What Are You Doing This Black Friday

As much as I love shopping and browsing, I am not really a Black Friday shopper.  I am going to spend the day with my family, reading, catching up on my DVR, and meeting my sweet friend Kris for coffee later this afternoon.  When I have lazy days with time to surf the web, one of my favorite channels is You Tube.  There are so many instructional videos from cooking, to organizing to decorating, to fashion and so much more.  I absolutely love it.  Here are some of my favorites right now and I thought if you too had some time away from shopping you might enjoy them!!!  Bon Weekend!!!

OK..hands down this is my favorite..I have not tried it yet but the next time I need to chop an onion this is how I am doing it!!!!
I love this…and these tips really work!!!
I immediately through of my girls when I saw this video, and when my nephews were visiting we all made the cup light.  It came out great and we had so much fun together!!!
I cannot get enough of organizing articles/videos…this one has some great ideas!!!
 And of course, who cannot resist Gwyneth!!!!!  What a treat to see her bathroom and her step by step beauty routine!!!
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