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Daily Archives: November 7, 2017

An Amazon Holiday

I thought I would give you a little sneak peek of the holiday gift guides I am working on.  I have sooo many coming to you right after Thanksgiving and I am working with some of my favorite brands/companies to bring you a bunch of give-a-ways during the month of December!! I can hardly wait..I know you are going to LOOOOOVEEEEE this year’s selections…In the meanwhile here are some awesome items available on Amazon to kick off your holiday shopping!!!!!

This game is suppose to be a riot to play. My nephews are going to go CRAZY over this!!!! I have ordered a couple.

This is going to be the hot new sneaker for the season…I just know it!!!

I bought this for my daughter and now it is on my list for everyone!!!!

If you have someone in your family who loves puzzles..then this is for them!!! I already bought a few!!!!

Such a perfect gift for all the men in your life!!!!!

I am buying these for all my besties!!! They are so fashionable and come in a bunch of colors!!!!!

All of these are sooooo cute too!!!!

Here’s a great book for friends who love to entertain!!!!!

Are you looking for some fun xmas party shoes…these are for you!!!!!!!

This is still hands down one of the best Hostess gifts!!!!

And in case you think I skipped over Thanksgiving…..this is the perfect thing to start a new family tradition….

Book Club Monday

Calling all foodies…one of my all time favorite chefs will release his new book: Nobu: A Memoir tomorrow on November 7th.  Chef Nobu changed the Japanese culinary scene when he first opened his namesake restaurant in TriBeCa 23 years ago.  Here is the summary:

A fascinating and unique memoir by the acclaimed celebrity chef and international restaurateur, Nobu, as he divulges both his dramatic life story and reflects on the philosophy and passion that has made him one of the world’s most widely respected Japanese fusion culinary artists.

Nobu needs no introduction. One of the world’s most widely acclaimed restaurateurs, his influence on food and hospitality can be found at the highest levels of haute-cuisine to the food trucks you frequent during the work week—this is the Nobu that the public knows.

But now, we are finally introduced to the private Nobu: the man who failed three times before starting the restaurant that would grow into an empire; the man who credits the love and support of his wife and children as the only thing keeping him from committing suicide when his first restaurant burned down; and the man who values the busboy who makes sure each glass is crystal clear as highly as the chef who slices the fish for Omakase perfectly.

What makes Nobu special, and what made him famous, is the spirit of what exists on these pages. He has the traditional Japanese perspective that there is great pride to be found in every element of doing a job well—no matter how humble that job is. Furthermore, he shows us repeatedly that success is as much about perseverance in the face of adversity as it is about innate talent.

Not just for serious foodies, this inspiring memoir is perfect for fans of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table. Nobu’s writing does what he does best—it marries the philosophies of East and West to create something entirely new and remarkable. –

To purchase this book or for more information, click HERE.