Should You Use A Face Oil

About a year ago I started using a face oil at night.  I was very hesitant.  I thought it would make me break out and I really didn’t need that!!!!!  However, it was the best things I have ever done for my skin.  Oils are much better for your skin than night and day creams.  They hold in moisture, and contain “superhero” nutrients, like essential acids.  The result will be healthier, younger looking skin with a fresh glow, without the use of harsh chemicals.   Also with a face oil, a little goes a long way and with just a couple of drops, you will see results almost immediately!!!!!  Here are some of my favorites!!!

This is the one I use.  I have tried a few and this one works the best for me.  Click To Buy.

I also tried this one and really liked it as well! Click To Buy
Here is a good less expensive option if you just want to try oils for the first time.  Click To Buy.

Here is the one Gwyneth LOVES,  I used it for a while but I think it is too thick for me.  Better for dryer skin!!!  Click To Buy.

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