Fashionable Friend Friday

This week’s Fashionable Friend Friday is my dear friend Karen.  She is an amazing wife, mother, and CHEF!!…She started bottling her Grandma Napoli’s tomato sauce secret recipe a few years ago and it sure is GRAND!!!!  Recently she started having cooking demonstrations in her home, where she teaches easy recipes to help bring back the art of having family dinner together.  Karen invites 3-4 ladies into her kitchen, fondly called “K’s Kitchen” and she cooks three easy weeknight dinners, having you watch all the steps along the way, so you can recreate the cullinary masterpiece for your own family.   While Karen cooks, you and your friends and sit down and have a fun, casual beautifully placed and plated lunch.  I have asked Karen to do a demonstration of an easier way of cutting an onion so I can bring you all into K’s Kitchen.  For more information on K’s Kitchen or to buy Grandma’s Napoli’s Sauce, contact Karen HERE.

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