Staying Fit and Feeling Good During Quarantine

Our lives have changed drastically due to COVID-19 and policies have been put in place for people to spend time at home to prevent further spread of the virus. While we do our part for the health of the public, it is also important that we take care of ourselves during quarantine since this and social distancing entails a lot of staying at home and being sedentary. While we don’t want to pressure ourselves to be any sort of a way while we are spending this required time at home, staying fit and feeling good is also something to keep in mind for both our physical and our mental health. 

Here are some ways that you can stay in shape and healthy while being at home:

Don’t give up on workouts

While your usual workout routine may not be possible right now as gyms and fitness classes are closed, you can still get a great workout in at home! You can use apps like 30-Day Fitness to keep yourself on track, follow a set challenge, and choose your workout focuses according to what you want to work. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge app for example, has workouts for specific muscles groups and problematic areas, such as this circuit made up of inner thigh exercises.

Try to get movement in daily

Daily exercise is important, and really focusing on getting movement in every day is crucial. While at home, people are often prone to sitting more and not being as active, but you can still be active while staying at home! You can do stairs, be consistent with house cleaning, and walk around the house while on phone calls or for a quick work break.

Eat lighter meals and more frequent if necessary

It is hard to avoid frequent snacking while we are spending so much time at home! To help combat this and eat nutritious food that fuels and nourishes our bodies, eating lighter meals and more frequent meals if necessary can help. 

It’s also important to go for regular health and dental checkups. If you require dental care, check out this general dentist in Chattanooga.

Don’t underestimate the power of cleaning

While cleaning can seem just like a chore, it can also burn a lot of calories! As we are spending so much time at home, clean up your space for some exercise but also to feel good in the space that you are spending this time in. 

Don’t stress about feeling less fit or gaining weight

There are times in life when your fitness isn’t quite what you want it to be, and having compassion for yourself through these times is crucial. Your routine may be different, your lifestyle has had to adjust, and you may be dealing with increased stress.. feeling good and taking care of yourself through quarantine may mean that your fitness journey takes an unexpected turn.  

Keep a positive mindset and ground yourself daily

Being positive doesn’t mean that you have to be happy all the time, but it focuses on the fact that there are better days to come. Do your best to keep a positive mindset and do something that makes you feel happy and/or centered every day. Even a quick yoga or meditation session can help ground you. 

When things return to normal we’ll have plenty of time to return to our fitness regime, so now the important thing is to make the most of the situation and stay positive.

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