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Daily Archives: February 7, 2022

What Is Wordle?

Have you played Wordly yet? Do you even know what it is? I have heard so many people talking about it and so many posts showing Wordle. Basically, Wordle is a free online game that gives you a new word to guess each day. It has become the viral word game of 2022..So today I gave it a try. I hate word games BTW..

Screen Shot 2022 02 07 at 7.58.14 PM

First, you choose a word. I hear you need to pick one that has a lot of vowels. After you guess your word, the color of the tiles will change to let you know how close you came to the day’s word (see above).

If you have the right letter in the right spot, it appears green. A correct letter in the wrong spot appears yellow. A letter that isn’t in the word in any spot appears gray.

In the game, you get six chances to guess. This means you can choose 5 words to learn the letters and placement of the daily word. You can also try to guess the word at any time even with just one “go”.

There is just one puzzle a day so if you blow it, you have to wait until the next day to play again. Also, everyone is playing to find the same word, so it makes it very social. You will hear a lot of talk about the puzzle and how hard the daily word was or how many guesses it too.

If you want to join the 300,000 people playing the game daily, click HERE.

At Home Party Ideas You Can Try To Get Your Friends Together Now….

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After a year of struggle with the pandemic, the vaccines made the virus less daunting. But the recent wave of the Omicron variant proved that it is still powerful. Maybe, the celebrations came too early for the world. You still need to stay home and bolster your immunity to be safe from the virus. Even if you want to get back to partying, hosting get-togethers at home is the best thing to do amid the ongoing pandemic. Consider getting creative and try some unique ideas to make at-home parties successful. Here are the ones worth trying this season.  

Host a retro movie night

An old-school idea everyone still loves is a movie night at home. You can host a retro night for your gang to relive the memories and have fun together. Follow it up with a sleepover to make the evening extra-special. Set up comfy seating in your living room with mattresses, blankets, and cushions for the guests. You can even put up a screen outdoors if the weather is pleasant. Have tons of popcorn and delicious snacks at hand to complete the cinema experience. 

Plan a backyard BBQ party

A barbecue in your backyard is another must-try idea in pandemic times. You can even host one on the balcony if you do not have a big deck or live in a small apartment. It is easy to ensure social distancing outdoors even when you have a long guest list. Have enough seating for them, string some fairy lights, and play light music to create the right ambiance for a lovely evening. 

Cook cannabis-infused dinner

If you have a group of cannabis-loving friends, nothing gets better than a cannabis dinner. You can unleash your culinary skills to cook the most delicious and innovative dishes for the evening. Cooking with concentrates is a great idea as you get more with less. Order your favorite budder from weed smart and get going with your baking spree. Be ready for some genuine compliments from your buddies as you host an event to remember. 

Try a potluck party

Do not be too stressed about hosting a party at home because you can share the workload by opting for a potluck theme. Rest assured, your guests will love the idea of a potluck as much as you do. Plan the evening by asking every attendee to bring a special dish each, so you will not have to slog in the kitchen for hours. You can dress up and enjoy the party like everyone else. 

Invite your SO for a spa day at home

You may want a more intimate gathering for your SO instead of a crowded party for the entire gang of friends. Surprise your partner with a romantic spa day at home, and they will absolutely love the idea. Create the right set and setting in your bedroom using aromatic candles and flowers. Have your bathtub ready with an infusion of essential oils. Indulge in a mutual massage session, and let love do the rest! 

These unique at-home party ideas are a must-try in pandemic times, so don’t miss out on the fun. Get your guest lists ready, and plan the one you like the most.