Budget-Friendly Tips For A Long-Distance Relocation

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Moving is expensive, and there are various factors contributing to the cost. The type of movers, time of the year, and the number of items to be moved are crucial in determining how much you will pay. Distance is another important factor, and the 4.8 million Americans who moved long distances last year admit that the cost is usually two or three times higher than an average move. Moving across states comes at a higher cost than a local move. Fortunately, you can make it less expensive, and below are some suggestions to make it easier.

  1. Consider an off-season relocation

Statistics indicate that many people relocate during the summer when the weather is better. Due to this trend, summer is noted as the peak season for all moving companies. This, undoubtedly, increases the cost of moving in this period. One of the best times to move across states is off-season. During such times, the chances of clashing dates are greatly reduced, and costs or fees are convenient. Because the season is slow, most cross-country movers reduce costs to keep business going. When you opt for this, you can save hundreds of dollars in the process. Data has shown that moving in the Fall is usually off-season and works well for anybody considering a cross-country relocation. 

  1. Pack your belongings in advance without hired labor

Packing in advance takes away the pressure and stress of rushed moving. There will be no need to scramble on the last day when the moving truck arrives, and you can handle a task one day at a time. It is advisable to start with areas with the most items. This can be the kitchen, garage, or main bedroom. For many households, the garage is the most cluttered part of the house that needs attention. When you use this technique, You can do less strenuous tasks on the days leading to the actual move. Moreover, when the cross country moving company arrives, all they must do is load the truck with your items. In effect, packing in advance would have saved you the cost of professional movers handling that specific task.

  1. Secure free moving boxes on your own

There are professional moving companies that handle all aspects of the relocation process. One of these services is providing clients with all the necessary packing supplies, which comes at an extra cost. Fortunately, you can eliminate that expense by securing the moving boxes yourself. Grocery stores, local bookstores, and pharmacies are a few examples of places to find moving boxes without paying anything for them. You can also sign up for the U-Haul box exchange system, which charges nothing for these supplies. If you are likely to move again in a few years, saving your cardboard boxes is a good idea. They can be better preserved when flattened along the natural edges, stacked according to size, and stored on their sides in a dry place.

Indeed, cross-country moves can be strenuous and expensive. However, you can adopt any of these ideas to reduce costs.

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