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Daily Archives: June 22, 2018

Some New Products From Rodan and Fields

Throughout the year, I test so many products.  Rarely do I find one that I end up using daily or weekly.  But about a year ago, a friend sent me a sample of Rodan + Fields Mico-Dermabrasion Paste and I was hooked.  I use it twice a week and love the way my skin looks so “polished”afterwards.  When my friend Mary told me that she started selling Rodan + Fields, I asked her to show us some of their new products.   I have highlighted them below, and Mary has offered to give the first few readers, who place an order, a special gift of their choice from their uber popular Essentials line.  If you have any questions or for easy ordering, EMAIL Mary.  She really knows her stuff!!!!  Bon Weekend!!!!

The lash boost is known to be life changing and within weeks makes your eyelashes super long and thick!!!

 I have to try this Hydration Syrum..It’s suppose to be a game changer for your skin!!!

The micro roller is incredible.  I read so much about it that I had to try it….Trust me its great to help remove fine lines and build collagen.   But Mary can tell you much more!!!!!

I love the combo of the eye makeup remover wipes and the multi function eye cream!
Here is my fav…the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste!!  A must must have!
If Oprah likes this Redefine Serum then it is worth a try!!!
R+F also have amazing skin care regimens…customized for all skin types!!

And I have never seen this with any other cosmetic company…..for this also Rodan + Fields is worth a try!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crispy “Seaweed”

This week I am sharing one of my favorite recipes with you, Mr Chow’s Crispy Seaweed.  I always thought this recipe was made with seaweed until I tried to make it at home.  The seaweed is actually collard greens and with the mixture of the salty and sweet taste, I guarantee you will not be able to stop eating!!!  Bon Appetit!!!

4 to 6 collard green leaves
Pot of boiling water
Oil for frying
1/2 tsp Salt,  1 tsp sugar 
Pre-heat your oil to 350°F
Bring a pot of water to the boil
Rinse and pat dry your leaves
Cut out the thick stems from the leaves slicing leaves in half
Stack the halves together
Roll them up tightly into a thick cylinder
Slice them finely into ribbons
Place sliced ribbons into the hot water and blanch them for 45 seconds
Drain and squeeze the water out of them using your hands or kitchen paper
Place into the hot oil and fry for 30 seconds staring once or twice
Drain onto kitchen paper
Sprinkle with sugar and salt