The other day a delivery came to my door from Freshly. Unfortuatley it was not for me it was for my neighbor. She told me that she started ordering a few weeks ago and was hooked. I decided to look into Freshly for myself. I need to get back into my routine and healthy pre-made meals delivered right to your door sounds heavenly to me. As they say on their site…

Life is simpler when you leave the shopping, chopping, and cleaning to us. Crafted by chefs and approved by nutritionists, Freshly is not just easier, it’s better. Its honestly like having a personal chef for pennies on the dollar!!!!

I wanted to wait until my first week to do this post. So far I am soo impressed with the meals, the pricing, the portion size, and how easy it is to just heat them up. Every meal I have tried thus far has been delicious. My favorite is the Creamy Cashew Chicken. But honestly, everything has been really good!!! You can get a delivery of 4 or 6 meals per week. It is such a no brainer….

I have a $20 discount for you for your first HERE for more information and to view the meal selection. Bon Appetit!!!

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