Juice Plus

I use to be a vitamin junkie.  I was always taking something to boost my immune system but I kept getting sick and ended up on antibiotics after antibiotics.  I met Dale Troy, a health coach about a year ago, and she gave me some Juice Plus samples.  I was hooked.  I ordered the Juice Plus gummies, a pill form is also available.  My kids and I started taking them in the mornings and we certainly noticed a difference in our overall health.  We went through flu season without the slightest sniffle.  When we did start to feel under the weather, we took a few more gummies.  I gave them to a friend, who was fighting a cold, and she called them a “miracle workers”.  The combination of the Juice Plus blends equals 30 fruits, vegetables and grains, I have included the health benefits of adding Juice Plus to your daily routine below.  For more information visit Dale’s WEBSITE.   

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