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Santa Can You Hear Me

Have you been good this year?  Maybe you will find one of these beauties under you tree.  I hope I do!Santa Can You Hear Me

Christmas Cookies

Its not too late to “Get Your Betty On”….Here are a few cookie ideas that you can make with simple slice and bake sugar cookies!Christmas Cookies

Setting the Christmas Table

One of my favorite Holiday traditions is setting a unique decorative Christmas Table.  I like to start early and try to mix it up every year.  Here are some suggestions for a colorful festive table setting for you Holiday feast!Setting the Christmas Table

Gift Ideas for Girls

Here are some wonderful gift ideas for the special little lady in your life.Gift Ideas for Girls

Grilled Cheese

A really great food choice to offer guests, who stop in to bring presents or to see your tree, is gourmet grilled cheese.  They are very easy to make and surely will please your crowd.  I like to use a panini maker or a George Foreman Grill…choose a cheese that melts well, such as american, cheddar, jack, gruyere, swiss, Colby, fontina, provolone or brie…cut into 4’s and you are good to go!!  Yummmmmmm!!!

Consider some unique variations by adding the following:
  • avocado and bacon
  • drizzled truffle oil
  • tomato and bacon
  • pesto
  • apple, cheddar and bacon
  • cream cheese and cherry tomato
  • arugula and ham
  • figs and cheese
  • tomato and basil
  • cucumber and goat cheese

A fashionable Friend

This weeks fashionable “friend” is Aerin Lauder.  Even though we are not “friends” in the traditional sense of the word, I only met her once at a book signing….. We ARE Instagram friends!!!!  Over Thanksgiving weekend, she posted a photo of herself in her Southampton store wearing this wonderful outfit.  It is the perfect mix of casual/chic.A fashionable Friend