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Daily Archives: June 9, 2021

5 Tips For Purchasing A Quality Bag

Nylon vs leather, which is better? The finished products of both bags look elegant but depend on your needs since they vary in some ways. Leather bags are made from animal hides which are processed, cleaned to remove hair and debris. Then, mix with chemicals to either soften it for fashion or harden it for travel purposes.

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Leather bags are fashionable, durable, and quite strong. On the other hand, nylon bags are basically flexible. Nylon makes good travel bags and wallets. They are relatively cost-effective compared to leather bags. Moreover, they come in different forms and colors. However, when you want to purchase a quality bag, it is vital to consider the following factors. 


When purchasing a bag, the most important factor to consider is its comfort. You don’t want to get a bag that will hurt your back. You will use it often, and the worst could be injuring yourself. Look for a bag easy to carry, with a comfortable backside, shoulder straps, and padding. Some bags are designed with comfortable back panels, optional hip belts, and padded shoulder straps, which help distribute the body’s weight. The padded shoulder straps should be adjustable to allow the bag to comfortably sit on your back and reduce straining and back pains. 

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Everyone wants a quality bag. No one can withstand the humiliation of carrying a bag that is susceptible to tears. You can get a heavy-duty bag made from strong nylon material. Leather bags might drive up the bag’s price if you wish to purchase, especially when you don’t have enough cash. Both materials are worth considering, but it depends on your pocket. Moreover, check the sewing and thread materials. Ensure the bag has double stitching, and check out what you should carry with the bag not to overload it. 


Weather can sometimes be harsh when you least expected it. You need a bag that is somehow waterproof and with padding to protect delicate equipment like electronics from getting damaged. For example, bags made from nylon are sometimes semi-waterproof. Such a bag can protect the contents you’re carrying in emergency cases. 

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To get a perfect size bag is necessary. You need to select a bag that is proportional to your body. It should fit the items you intend to carry. The right-sized bag needs to have the right torso length. Also, it needs to have a comfortably snug grip on your waist or hips. You need to realize that the majority of your bag’s weight is supported by your hips. Therefore, make sure you have a bag adjustable hipbelts that you can adjust to fit your required size. 

Your activity needs

When you are selecting the bags, look for the right design that meets your needs and purpose. Ask yourself; is the bag comfortable to fit all necessary utilities you need? Can you carry around with ease all day long? Will weather changes affect it or destroy your utilities inside? These questions will help you in determining the best bag to buy that caters to your specific needs. 

Do You Need A Valentine’s Do-Over Right About Now?

 Everyone and I mean everyone, needs a V-Day do-over this year after what we’ve all been through, so Fogo de Chão, the new Brazilian Steak house in White Plains, is helping spice up your love life with a great excuse to get out of the house and celebrate Brazilian Valentine’s Day on June 1st. This day is officially referred to as ‘Dia dos Namorados’ in Brazil.


Who needs to wait until next February to celebrate with your special someone, let the sparks fly June 12 and all summer long (and thanks to Fogo, it won’t just be the temps outside heating up!)

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 If you’re looking to enjoy a romantic re-do at Fogo for your very own Brazilian Valentine’s Day celebration or just need an excuse to try someplace new, I’m giving away a $150 dining card so you can enjoy a dinner for two (only valid on food and non-alcoholic beverages).

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