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Daily Archives: October 7, 2020

Decorating the Patio for Fall

I am really going to try to keep my Wednesday post focusing on decorating. Last week we looked at options for decorating by the front door. This week, it’s time to turn around and decorate the back. Now more than ever we are spending time with friends and family outdoors. This does not have to stop just because the summer is over. It is so easy to transform your outdoor space into an Autumn wonderland. You can add some mums and pumpkins and even switch out your pillows for some darker shades, like forest green, burnt orange or navy blue. Maybe add a cozy throw and you are all set. Here is some inspiration to help you with the transformation.

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4 Tips For Your Pursuit Of Happiness

 A 2019 research by the General Social Survey suggested that more Americans are growing increasingly unhappy with figures indicating a deeper nose-dive since 2000. Meanwhile, other studies have suggested that acquiring happiness is more of a habit than an act. In his book titled “authentic happiness,” well-known American psychologist Martin Seligman suggested that being happy in life is more of a pursuit than something you can acquire. While this makes sense, it does not mean you will stay upbeat all the time. For example, being at work can make you feel important – yet unhappy, so you should strive to stay happy most of the time. Are you finding it challenging to cultivate this habit? Here are a few tips to make your pursuit of happiness easier for you.

  1. Choose happiness 

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If it were that easy, we would not be here, but trying to see issues in the positive light than negatively can go a long way. In case you do not know how, begin by being mindful of your self-talk. Pay attention to the words you say to yourself, and if they are not positive, replace them with nicer things. A few people naturally focus on positives, yet for others, the first thing they observe is negative. Make a conscious effort to change that as it is even crucial to your psychological wellbeing and happiness. 

  1. Create a personalized work-life balance 

Balancing does not mean half work and half leisure. It is about choosing what is appropriate for you. Start by identifying what is more important to you and create room in your day or week for that. This will ensure you go through life doing the things that add value to you. To deal with that, there are loads of skills you will need; building firm boundaries and discipline is one significant skill to achieve the right work-life balance. 

  1. Stay away from perfectionism

The quest for perfection often leads to disappointment, and eventually leads to negative self-talk. At that point, it is just a matter of time before it starts taking a toll on your mental and psychological well being. Endeavor to accomplish your best work and excuse yourself on those days that it is rarely perfect. This will reduce the pressure you put on yourself and help you to stay grounded. Fortunately, there are several online resources you can use to learn more about the subject.

  1. Comparisons are unhealthy 

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One problematic aspect of the journey towards happiness is not understanding that things may be okay the way they are. More often than not, some people allow the drama and dilemma of each day to get in the way of their happiness. However, there is no point in feeling frustrated about things you cannot change. There is also no reason to change who you are for people to validate you. It is unhealthy to compete with others as everyone has their own path, and you are right where you should be. Whatever discomfort you should feel should be geared towards making yourself better than you were yesterday.  

Some Steps To Consider Before Buying a Home…

Buying a house is an acquisition that can give you the possibility of investing your money safely. However, the vast majority of people who want to buy a house embark on an adventure without first taking into account the diversity of factors that can help or harm them with this purchase. If at this point in your life you are considering buying a house, but you don’t know all that this implies, this article is what you were looking for. Take your time and read these ten key points to consider before buying a home.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

It would help if you had your finances in order.

The order of personal finances is something fundamental in people’s lives. But it is decisive when thinking about a new house or apartment. Before even starting to choose what type of home you would like to have, you must make sure that you do not have any other debt. So check your statement and check that you have paid cards and that there is no other debt that is going to consume the resources you would use to pay your house. Paying off debt while you also have to pay a real estate loan is a considerable economic burden that can hurt your finances when buying a home. Ensure that you find the best home loan beforehand.

Identify your needs

Before starting a search to buy a home like the one you want, make a list of your needs.

Do you need a lot of space? How many rooms would you like your house to have? Do you want one floor or two? Try to think about your needs in the medium and long term, since buying a home or apartment implies that you look to the future. It is likely that for now, you do not need much space but thinking ahead; you may require a place in which to park a car.

