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Striped Sweaters: Elevate Your Wardrobe with Timeless Style

Striped sweaters are an absolute wardrobe essential, offering timeless style and versatility that effortlessly elevates any look. Their classic design adds a touch of sophistication to casual outfits while maintaining a sense of relaxed charm. Whether you opt for bold, contrasting stripes or subtle, understated ones, striped sweaters add visual interest and dimension to your wardrobe. They seamlessly transition from day to night, from work to play, making them a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual. With their ability to pair effortlessly with jeans, skirts, or trousers, owning one or two striped sweaters is not just a suggestion—it’s a fashion necessity that instantly enhances your closet’s appeal. Don’t wait any longer; invest in the versatility and style of striped sweaters to elevate your wardrobe today. Click the numbers below to purchase or for more information!

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And I like this one and this one too!!!

Hearts of Stone NY: Elevating Valentine’s Day with Bespoke Fine Jewelry

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Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection, is the perfect occasion to express your feelings and appreciation for your beloved. While chocolates and flowers are classic tokens of affection, they often lack the lasting impact that a carefully chosen piece of jewelry can provide. This Valentine’s Day, consider gifting something truly exceptional: Hearts of Stone NY bespoke fine jewelry, adorned with precious and semi-precious stone hearts.

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Hearts of Stone NY is not just another jewelry brand; it’s a testament to craftsmanship, elegance, and the enduring power of love. Founded on the belief that every piece of jewelry should tell a unique story, Hearts of Stone NY specializes in crafting exquisite pieces that capture the essence of romance and devotion.

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At the heart of Hearts of Stone NY’s collection are their meticulously crafted stone hearts. Each heart is selected for its quality, brilliance, and symbolism, making every piece a timeless expression of love. Whether it’s a radiant ruby symbolizing passion, a serene sapphire representing loyalty, or a vibrant aquamarine signifying happiness and hope, Hearts of Stone NY offers a diverse array of gemstones to suit every style and sentiment.

05 09 2023 heartstone 0035 72dpi

What sets Hearts of Stone NY apart is their commitment to bespoke craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced jewelry, each piece from Hearts of Stone NY is custom-made to reflect the individuality of its wearer. From the initial design consultation to the final polishing, every step of the process is imbued with care and attention to detail, ensuring that the finished piece exceeds expectations.

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One of the most enchanting aspects of Hearts of Stone NY’s jewelry is its versatility. Whether you’re searching for a statement necklace, an elegant bracelet, or a dazzling ring, Hearts of Stone NY offers an array of designs to suit every taste and occasion. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to be cherished for a lifetime, serving as a tangible reminder of the love and affection it represents.

05 09 2023 heartstone 0025 72dpi

Moreover, gifting a piece of Hearts of Stone NY jewelry goes beyond the exchange of material possessions; it’s a gesture of profound sentiment and devotion. In a world where disposable gifts abound, giving someone a piece of Hearts of Stone NY jewelry is an affirmation of the enduring bond you share.

01 24 2023 heartofstone 0030 300dpi

As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider the profound impact of a gift that transcends the ordinary. Whether you’re celebrating a new romance or commemorating years of togetherness, Hearts of Stone NY bespoke fine jewelry is the perfect expression of your affection. Let your love shine brightly this Valentine’s Day with a timeless treasure from Hearts of Stone NY.

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Hearts of Stone NY’s bespoke fine jewelry offers a unique opportunity to celebrate love in its purest form. With its exquisite craftsmanship, personalized touch, and enduring beauty, Hearts of Stone NY jewelry is the perfect gift for your Valentine. This Valentine’s Day, make a statement that will last a lifetime with a piece of Hearts of Stone NY jewelry that captures the essence of your love.

