5 Must-Dos For a Good Night’s Sleep As We Head Into the New Year…..


Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Even if you’re exercising and eating a balanced diet, you can still feel unhealthy if you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to achieve.

With life as busy as it is and stimulus everywhere you look, it can be difficult to switch off and relax. Here are some must-dos for getting the sleep you need every night.

Avoid Caffeine 

Having your fresh cup of coffee to wake you up first thing in the morning is fine. However, continuing to drink coffee throughout the rest of the day can play havoc on your system. You should especially avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and early evening.

Too much caffeine may mean that you can’t fall asleep at night, even when you feel tired. Caffeine keeps you too stimulated to rest well.

A Good Bed

You won’t sleep well if you’re uncomfortable during the night because you haven’t got a good bed. If you’re waking up in the morning and you still feel unrested or your body is aching, you may need a new bed or new mattress. If you’re purchasing a new bed, look for the best smart bed.

A smart bed can have multiple features. For instance, it may be infused memory foam or it could have a cooling mattress. Most smart beds have features that perfectly suit the user to ensure your sleeping conditions are exactly what you need.

Turn Off Devices

An hour before you intend on going to bed, switch off all of your devices. Using devices just before you go to bed will often mean you’ll take longer to relax. Avoid using your computer, scrolling through social media, or doing any online shopping.

Using devices before going to sleep can also affect your eyes. The bright lights of screens can stimulate your brain enough to keep it stimulated at a time when you want to rest.

Avoid Naps

Most people hit a point in the day, usually mid-afternoon, where it becomes tougher to carry on. It’s tempting to lay down and take a nap but this can result in worsening your night’s sleep. Napping may mean that you’re unable to sleep well in the evening and find yourself awake until the early hours of the morning.

Try and push through those couple of hours where you feel sluggish throughout the day and you’ll rest better at night.

Watch What You Eat

It’s important to be mindful of your evening meal. If you eat too much before going to bed, you may be too uncomfortable to rest well. However, if you eat too little, you could be too hungry to sleep.

Eat a healthy and balanced meal at least two hours before you go to bed so your body has enough time to properly digest your meal.

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