nutrients from breast milk to stay nourished. Not only do you rely on good nutrition to produce breast milk, but you also need food to fuel your body. Avoid starving yourself and consume nutrient-packed foods rich in zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6.

Find a mother’s group 

It is important to get in touch with other adults, preferably mothers in the same boat as you. Being locked up in the house with a crying baby will do you no good, especially if you were used to being out of the house. 

Trust your instincts 

If you have a bad gut feeling about anything to do with your child, do not hesitate to contact a doctor, no matter what anyone else says. You are your child’s mother, and you know what they might need at any point in time. 

Disconnect nursing from sleeping 

Establish a soothing bedtime routine for your child, such as running a warm bath, offering a bottle of milk then reading them a book. This routine will help you get your little one to sleep without having to nurse. 

Final remarks

We hope that this article has provided some wisdom if you are a mum wondering if you are doing it right. As a rule of thumb, don’t be hard on yourself, and be sure to trust your instincts as you move along in the motherhood journey. 

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