Healthy “Junk” for the Anti-Health Nut

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, have recently gone gluten free or vegan, or just want to make more of an effort to be healthy, there are some great recipes out there to start you off. There’s no shortage of recipes, tips and tricks for foodies of all types.

Photo Credit: Raizza Vendena

Finding it hard to clean up your diet? Worried about how to satisfy your sweet tooth? There are many indulgent, delicious recipes out there that will totally fool you into thinking you’re having something sinful. Many of these recipes have the benefit of being both gluten free and vegan, and chock full of ingredients that will give you the nutrients you’re going for without tasting awful. Seriously, they are delicious!!!

One great recipe that we see all the time in different variations is the avocado brownie recipe. Gluten-free (and vegan if you use non-dairy chocolate chips), this recipe produces a light, fudgy and sweet brownie that tastes just like the real thing, but with added nutrition. It’s full of good fats, protein and fiber and less sugar than it’s regular counterpart, so you can feel good about having a second one. Variations exist, some with ingredients like black beans or matcha, but for our money, the original is the best.

Craving wings but you’ve sworn off meat? Or just sworn off junk food in general? These days, almost any food you can dream up has a cauliflower counterpart, and wings are no exception (no really, it’s true). Try cauliflower wings baked OR fried, in your favorite dipping sauce, and see for yourself why everyone is going nuts for these veggie-filled treats. They are also easily adapted to vegan by omitting eggs in the batter, and gluten free by using your favorite gf flour blend.

Craving chips or crisps but trying to abstain from all that fat and grease? It’s easy to make your own versions at home. Simply thinly slice potatoes or sweet potatoes, brush with a small amount of olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and whatever other seasonings you fancy, and bake at high heat for about twenty minutes, turning them over once to allow both sides to crisp. You can also make your own healthier versions of tortilla chips this way, by cutting corn tortillas into triangles, brushing with oil, sprinkling with salt and other spices, and baking in the oven until crisp. This method not only helps reduce the fat and grease in your snack but allows for portion control, too – only make as many as you need. 

For another sweet treat, try making your own dairy free “ice cream”. Those old bananas that have brown spots? Chop them up into chunks, and throw them in the freezer. When they’re fully frozen, pop them in the blender with a little honey and if you like, some cocoa powder, vanilla or other mix-ins and favors you like. Voila; instant frozen dessert. 

These are just a few great ideas for how to indulge in healthier, veggie-and-fruit-packed versions of your favorite junk foods. But trust us, there are scores of other amazing recipes out there. Turn off a new leaf and give one a try today!

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