5 Interior Design Mistakes to Rectify to Change Your Mindset (and Your Home)

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Creating a well-designed living space is an art form, but anyone who has an enthusiasm for interior design in whatever way can fall prey to a number of common interior design mistakes. So, what does it really take to ensure that you create a harmonious home that looks amazing, but is also comfortable and functional?

Being Mindful of Hazards

We should design with safety in mind. When pursuing aesthetically pleasing designs, we’ve got to be aware of the common pitfalls that pose dangers to our homes. These could include potential fire hazards, such as placing flammable items near heat sources, faulty wiring, and overloading electrical outlets. While a fire restoration company could be invaluable in restoring homes after fire damage, which could be critical for the recovery process, it’s always essential to design with safety in mind.

Fear of Making Bold Choices

If there’s one thing that can be a major issue, it’s that we play it too safely. We shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with statement pieces, patterns, and bold colors, as this can elevate the visual appeal of a room and make a lasting impression. What’s more, making timid design choices often results in a lack of personality. We should ultimately communicate what we are all about in our home, which is why it pays to be playful. There can be a fear that if we invest in something and it doesn’t look or feel right, we’ve wasted a lot of money and time, which is why making bold choices is about carefully considering every single aspect first. You can always do a mock-up of a design with computer-aided design software or other interior design tools, and you can then be doubly sure that what you are envisioning is the ideal solution.

Neglecting Functionality for Style

We should strike a balance, and while we want the space to look fantastic, we need to operate with some form of practicality in mind and cater to the needs of everyone inhabiting the space. So many people crave that show-home vibe; however, doing this means we end up compromising so much. The design choices should ultimately align with our lifestyle.

Disregarding the Lighting

If you want to make or break the ambiance of the room, you should never overlook the importance of proper lighting design. The perfect equation is a mix of accent, task, and ambient lighting, as this will create a well-lit and ultimately more inviting space. Many people also neglect natural light sources, which can result in a somewhat lackluster environment.

Ignoring Scale

If you want to get your home in order, one of the most common mistakes is neglecting the significance of scale in the design. For example, using oversized or even undersized furniture can throw off the balance and feel of a room. We should be mindful of the proportions and go back to the off-used expression “measure twice, cut once.” We should always be aware of our measurements because this can save a lot of frustration.

Interior design is an amazing journey, and by steering clear of these common pitfalls you can create a home that reflects your style, but covers all of the bases as well.

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