Girlfriend Tip

Does the video below sound familiar, ladies?  My friend told me that this is based on an a nail salon in DC.  Women actually avoid the place at all costs.  I love this and laugh every single time.  The only thing they are missing is the death trap “relaxing” massage at the end of your service!  I have a way you can avoid this awkwardness altogether.  One late night when I was channel surfing, I fell upon the Haute Polish infomercial.  In full disclosure here, I must admit that I cannot pass up a good infomercial.  My Haute Polish kit arrived yesterday and IT IS LIFE CHANGING.  It is a home version of the salon gel manicure, that is suppose to last TWO WEEKS and does not damage your nails.  Its so easy and it really does look professional without all the “free salon advice”.  Check out the Haute Polish kit HERE.

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