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I was so happy when I heard that Dabney Lee, the gorgeous “Party, Paper and Lifestyle” store was opening in Downtown Rye…I met Dabney a few years ago through a mutual friend. I immediately fell in love with her fabulous style, sweet personality, and all-around fun positive attitude…She is a true girly-girl straight from SoCal. Her upbeat, perfectly curated store is exactly what we needed on our beloved Purchase St. Also Dabney, knowing that my daughter Daisy was looking for something to do this summer (since everything had been canceled for her), hired her ON THE SPOT to help in the store. She is that AWESOME!!!! Needless to say, I spend a lot of time stopping in to say Hi to Daisy but to really stalk Dabney and get some of her great tips from which cool dress brand or chic earrings to buy for summer, or how to set a best-dressed table (she attributes this talent to her Grandmother) or to help me pick out some really fab things to bring to a picnic soiree or the latest hostess gift…If you have not been, you have to check it out. If you are not local to Westchester, follow all of Dabneys finds on Instagram. PS….She just unpacked the cutest sandals…you know where I will be tomorrow!!!!!

Dabney has the sweetest selection of dresses in bright, fun colors for summer!!!

The cooler on the left keeps an entire bottle of wine cold all day and it comes in a bunch of smashing colors!!!

Her Fourth Of July paper products and celebration items is dwindling quickly….but there are still some fun pieces available…

I love all of her monogram, items there are so many prints and colors to choose from..here are some of the desk accessories…

The selection of paper plates is the best I have ever seen, so many colors, shapes and prints…I am obsessed with those little mermaids, I need one for my cabana!!!!

I have been DYING for a monogrammed Melamine plate set..I just need to decide on the print/color…I love the trays too!!

When Dabney posted on Instagram that she got these new lightweight woodblock print masks in..I had to run right in and grab a couple..they are soo perfect for the summer…

There is candy for days and who can really resist it (and who wants to!!!!!)….already my dad and husband have finished off a few jars!!!!

The wrapping paper is sooo adorable….I love that you can just grab a different sheet for all your gifts!!

The party supplies get cuter and cuter on each shelf..I love the candy celebration necklace….its such a fun gift for your fav girlfriend!!!!

Just some sneak peeks into the shop…

Stop in to say Hi to Dabney yourself…and of course join her for a glass of Rose´.

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