Introducing Lisa Sher-Chambers Fashion Stylist

As the fashion world turns, style is constant. And one name that comes to mind as someone who lives and breathes style is Lisa Sher-Chambers. She has an illustrious and diverse background, but fashion knowledge and style have been her guiding light for herself and her clients.  I also recommend you follow her day-to-day fashion finds on Instagram @Lisasherchambers.

Her process can be as simple or as complex as a client needs. The process starts with a call to get to know each other and make sure the connection feels right. Typically, the next step is a wardrobe inventory to decide with clients, what stays and what goes, followed by new visions for the existing wardrobe and/or considering replacements. She is an expert for clients looking for fewer pieces of higher quality. If a client is confident with his or her existing style and just needs a look for a special event or meeting, no problem. Lisa provides guidance and the opportunity for clients to get to know her before they make a full commitment. Lisa’s capabilities and a full overview of her offerings are available on her website

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Lisa has always embodied style. She worked in fashion for two decades and owned a women’s retail clothing and accessories boutique in the early 2000s before venturing onto a reality show to showcase her style. Her commitment to style never wavered, however, after life changes she pivoted to a full-time corporate job by day, stylist by night, for high-powered executives and women who simply wanted to look and feel their best. She has written for numerous national style and fashion publications and her style writing has been submitted for national awards. Now, she is using her style knowledge, full-time, to guide others on their journey to look and feel their best. Lisa believes that when you look good, you feel more confident and that life is more fun when you love what you’re wearing. 

Lisa’s innate sense of style ensures that her clients maintain their authenticity and feel confident in how they look, for every occasion at any time of day and for all body types. Lisa will ensure that you project your personal best image, leaving you confident in any situation. She’s got you covered. 

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Her relationships in the fashion industry are second to none and she is often the first to know of new brand drops and collaborations, price reductions, and access to special events. She is a sourcing expert and if you have an idea in mind, Lisa can put a whole look together on budget and on time. 

I have had personal experiences with Lisa, where she helped me save money on an item I loved and has also helped me in sourcing items. She made this process fun, and recommend her for all of your fashion style needs. Check out her website,, for additional details. 

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