How To Host a Fun Yet Less Fuss Adult Birthday Bash in 2023

Birthdays are important for various reasons. They allow us to connect with friends, reminisce about previous years, celebrate another year, and look forward to what the next few bring. However, as we celebrate more and more birthdays, the occasion becomes less unique to us and serves as an annoying reminder that we’re growing old! 

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Yet, deep down, we all enjoy our birthdays because they’re unique and allow us to dedicate the day to ourselves and what we like doing. Whether you would like to spend the occasion by having a day out with friends/family or prefer to celebrate in style with a glamourous birthday bash, there are many ways to celebrate your special day, but what if you want a low-fuss birthday bash? 

Fortunately, if you’re the type who likes to lie low on their birthday, we’ve created this article outlining several ways to host a low-fuss adult birthday bash in 2023. From saving yourself time/money by sending out virtual invitations to opting to have the party at home – we list several of our top tips below. 

Send Paperless Invites 

Despite being pretty to look at, one of the most annoying aspects of party planning is sending out invitations. Not only do they eat into your party planning budget – especially if you have a sizeable guest list – but they are easily lost, increase paper consumption, dig into your free time, and much more. 

Fortunately, like most things, there is a modern alternative to paper invites: virtual ones! Unlike traditional invitations, virtual ones are eco-friendly, simplify the RSVP process, are less time-consuming, and don’t eat into your party planning budget! And don’t worry; you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for sustainability, either! 

With hundreds of designs, themes, and art styles, paperless invites are just as attractive as their paper counterparts, which can help you convey the tone of your gathering and much more. Whether you’re looking for save-the-date invites, baby shower reminders, or birthday invitations, you can find all these virtual invitations and more using sites like Greenvelope. 

Set the scene for your special day with their whimsical, elegant, modern, and fun birthday invites, suitable for whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday or a significant milestone like thirty, forty, or even the dreaded fifty! Consider visiting their website to discover more and see how they could help remove the fuss from your special day!

Ditch The Venue 

Another stressful aspect of party planning is choosing where to host. Should you pick an idyllic countryside hotel that looks like it’s been plucked straight from the pages of a romance novel? Or is renting the function room at your local bar/restaurant enough for you? 

Regardless of the scene you’re trying to set, venue shopping can add a lot of stress (and money!) to your birthday celebrations. So, why not press pause on all the drama, ditch the venue, and invite all your close friends and family to your house for a birthday bash? 

Although it may seem stressful to host at your house, you may change your mind once you see the average cost of hiring a venue for a birthday. Depending on whom you approach, you can expect to fork out anything between $85-$145 per hour for a function room. 

Compared to hosting at your house, which costs a total of nothing! Admittedly, you can spend a little more on decorations and get the house professionally cleaned before guests arrive, but this is nothing compared to what you would be paying per hour at a venue. 

Keep Your Guest List Small 

The more extensive the guest list, the more extravagant the event, and the more luxurious the event, the more stress that goes into ensuring it goes off without a hitch. Therefore, if you aim to keep the gathering as low-hassle as possible, it’s worth streamlining your guest list and ensuring you invite close family/friends with whom you want to share your special day. 

Although inviting everyone to your celebrations can be tempting because you don’t want to make anyone feel excluded, keeping your guest list small is an excellent way to keep costs down. Especially if you intend to cater and put on entertainment, as generally, the prices of these services go up depending on how many heads are at the event. 

Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to shorten your guest list, from looking at the size of your venue, determining which guests you talk to more, making it an ‘adult only’ event and many more. 

In turn, the hassle and stress of party planning are halved since you’re not having to accommodate such a long list of people, so not as much planning will have to go into arranging the event. Instead, you can use the time saved to focus on what you do have in store for your guests and, the most important thing – focusing on the birthday girl/boy themselves!

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