Bougie Blankets For Mother’s Day

One of the best most luxurious gifts for Mother’s Day is a Bougie Blanket. We have one in our house and everyone fights over it. It was the only thing my son asked for his 25th birthday!!!!!

Bougie Blankets is a women-owned company born out of pure love. Nathalie the founder discovered an amazing way to express love through warmth and coziness. The company believes that cozying up with our loved ones or simply cozying up solo, is the best way to live.

The blankets are available in a few sizes and many colors. It is the absolute perfect gift for mom. And while you are at it, buy one for yourself! To see all of the options visit the Bougie Blanket website!

IMG 0603
IMG 0604
IMG 0605
IMG 0606
IMG 0594
IMG 0595
IMG 0601
IMG 0599
IMG 0600
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