Yesterday I went to Freeze914 Cryotherapy in Rye Brook, for a whole body freeze and freeze facial.  I have to admit it was not the easiest thing I have ever done and it was REALLY COLD!!  But, the 3 minutes went by really fast (I was shocked) and afterwards I felt so relaxed like I just had the best massage EVER!!!!  I also had the 10 minute Cryo facial and I absolutely LOVED it.  It felt great and the results were amazing, immediately afterwards.  My skin was glowing and looked incredible.  Here are some frequently asked questions about Cyrotherapy and for even more info or to make an appointment, visit  Hurry for the introductory “first time” pricing!!!!

What is Cyrotherapy?  

“Cryotherapy is a special type of whole body or localized exposure cold therapy, where your body is immersed in sub-zero temperatures to turbo–charge its ability to heal… in just 3 minutes. Your body is absolutely magical, it’s capable of healing itself from so many of the ailments that plague you. All it needs is the right environment. Reaching temperatures as low as -120 Celsius (-184ºF), makes cryotherapy an effective alternative to traditional ice baths for individuals seeking improved health and faster recovery.”

What are the benefits?

“Some of the many benefits of cryotherapy include decreasing muscle soreness, decreasing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, increasing range of motion, improving sleep, boosting energy, accelerating metabolism, strengthening immune system, increasing endorphins, mitigating anxiety and depression, reducing signs of aging, improving skin, and relieving joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases and fibromyalgia.”

How does it work?

1. Step Inside

  • You’ll enter the cryo spa and your experience is supervised by a cryotechnician.
  • The cryo spa will fill with dry Nitrogen mist which drops the temperature to -180F to -220F degrees and the skin’s surface to 32 degrees.
  • Sessions last up to 3 minutes and the spa’s door is always unlocked so you can easily exit anytime.

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I received a complimentary Cyrotherapy facial in exchange for this post.  As always,  all of the options and thoughts expressed above are my own.

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  1. umair | 23rd Jul 19

    Cryotherapy Chamber
    Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy is the application of a low temperature in the medical science for therapeutic and other medical purposes.

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