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Catching Up With Style Maven Lisa Chambers

Lisa Sher-Chambers stands as a distinguished personal style expert, revered for her insightful approach to fashion and unparalleled expertise in the realm of personal image refinement. With a profound understanding of individual preferences and an eye for timeless elegance, Lisa’s guidance transcends mere trends, offering clients a transformative journey toward sartorial confidence. Through her intuitive consultations and meticulous attention to detail, Lisa Sher-Chambers cultivates personalized wardrobes that harmonize with each client’s unique identity and aspirations. Discover more about Lisa’s approach and services at Lisa Sher-Chambers Style, where luxury and personal style converge seamlessly. We will be looking forward to hearing more from Lisa after this month’s fashion week where Lisa will be covering many shows and events!
I recently got the chance to sit down with Lisa and ask her some questions about herself, her business and of course her amazing style!

Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

Can you share some of your favorite fashion trends in the luxury industry right now, and how do you incorporate them into your styling work?

I love elegance, glamour, color, and textures. The 2024 award season has already demonstrated that everyone is ‘showing up.’ Dressing up is fun again, no matter your age, shape or style. I love adding unexpected pieces to classic looks, such as pops of bright colors, different mediums like metal, and bold prints. I also love tonal dressing, which can be tricky. Mixing varying tones of the same colors works best when you combine various textures, like wool and silk. Tweeds have been on trend for a while, make tonal dressing easier by using one of the base colors in the tweed pattern and adding shades of that one color. Regarding accessories, I love the return to oversized bags, although admittedly, I was on the micro bag trend for a bit and I tried, but it’s not for me. 

How do you stay updated on the latest fashion collections and emerging designers to ensure your clients can access the most exclusive and cutting-edge pieces?

I have very close relationships with global sources for fashion and accessories, and we talk fashion, style and what’s next in fashion. We can reserve special items, which is particularly important for special occasions and travel planning. I study what the top stylists are doing, and what publications are showing, and attend as many fashion shows as possible. I’m always thinking about which pieces may be incorporated into my client’s wardrobes, considering things like body type, lifestyle, color tones, budget…We may love the look, but not the price point. We may love the look, but the silhouette isn’t suitable for our body type. Most importantly, I want my clients to look and feel their best so they can feel confident and have fun with what they are wearing. Also, I live (half-time) in Manhattan, on 57th Street, so I can see looks in person almost immediately. I can examine the sizing, touch the fabric, and determine the quality before recommending it to a client.

Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

    When working with clients, how do you balance staying true to their personal style preferences while also introducing them to new and exciting fashion concepts? 

    My clients start by telling me their authentic style and what a day in their life looks like, and we go from there. I encourage my clients to mix things up and blend things in an unexpected way. I love to introduce accessories so that their looks can take on multiple uses and move from day to evening, beach to dinner, corporate to evening.

    Can you recall a particularly challenging styling project you’ve worked on and how you overcame any obstacles to create a stunning and cohesive look? 

    Many clients are afraid of color and/or experimenting with new looks. My goal is to encourage my clients to push their fashion boundaries and express themselves while having fun with their unique styles. 

    Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

      In the world of luxury fashion, how important is it to consider sustainability and ethical practices, and how do you integrate these aspects into your styling choices? 

      I encourage resale purchasing and sourcing for my clients from reputable sources, and my network of vintage purveyors is growing. I love how fast fashion houses like Zara and H&M offer trendy pieces and looks, but the manufacturing, shipping, and return processes significantly affect the climate and the world. I ensure that my clients mostly own pieces they will keep and love for years, even decades. It can be challenging because dry cleaning can take a toll on clothing. I have even sourced new designers focusing on washable wools, lessening the need for dry cleaning. 

      What advice do you have for someone looking to elevate their personal style and incorporate more luxury pieces into their wardrobe without completely overhauling their existing collection? 

      Keep what you absolutely love. If you are hesitant, put it in a small pile in another location in your home. Revisit every six months and hold off on big decisions. If there is a designer whose looks you admire, start by incorporating an accessory like earrings or a necklace into an outfit. See how those pieces make you feel. If you like the vibe, try a ready-to-wear piece and go from there. Start slowly with one item and ensure you like the quality, the fabric, and the silhouette before revamping your closet.

      Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari

        How do you approach the process of selecting accessories to complement a luxury outfit, and what role do they play in enhancing the overall look? 

        Accessories have the power to literally transform an outfit and your outlook. Depending on the occasion, a special piece with a special memory could change your mood. You can dress an outfit up or down with accessories, creating a brand-new look with a simple change of a scarf or necklace. I personally have an affection for handbags. They not only carry everything that I need for a day or evening, but they also change my vibe. A pop of color in a bag signifies confidence and can transform the outfit. Also, accessories always fit! If you’ve gained or lost a few pounds, shoes, handbags, and jewelry won’t disappoint when looking in the mirror. Other favorite ways to change an outfit are scarves and necklaces. You can transform an old, oversized cardigan sweater with layers of necklaces or just one. If you have a sweater or t-shirt you like but may have grown tired of, try adding a luxury scarf for additional elegance. 

        As a fashionista yourself, how do you express your own personal style, and are there any key elements or signature pieces that you consistently incorporate into your wardrobe? 

        My signature style is dependent on my mood for that day, but I love sophisticated looks with a hint of edge. I personally love prints and bold colors and have been enjoying color-blocking statements. I am not a minimalist, but I work with clients who prefer monochromatic aesthetics. I am also an everyday dresser and make sure that I feel good in comfortable, quality pieces when I’m working from home. 

        Lisa Sher Chambers Styles Sarah and Bari


          🍹🏈 Get Ready for Game Day at Allegiant Stadium with Ripe Bar Juice’s New Super Bowl Cocktails! 🏈🍹

          Football fans, mark your calendars and prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable Super Bowl experience at Allegiant Stadium! Ripe Bar Juice is thrilled to announce the debut of three sensational cocktails just in time for the big game. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or simply enjoying the electrifying atmosphere, these handcrafted concoctions are guaranteed to elevate your Super Bowl Sunday.

          First & Tequila: Kick off the festivities with a burst of flavor from our First & Tequila cocktail! Crafted with 1 ¼ oz of Casamigos Blanco tequila, ¾ oz of Cointreau, fresh hand-extracted lime juice, and 2 ½ oz of RIPE fresh lemon sour, this zesty libation is the perfect blend of citrusy goodness. Rimmed with salt for that extra kick, it’s a refreshing choice for fans looking to start the celebration off right.

          Screenshot 2024 02 08 at 2.06.16 PM

          Sin City Sour: Looking for a bold and invigorating option? Look no further than our Sin City Sour! This tantalizing blend features 1 ¼ oz of Bulleit Bourbon whiskey, ¾ oz of Marie Brizard Apricot liqueur, 1 ¼ oz of RIPE fresh lemon sour, and 2 dashes of TAG Chicory Pecan bitters, all topped off with 2 oz of Q ginger beer. With its rich flavors and spicy undertones, it’s sure to become a fan favorite at Allegiant Stadium.

          Screenshot 2024 02 08 at 2.11.02 PM

          The Rummming Back: For those craving a taste of the tropics, we proudly present The Rummming Back! Crafted with 1 ¼ oz of Captain Morgan rum, ¾ oz of Canton Ginger liqueur, and 2 oz of RIPE Golden Passion mix (featuring fresh passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, and agave syrup), this cocktail is a tropical paradise in a glass. Finished with chilled Q ginger beer, it’s a delightful sipper that will transport you to sun-soaked shores with every sip.

          Screenshot 2024 02 08 at 2.08.08 PM

          But the excitement doesn’t stop at Allegiant Stadium! Ripe Bar Juice is also proud to offer its signature margarita at The Sphere Vegas, the world’s first immersive destination. With its blend of premium ingredients and unbeatable flavor, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any Super Bowl celebration.