Or it is possible that later on, you will see the opportunity to open a micro-business in your home, which would make the need for a larger property indispensable. So take a notebook and start writing down the requirements that the house you want to buy must satisfy.

Consider the help of a specialist.

If you do not have the time to dedicate to the search for a house or if you want to make this work more efficient, you can always go to a real estate agent. Real estate agents are people who are dedicated to the sale of real estate and given their profession; they already have tools to develop this work. Why should you approach one? Because with the pace of life today, it is very difficult for you to have a lot of time to start exploring options. Although you will always have the opportunity to stop receiving their advice, you can take into account their suggestions for the property that suits you best.

Analyze your ability to generate long-term income

Before thinking about acquiring your loan, you should also consider how you are going to pay it since this responsibility implies that you already have financial and professional stability.

It is often common for most people to overlook this aspect but think that the acquisition of a house or apartment is to improve your quality of life. And it would not benefit if you manage to obtain financing that for some situation you cannot pay. Consider your current situation, so that buying a house or apartment means an improvement to your quality of life and not the opposite.

Make a list of properties and refine it.

If you have already started studying properties, ensure that you are writing them all down on a list. It does not matter if it is a huge list, as the next step will be to debug it and refine it. For this reason, you must write down the positive and negative characteristics of each property, which will give you the possibility of making a better filter of the properties. Consider that the list you have left can be filtered again. In this way, you can refine your search for properties. And in this way, instead of going to visit 20 house or apartment options, you can choose only the best 10 to discover. This will save time and money in the long run. You know what your needs are, so be sure to honor that. 

So do not miss the opportunity to explore this option so that you can give a foundation to your dreams of a brand new house or apartment.

Five Tips For Financial Freedom Friday!!!!

We have not had a financial post lately soooooo….

The strangeness has of 2020 has had many people take a hard look at their finances, in order to increase their sense of financial security and freedom. If you’re looking at your finances and money management skills with new eyes, here are some top tips to help you better look after your money and be more secure for years to come. 

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  1. Plan ahead. It’s never too early to start thinking about the money you might need in the future. It’s a good idea to begin saving for your retirement as soon as you are able to, as the earlier you start, the more you will have to live on in later life. If the company you work for has a 401k scheme, join in and start saving. Remember that your retirement savings will need to cover living expenses, medical care, and the cost of home care, even if you are able to use CDPAP
  2. Budget. Learning to budget is a key skill if you want to be good with money. How you budget is up to you, but you need to track all your income and outgoings. Record these using an app, a notebook, or whatever you like. With everything accounted for, you can clearly see where you could save money, and can set limits on yourself. For example, you may be shocked by what you spend on coffee every month and can find a cheaper alternative to save money. 
  3. Pay down your debt. If you have any debts, make it a priority to pay those down as soon as you can. The longer you stay in debt, the more you end up owing, thanks to interest. Debt can easily snowball and cause you a lot of financial difficulties later on. Look at all your debts and see which has the highest interest rate. Focus on that one first. When that’s paid off completely, move to the next highest interest rate. Keep up with payments on all debts to avoid late fees and damage to your credit score. 
  4. Look for cheaper options. After you’ve listed all your outgoings, you can look at switching the expenses you can’t avoid to cheaper options. Could you save money on your bills by changing suppliers for your electricity, for example? Changing from your current provider to one that’s more cost-effective can make a big impact on your monthly electricity expenses. Providers have also become more competitive with their prices in addition to more companies entering the market. Some who specialize in sustainable electricity even offer special rates for green energy. Also, check out sites that compare electricity providers with each other in terms of rates, reviews, and service. They sometimes offer discounts that you wouldn’t find on the companies’ websites themselves. Could you reduce your food bill by shopping at a different supermarket, buying cheaper brands, or meal planning? You can potentially make big savings by making changes like this. You can use money comparison sites to find cheaper options. 
  5. Start saving. If possible, it’s a good idea to have three to six months of living expenses in a savings account. If you have this, if you lose your job or are unable to work because of illness, you have a buffer to keep you going for a few months. A lot of people think they can’t afford to save, but after you’ve overhauled your budget, you should be able to find at least a small amount to put away each month.