Beauty Favorites

I was cleaning out the drawers in my bathroom yesterday and started looking around at the all items that stuck over the past year.  At least once a week, someone sends me beauty products to try and I do test them all out, and sometimes, my kids and my sister and mom do tooooooooo!!!!!!  Over the past year, these are some of my favorites that I have been using over and over.  

I use this every night!! it’s amazing!!!

As far as dry shampoos go…this is the BEST

The most amazing also doubles as a mask you can wear to sleep!!!!

My son goes through these cleansing pads by the case!!!!!!

This is the best shampoo…I will never use another.

This is one of my favorite cleaners!!!!

This paste is amazing too!!!!!

Another amazing face cleanser…a “polish” actually!!!!!!

This makes your eyelashes long and full…you HAVE to give it a try!!!!!

This foot peel is incredible..I use it all the time!!!!

Both my girls got this mask for Christmas and they and all their friends are OBSESSED!!!!!!!

This is also one of my favorite Hair Care Products…….

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