          Screenshot 2024 02 08 at 2.14.06 PM

          So, whether you’re cheering on your team at Allegiant Stadium or immersing yourself in the ultimate sensory experience at The Sphere Vegas, be sure to raise a glass with Ripe Bar Juice’s new Super Bowl cocktails. Cheers to a game day filled with unforgettable moments and sensational sips! 🎉🥂

          Super Bowl LVIII logo.svg

          Remember to enjoy responsibly, and may the best team win! 🏆🏈

           Ten Essential Health Tips for Expectant Moms in the Last Trimester

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          Image source

          Pregnancy is a journey filled with anticipation, joy, and its fair share of challenges. As you enter the final stretch—the last trimester—it becomes crucial to focus even more on your health and well-being. This period is not only about waiting for the big day but also preparing your body and mind for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. There are certain practices and pieces of knowledge every expectant mom should arm herself with during these final months. From nutrition to knowing your rights regarding birth injuries, this guide will walk you through ten vital tips to ensure you and your baby are at your best.

          Prioritize Nutrition

          Nutrition in the last trimester acts as the cornerstone of fetal development and maternal health. Your body requires additional calories, but more importantly, a balanced intake of nutrients to support your baby’s growth, brain development, and the accumulation of fat reserves. Staying hydrated is equally important, as water plays a critical role in maintaining amniotic fluid levels and supporting increased blood volume. Don’t forget about prenatal vitamins—these supplements fill any nutritional gaps in your diet, providing essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, calcium, and DHA that are crucial for your baby’s development.

          Understanding and Preventing Birth Injuries

          Awareness about the potential for birth injuries and how to prevent them is crucial as you approach delivery. Engaging in open dialogues with your healthcare provider about the birthing process can help identify strategies to minimize risks. Key measures include regular prenatal check-ups, monitoring your baby’s movements, and making informed decisions about your birth plan and place of delivery. Moreover, it’s essential to educate yourself on your legal rights concerning medical care. Knowing when can you sue a doctor for cerebral palsy, for instance, or any other preventable injuries caused by medical negligence, empowers you to advocate for the best care for you and your baby.

          Stay Active

          Physical activity during the last trimester can seem daunting due to the discomforts of late pregnancy. However, moderate exercise is beneficial not just for your physical health but also for your emotional well-being. Activities like walking, prenatal yoga, and swimming can improve circulation, reduce back pain, enhance sleep quality, and potentially ease labor. Always consult with your healthcare provider to tailor an exercise plan that’s safe and beneficial for your unique pregnancy.

          Get Plenty of Rest

          Rest becomes increasingly important as your body prepares for labor and delivery. The extra weight and changes in your body can lead to discomfort and fatigue, making restful sleep more challenging but also more necessary. Adopting comfortable sleeping positions, using pregnancy pillows, and establishing a calming bedtime routine can help improve sleep quality. Additionally, allow yourself short naps or rest periods during the day to recharge, emphasizing the importance of listening to your body’s needs.

          Prepare for Breastfeeding

          Breastfeeding is a skill that both you and your baby will learn together. Preparing for it before the birth can ease the transition. Educate yourself about different breastfeeding positions, latch techniques, and how to recognize if your baby is getting enough milk. Many hospitals offer breastfeeding classes, and lactation consultants can provide invaluable support and information. Gathering supplies such as nursing bras, breast pads, and a breast pump can also make the initial weeks of breastfeeding more comfortable and stress-free.

          Attend Childbirth Education Classes

          Knowledge is a powerful tool in navigating the uncertainties of childbirth. Childbirth education classes offer invaluable insights into the labor and delivery process, equipping expectant moms with practical skills, such as breathing techniques, labor positions, and pain management strategies. These classes also provide a platform to ask questions and express any fears or concerns, fostering a sense of preparedness and confidence. Additionally, they often cover postpartum care, breastfeeding, and newborn care, offering a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the weeks following birth.

          Monitor Your Baby’s Movements

          As your baby grows, their movements can be a reassuring sign of their well-being. Monitoring these movements becomes increasingly important in the last trimester. Healthcare providers recommend paying attention to the pattern and frequency of kicks, rolls, and nudges. A significant decrease or change in movement can indicate potential issues that warrant immediate medical attention. Establishing a routine for monitoring fetal movements, such as counting kicks in the evening when babies are typically more active, can help expectant moms stay attuned to their baby’s health and prompt early intervention if necessary.

