31st State The Only Answer For Your Teenager’s Skin

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Teen age skin can really be a challenge and there is really not a great selection of products on the market specifically for teenagers or more specifically teenage BOYS. 31st State was created for teenagers. All products are nature-derived great smelling products. The collection contains Natural + vegan + planet-friendly essentials for skin, hair, and body.

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Inspired by the abundant sunshine, beaches, deserts, and forests of California, life in the 31st State feels a little more grounded and a lot less complicated. It is the answer for teenage acne and breakouts.

When her teenage sons started having skin problems, Stephanie Capuano did what moms do, she googled ‘teenage skin care.’  After some disappointing results, she asked her friends for advice and it turned out they were just as lost as she was. After searching endlessly in pharmacies and retailers in the UK and the US, she was frustrated that there was genuinely nothing on the market that worked well enough for them, was stylish, aspirational, and importantly, wasn’t elbow-deep in unnecessary chemicals. Inspired by what it felt like growing up in California (the 31st State), she created a brand devoted to boys in all their glory, which feels more current for Gen Z  and the next-gen of teen boys,  and is inspired by the idea of simple, effortless, California clean. The 31st State is a place but also a way of doing things – a geography and a philosophy in one.  A philosophy wherein we all ‘untry harder’. 

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To learn more about the wonderful products and the company visit their website HERE.

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