Bougie Blankets: My BEST purchase in a long while.

You know when I like something I mean really like something, I post it over and over. Well, I have to say, if I had to narrow it down, the single best purchase within last year was my Bougie Blanket. I was never a blanket person. My daughter is a huge blanket person and she sleeps with multiple thick soft cotton blankets every night, 365 days of a year. My good friend JB is a huge blanket person. So much so that she literally traveled with a blanket AND quilt for most of our teen and college years. They were affectionately called Bunkie and Quilty. And they literally came everywhere. I am still scarred thinking of the time that upon landing in Mexico after a semi-turbulent flight, bunky and quilty shifted and literally came down in one huge thump on a poor unsuspecting passenger in the row ahead of us. The poor guy, at this point in its life, quilty was quite a mess of batting and orange Brady Bunch floral material, and the poor man was shocked and pretty annoyed. I was def not a blanket person!!! Fast forward to this winter in Florida. My friend Meg told me about her Bougie Blanket and how everyone was stealing hers and it is now her family’s obsession. The entire week, I heard about that blanket at least 100 times. So I thought I would try it. OMG!!!! The Bougie Blanket is incredible. It is so luxurious and the most comfortable thing you have ever felt. It washes well too, which most faux fur blankets do not. It has a little bit of weight due to the quality of the fabric but it is perfection. Not to mention every single one of my family members has stolen it since the day I received it. What a treasure. To read more about Bougie Blankets or to purchase your own, click HERE.

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