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Daily Archives: May 30, 2022

This Weekend’s Best Sellers

Happy Memorial Day! What a wonderful weekend we are having here in the North East! I have rounded up the best sellers from the past week. We have it all here…great sandals, cover-ups, outfits, and jewelry galore!!! Happy Shopping!!! Drop me an email and let me know what you think!

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  1. I love these sandals embellished with pearls.

2. Love this floral cover-up!

3. Love this Supergoop glow sunscreen!

4. These artificial flowers are amazing!!

5. Love snake jewelry!!

6. This caftan is gorgeous…

7. These are the cutest bow slides.

8. These black and white shoes are so chic!!!

9. This jumpsuit is fabulous!!!

10. It comes in pink too!!

11. This candle smells divine. It is the candle that is burned at the Ritz New Orleans!

12. The earrings that I am always asked about are back in stock.

13. I just ordered these. LOVE them!!!

14. This is the perfect summer sandal.

15. These metallic bow slides are awesome!

The Behaviors That Keep You From Living Fully

Everyone wants to feel as though they are living fully. But the truth is that this is often harder to achieve than you might think. If you are wondering what you might need to do in order to live your life much more fully and in a more engaging way, there are a variety of areas that you might want to look into. In this post, we are going to take a look specifically at some of the behaviors that you might be engaging in which are stopping you from living fully. If you can look into and adopt these, you will find that you are living your life much more fully soon enough.

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Trying To Predict The Future

Most of us spend far too much time and energy trying to figure out what is going to come in the future. The fact is you can’t know the future, and you are not able to predict it at all. While you can make plans, really these are just wishes, and there is no real way to know what is going to happen. Many people get too caught up in the notion of the future, to the point that they end up worse off than if they just merely lived moment to moment. Not only that, but humans are famously pretty bad at knowing what will make them happy anyway, so you probably don’t even know what kind of life you should aim for.

Instead of trying to predict the future all the time, put a little more effort into living as fully as you can right now – the present moment, the only moment that you have any control over.

Moving Away From Fear

There is an automatic assumption that most of us make with regard to the feeling of fear, that it is bad and something to be avoided. You might think that feeling happy is good and feeling scared is bad. The problem here is that these formulations are not actually facts about those feelings, but interpretations – and as it happens, they might be less than useful interpretations when it comes to making wise decisions for yourself.

If, instead of trying to keep away from the feeling of fear, you actually try to embrace it a little more, you might find yourself starting to do things you thought you weren’t capable of. And that will mean you are probably living more bravely and with a much better sense of adventure.

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Addiction comes in many forms, and most of us have at least one thing that we would say we are addicted to – or we would if we could see clearly that this is what it is. The trouble is that many of our most common addictions are actually hidden from us, and we can’t see that they are troublesome. It could be that you are addicted to a particular drug, in which case you might need substance use treatment to overcome it. Or maybe you are addicted to an everyday thing like your phone or screens in general. This is common, but still harmful, and you might want to see if you can do something about it.

Whatever the addiction is, the point is that it is probably stopping you from living fully, sometimes in a subtle way. So overcoming it will really help in turning things around.

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In a sense, self-sabotage could be lurking under any of the behaviors discussed above, and other behaviors too. But it is such a pernicious thing that it is worth investigating on its own too. How often have you found yourself to be self-sabotaging, without really realizing for ages, until one day it becomes clear to you that this is what you’ve been doing? This is a common cycle for many, and it can really effectively get in the way of whatever you are trying to achieve in life.

So what is the solution to self-sabotage? Firstly, you need to develop sufficient mindfulness that you can see when you are engaging in it. Soon enough, you will then start to see exactly when it is happening. Then you simply need to remind yourself why you are doing it, and try to replace it with a more useful action. Over time, this is going to become easier and easier, though it might take you quite a lot of practice. However, it is worth it for the good it will do you in your life now and in the future, so try it out.

Actionable Tips To Get Rid Of The Painkiller Habit

Chronic pain is a common health concern, and thousands of people struggle with it. Although painkillers sound like an easy solution, they offer only temporary respite in most cases. Prolonged use can do more harm than good because it can have dire side effects. Even worse, you may become habitual to medication even without deriving sustainable benefits. It is vital to ditch the habit before it reaches the stage of addiction. Luckily, there are ways to address pain effectively without depending on medications. Let us suggest a few actionable tips to help.

Follow the doctor’s orders

Most patients fall into the painkiller habit because they fail to follow the doctor’s orders and resort to self-medication. It is most likely to happen with over-the-counter medications as you do not require a prescription to buy them. You tend to crave them at some point because of your mental state rather than physical needs. Commit to following the doctor’s orders and stick to the dosage and timelines they recommend.

Know the red flags

Habit formation does not happen overnight but is an extended process. You can actually notice several red flags if you are vigilant enough. Lying to a pharmacist about a need for painkillers, running out of a prescription early, and borrowing pain medications from others are some warning signs to watch out for. Moreover, your body gives several signals indicating something amiss. Know the red flags and address them before it is too late. 

Look for a natural alternative

The best way to ditch painkillers for good is by looking for a natural alternative. Fortunately, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and massage can help. Cannabis is an excellent remedy for chronic pain as it addresses inflammation and treats the underlying cause. You can buy it easily because it is legal in the country. Check a reputed canadian cannabis dispensary menu to find an ideal product and switch to this natural alternative. Pick the apt strain, dosage, and consumption method to replace medications safely. 

Admit the problem

The worst thing about the painkiller habit is that most people deny the problem in the first place. Remember that denial only makes things worse, and you may end up with a full-blown addiction problem even before you know it. Experts recommend admitting to the concern and getting help sooner than later. You can discuss the issue with a loved one or your doctor to get recommendations about dealing with it.

See a therapist

Visiting a therapist to deal with the painkiller habit sounds like a drastic move, but it can actually save you from trouble down the line. You must understand that habit formation is a mental health issue because it indicates a loss of control. A therapist or counselor is the best person to guide you about ditching it before it worsens. See a specialist sooner than later and share your concerns honestly to get a viable solution.

Visit A Dedicated Center 

If you feel as though you’re not able to break free from your painkiller habit and would need a lot of extra support to achieve your goal, then it’s a brilliant idea to visit a dedicated detox center. Such a center is specially designed to help promote effective and productive recovery from all manner of dependencies and addictions, and they contain expert staff and nurses that know exactly how to help you rid yourself of your painkiller habit for good. They’ll help you to get to the root of the problem, as this is the only way to ensure you don’t fall back into old habits. Take some time to research for a good residential drug rehab facility in your local area, reading a few reviews and ratings from past patients to see whether the service will meet your needs. You’ll be so glad you did. 

The painkiller habit is more serious than it sounds, and early action can save you from a big fix. Recognize the problem, accept it, and take measures to deal with it.