How to Choose Wall Art for Your Living Room

The living room is arguably the room in the home where most people spend their time. Whether you’re entertaining guests, watching television, playing video games, or reading a book, the living room can offer a cozy setting. The key to obtaining that welcoming feeling is décor that sets off the right mood. Here are some tips on how to establish a comfortable, welcoming vibe.

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What to Keep in Mind for Wall Art in Your Living Room

When coming up with ideas for wall art for your living room, it is essential to choose art that makes you happy and gives you that “at-home feeling.” It is your home, so you would want it to feel “homey.” What does homey mean for you?  

Wall art is one the simplest ways you can express yourself through your home. Play with color, materials, textures, and shapes. Let your creativity shine by utilizing more than one medium of art. Art comes in many different forms. You can explore pieces from photography, paintings, prints, and even fabrics.

Consider the Living Room Space

Wall art has a way of really bringing a room together. So when you choose your wall art, consider some guidelines:

  • Do you want the room to blend or pop?
  • What colors does the room already incorporate? 
  • How can you further highlight those colors?
  • What mood are you trying to create?
  • Allow for negative space. The space could push your guest’s eyes to your wall art.

Remember to Make it About You

Yes, ensuring proportions are correct and everything goes together is always vital. When making sure everything aligns, it is also crucial that you stay aware of the situation. It is your living room and your home, so make sure you are ultimately expressing who you are. At the end of the day, you want a nice room. However, you also want to feel an attachment to it.

When in Doubt, Try a Centerpiece

Going off from our last point about making the living room your own, a centerpiece could put things into perspective if you are having trouble figuring things out. You want to express yourself, and a large centerpiece with meaning to you would be the perfect way to do so. Additionally, it could inspire how to decorate the rest of the room.

Wall art for your living room can also be a great way to express your love of a specific hobby or media. The possibilities are nearly endless when choosing wall art for your living room. All it takes is a little time and effort.

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