          Pack Your Hospital Bag

          Preparation is key as the due date approaches, and packing your hospital bag in advance can alleviate last-minute stress. This bag should include essentials for both mom and baby—comfortable clothing, toiletries, identification and insurance documents, a birth plan, snacks, and items to help you relax, such as music or a favorite book. For the baby, include outfits, blankets, diapers, and a car seat for the ride home. Having everything organized and ready to go can provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the arrival of your new baby.

          Create a Support System

          The value of a strong support system during labor, delivery, and the postpartum period cannot be overstated. Identifying friends, family, or a doula who can offer emotional and physical support is crucial. Discuss your birth plan and expectations with them to ensure everyone is aligned and understands how they can best assist you. Support can also come in the form of practical help, such as assisting with household tasks or caring for other children, allowing you to focus on recovery and bonding with your newborn.

          Focus on Mental Health

          The emotional journey of pregnancy and the transition to motherhood can be complex. It’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions, from excitement and joy to anxiety and fear. Paying attention to your mental health is as important as physical health. Openly communicating with your partner, family, or healthcare provider about your feelings can provide relief and support. Seek professional help if you experience signs of depression or anxiety. Many resources are available, including counseling, support groups, and hotlines, providing the care and support needed during this transformative time.

          Conclusion: The Last Round!

          Navigating the last trimester of pregnancy with care and knowledge can set the stage for a healthy delivery and postpartum period. By focusing on these ten health tips, expectant moms can feel empowered and prepared for the arrival of their little one. Remember, every pregnancy is unique, so always consult with your healthcare provider to tailor these tips to your specific needs. Here’s to a healthy and happy final trimester! 

          PXG Golf in New Rochelle to Host a Unique Valentine’s Day Event for Couples

          PXG Golf in New Rochelle is excited to announce a special Valentine’s Day event designed for couples, taking place Tuesday, February 13th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. This fun, free evening is tailored for both seasoned golfers and novices alike, offering a unique opportunity for couples to enjoy the sport together in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

          Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 6.31.49 PM

          This PXG event is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day create memories with a partner and perhaps discover a new shared passion. Couples can bring their own clubs or try PXG’s high-quality equipment at no cost. In addition, attendees will benefit from complimentary golf instruction provided by PXG’s skilled professionals. 

          “We know there are many couples where one partner doesn’t play golf, but we also know it is an enjoyable couples activity. So our goal is to help couples experience golf together and enhance their relationship through the sport. This event is ideal for those who are new to the game to learn the basics and for seasoned players to share their love of the sport with their significant other,” stated Brandon Violette, Fitting Team Leader at PXG in New Rochelle and PGA professional. 

          The evening will also provide an opportunity to socialize, meet other couples, and potentially organize new golf foursomes, setting the stage for friendships and fun throughout the upcoming season. To add to the festive atmosphere, PXG will have a selection of handcrafted Valentine’s Day chocolates for all guests.  

          Space is limited, and interested couples must register in advance. To secure a spot, register using this link 

          Event Details:

          Date: January 13th

          Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM

          Location: PXG Golf, 100 Nardozzi Place, New Rochelle, NY


          About PXG

          Founded by entrepreneur and self-proclaimed golf nut Bob Parsons, PXG embodies his belief that every new product – from golf clubs to sport fashion apparel – should be markedly better. Every innovation should noticeably improve your performance. And every moment of impact should elevate your enjoyment. Today, PXG offers a complete lineup of right- and left-handed golf clubs for all levels of golfers as well as high-performance, sports, fashion apparel, and accessories. PXG opened the retail store in New Rochelle at 100 Nardozzi Place in January of 2023. The store is one of the largest of the 22 PXG stores nationwide at 7500 square feet and includes four bays equipped with state-of-the-art technology to analyze golf swings as well as two putting areas. For more information visit